by Chris Di Donna




A semi cohesive collection of words, sometimes forming sentences.

The Digger Directive, part of the Death Of Slayer story line.

Part 1 - Something stirs in Downtown

Part 2 - Someone knows what is happening

Part 3 - Suburbia will soon be mince meat

Part 4 - An ally in an unholy place [UNFINISHED]

Reversal of Fortunes, Not all squads get along.

Part 1 - First Impressions count for everything.

"The Perspective Directory"

A competition!! Feeling a bit rich, I decided to run a competition on station-analysis. The objective, to write a small piece, "A Day in The Life Of..." to show the perspective that different people, or things, have of Mort. The prize, a copy of whatever book Nightfall releases next, either Hunter Sheets or the Shaktar Sourcebook at the time of competition.

I started with some teasers, to get everyone thinking.

Trash Talk - a rude debriefing after a hard days work

Executive Executions - a hard day of dealing out death, debauchery and duchessing.

Then the entries started rolling in. The winner was Martin Wheeler!

Martin Wheeler - a day on Polo, the Wraith Home World.

Sue Wilson - Disenchantment. A day in the life of a Contract Killer.

Dr Jest - Everythings waiting for me. A day in the life of a downtown Shiver.

Roger Wilcocks - a day in the life of an Ex-Shiver, unfinished unfortunately.

Soon A penance piece for Jared. A story about a Contract Killer with an unhealthy infatuation with Bloody Valentine.

The White Shadow. A super breed of terrorist causing much wailing and gnashing of teeth on Mort. This collection of stories were originally written by Matt Stuart, representing his vision of our own distopian future of a coporate world, drunk on its own evil narcissism. Sound familiar? Sure does, which is why I gave them a touch up with the ole SLA genre brush. Enjoy!!

Return of the Shadow - He's back! Even though he hasn't been here before.

Affordable Emotions - Happiness in a can! What more could a society want.

LUV - Love makes the world go round. In this case, it is essential to productivity and needs ruthlessly efficient management practices applied.