Universal Domination Incorporated - UDI.

By Leath Sheales

Another dark, wet Mort night. The operative clung to the shadows, avoiding detection. The Operative was skilled, silent. He never suspected he was being watched, his every move recorded on the Supervisor‘s monitor. The Supervisor stretched his arms and activated his scrambled headset.

"Unit 3, magnify image and scan." He sat back as the words scrolling down the left side of his monitor changed.


The Supervisor nodded to himself and again activated the headset. ”Unit 3, terminate."


The image on the monitor enhanced, IR, UV and night vision being tested for best targeting view. A small target crosshairs appeared on the monitor, settling on the Operative‘s head and unerringly tracking his movements. A slight flash preceded the Operative‘s head exploding as Unit 3 fired its silenced 12mm pistol.


The Supervisor thought for a moment about sending the Unit after more SLA personnel. He decided against it, however. Now was not the time to reveal their existence to the enemy. He activated the headset.
”Recover the body for assessment and resume patrol."


Part 1 - Description & History.

Universal Domination Incorporated set down its first roots during the Chrome Warrior era. A wholly owned SLA subsidiary, ”Custom Replacements”, were the leading supplier and manufacturer of cybernetic enhancements in the World of Progress. With the continued rise of Karma however, combined with the limited power cell of cyberparts and the dehumanising side effects of augmentation, the popularity of cyberparts decreased dramatically and ”Custom Replacements” went bankrupt. Their technicians and surgeons were moved to other companies and departments, their management were relocated to menial administrative duties in other areas.

Unhappy and bitter about what they saw as a betrayal, the managers began to meet in secret, while appearing to be good employees. They decided to initiate the development of their own Soft Company. Their aim was to take the chrome warrior process a step further, to remove the original personality of the "recruit" and create the perfect controllable soldier. they began by compiling a list of their entire former company employees and evaluating their SLA loyalty and level of dissatisfaction. From this list they began to contact the technicians and scientists. Those who accepted were quietly welcomed into the fold, those who did not met with unfortunate "accidents". The more important personnel had their death‘s faked and were removed to the new UDI headquarters in Industrial Downtown.

A notable feature of the management of "Custom Replacements" was the presence of some of the most skilled financial business men and women. The most crucial stage of the birth of the company depended on these people. Using their business knowledge, they channelled untraceable (SLA) funds from various SLA sources to unmarked, false SLA accounts. Only a small amount came through each one, yet the magnitude of the number let substantial credit be obtained. Today it is still the financial manoeuvrings on these talented individuals that keeps UDI one step ahead of SLA and allows a constant stream of credit to be available to the company.

Needed equipment was ordered and paid for through various SLA sub-companies and departments, then carefully "lost" in the vast paperwork bureaucracy and moved to UDI. Large amounts of equipment were carefully bought (from SLA, by SLA) over several years, including weaponry, ammunition and raw materials.

Finally, in 900 SD, the first prototype cyborg came off the production line. After an intensive week of field testing (resulting in 23 dead civilians, 3 SLA Ops and 2 DN Interceptors) the design was approved and mass recruitment was initiated. Withdrawing vast amounts of UNIs, representatives began large stock purchases at Skin Trade auctions. Many Downtown civilians were kidnapped and altered. After less than a month, UDI had its first 1000 "recruits" and was rapidly gaining more.

Today many of the UDI management still work for SLA, yet a number of them have death‘s faked each year to bring the management together and unify the company. The Managers are looking to expand off-world and almost feel ready to let SLA discover their presence. At present they still intend to embezzle maximum funds from SLA and wait until the entire company is together. They are rapidly growing, and with the correct business moves and a little luck will be eligible for Suppressor status in a matter of years, if not months.

Products and Equipment.

Type I Cyberparts (Basic recruit level).

Modification of the whole body. STR 9, DEX 10, DIA 8, CONC 9, CHA 3, COOL 10, PV 6. Includes basic sensor package of IR, UV, Light amplifier & Magnification up to 100x.

Type II Cyberparts.

Arms: STR +3, PV 9
Legs: DEX +3, PV 9, Walk 2(4), Run 4(8), Sprint 6(12).
Torso: Nanotech Repair System: Regenerate 1 wound/hit every 2 rounds, PV 9 (Includes head PV).
Control Chip: DIA +2, CONC +2, CHA -1, COOL 15.

Type III Cyberparts.

Arms: STR +6, PV 12
Legs: DEX +6, PV 12, Walk 4(8), Run 6(12), Sprint 8(16)
Torso: NRS: regen 1 wound/hit every round, PV 15.
Control Chip: DIA +4, CONC +4, CHA -3, COOL 20.

Type IV Cyberparts.

Arms: STR +9, PV 15.
Legs: DEX +9, PV 15, Walk 6(12), Run 8(16), Sprint 16(32)
Torso: NRS: Regen 1 wound/hit every phase, PV 20.
Control Chip: DIA +1, CONC +1, CHA +5, COOL 11.

Note: The numbers in brackets for movement indicate "Overdrive"movement, where the Unit is pushed to its breaking point. The Unit operating at this level suffers 1 hit point damage per round which can not be regained without a repair station and suffers a 5% per round (cumulative) chance of system shutdown (Unit must be manually retrieved). All Type IV equipment is still experimental and suffers a 10% chance of breaking (that part unusable) each round of combat (not cumulative). The Type IV Control Chip is UDI‘s attempt at creating a Unit with some personality for infiltration work. All other Units display a cold, mechanical personality (easily detectable if close enough). Except for the Type I (Basic) package, all upgrades are separate, and can be freely mixed (eg. Type II arms and Type III legs).


