Unofficial Savage SLA Industries (100+ page Savage Worlds - SLA Industries conversion)

Covers all the released SLA Industries sourcebooks, all the SLA races (including playable necanthropes), equipment, drugs and ebb powers.

An entire chapter of statted antagonists.

Character sheet.

Everything, in short, you need for a faster, more furious SLA Industries!

Savage SLA Industries v 1.13 (Graphical, Full-Colour) (last update: 17/3/2010)

Savage SLA Industries v 1.13 (Printer Friendly) (last update: 17/3/2010)

Savage SLA Industries Character Sheet (last update: 3/9/2009)

Dark Lament Catalogue v 2.2 - Science Friction items for use with Savage SLA Industries (last update: 13/7/2009)

Savage SLA Hardware Catalogue v 1.5 - conversion of Chocolate Frog's SLA Hardware Catalogue fan-book - contains LOTS of new guns (last update: 9/6/2009)

Savage SLA industries is an unofficial conversion. SLA Industries is a copyright of Nightfall Games. Savage Worlds, and all associated logos and trademarks, is a copyright of Pinnacle Entertainment Group. This document in no way constitutes a threat to either copyright.