In addition to all SLA equipment, UDI have developed a couple of pieces of equipment unique for their use.

50mm Rocket Slug - When fired, conventional propellant forces the Slug from the weapon. This in turn ignites the rocket propellant 0.03 seconds later, accelerating the Rocket to incredible speeds before impacting with the target. This round is impossible to silence and produces an audible roar when travelling. They are also very difficult to aim.

Type Pen Dmg AD Notes
50mm Std 10 10 10 -5 To Hit.
50 mm Napalm 5 20 15 -5 To Hit. 50% Chance Target Burning. 2m Blast Radius.
50mm HE 8 15 12 -5 To Hit. 1m Blast Radius.

UDI Rocket Pistol and Rifle.

These weapons are specially designed to fire the 50mm Rocket Slug.

Type Cal. Clip ROF Recoil Range
Pistol 50mm 3 1 10 100m
Rifle 50mm 7 1 10 500m
Magneto Gauss Accelerator.

This curious piece of equipment can be fitted to any weapon capable of fitting a silencer (negates use of silencer). When the trigger is pulled, the MGA causes a magnetic pulse which captures the slug and accelerates it. The extended barrel length (9 - 12 inches) makes the weapon difficult to aim and conceal.

Type Pen Dmg AD
MGA +3 - -

Internal Memo: UDI.
Re: Off World Ruse.

From analysis of SLA reports and response, it appears that our ruse to leave Mort has been successful. The captured Dropship (redesignated: Rebirth) successfully left Mort Orbit and is awaiting contact in deep space void (coordinates: CLASSIFIED). Our Mort-based production facilities continue to run at two-thirds capacity. The remaining third is to continue to be used as a research facility for experimental designs. I recommend that we contact Rebirth and begin phase two of Plan: Homeworld. That is, have the drop ship survey and locate suitable planets to overrun and claim as our own. Until such time, I suggest that we consolidate our Mort position and rebuild our combat and security forces, as over 90% of our units were sent with the Rebirth. I await your response.

S. Mitchell.
Head Researcher, Facility 27.


Third Eye News Report. 24 April, 901SD

”..and here at Mort off world launch pad number 237 things are reaching a nightmarish condition. Thresher launched a concentrated attack 37 minutes ago and have been systematically destroying all SLA personnel on sight. Many Operatives have arrived in response to the scores of high-paying red alert BPNs available, and they appear that they are starting to make some sort of dent in Thresher‘s arsenal. It looks like it‘s going to be a long and bloody fight, folks. Stay tuned as we bring you the violence live.”

Followed by a further 15 minutes of intense Thresher versus SLA fighting:

”..Wait, there appears to be another party entering the fray. Hundreds of people carrying heavy weapons have just arrived. They appear to be wearing SLA armour. God, those weapons they‘re carrying are huge. They must be biogenetics. Thank Slayer, Karma have sent heavy reinforcements. What?!? No! They‘re turning on both Thresher and SLA Operatives! That can‘t be right. That one just copped a burst from a Thresher 17mm cannon and had half his head blown off! How the hell is he still walking around? What the hell‘s happening here?....”

Internal Affairs Soft Company Report

Footage ends there. Camera signal was terminated externally to prevent widespread panic by civilian sectors. Analysis of existing and further footage indicates:

  1. Unidentified personnel definitely wore SLA manufactured equipment. Some equipment was un-identifiable (presumably Dark Night sourced), yet majority was SLA.
  2. Personnel demonstrated remarkable healing and endurance. Apart from their human appearance, I would suggest some kind of accelerated metabolism?
  3. Application of heavy weaponry indicates enhancement of some kind. This would seem to follow patterns established by the Nightmare Soft Company, yet tactics appear to be different to those established. Weaponry used appeared to be very effective in disabling Thresher equipment. This had the minor advantage of providing us with many Thresher suits to examine.
  4. Unknown personnel did not care about SLA or Thresher troops. Analysis of footage clearly shows personnel only killed those Thresher and SLA employees hindering their objective, which was shown to be seizure of Thresher Dropship which delivered original Thresher attack.
  5. Thresher Dropship blasted into orbit with all unknown personnel on board. No bodies were recovered. Poor conditions of battlefield make forensic analysis impossible. Dropship disappeared (presumably via ion drive) to an unknown destination.
  6. Following disappearance of Dropship, radio broadcast message was sent to media channels (suppressed in the interests of SLA Industries). Message follows: ”People of the pathetic SLA Industries. We of Universal Domination Incorporated will crush your organisation. We have demonstrated our power when we crushed your troops before taking the Thresher Dropship. We will be back to destroy your world. Be afraid.”

By correlating this evidence. The following conclusion has been reached:

A new soft company has emerged. Its name is Universal Domination Incorporated. Recommend extreme caution for Operatives locating its employees. Also recommend seizure of any UDI equipment located for analysis by our labs. SLA could benefit greatly from knowledge of their enhanced strength, endurance and Thresher defeating ammunition. At present, threat from Soft Company appears minor, as they have left Mort. A World of Progress wide alert has been placed to watch for rogue Dropships.

Report Ends