- T H E - P Y T H A G O R E A N - L A I R -


Ebon Creation

Ebb Oscillation, by Sam Pay

Ebb Electrics, by Pally Sandher

Flux Mathematics, by Neil de Carteret

Science Friction 950 SD New Releases

Necanthrope Jekyll

The Johannas

Psychomorphology, by Neil de Carteret

Quotes from the Lair

Soundbytes - Media Snapshots

Ebb Slaughtersuits, by Leath Sheales

Stigmartyr, by Morton Smith

The Structure of SLA Industries, by Tim Dedopulos

SLA Industries Breeding Project: theories on Ebon origin, by Carter Butts


New Skills

Alternate Character Generation

Shaktar - First Contact

New Fall Design Releases

MJL PowerWhip

WarWorld Weapons

New BioWare

Interactive Systems

The Avatar Project

Secret Witness

Fire - Soft Company

Death and Taxes

The Honourable Wisdom of the Shaktar

Shaktar History

Chi - abilities for NPC martial artists in SLA.

Universal Domination Incorporated (UDI) - Soft Company

New Stormer Variants

Velshydrah - Glyph Armour

Ebb Bolts - by Matthew Pook

Across Mort and Back Again : Transport Throughout Mort - by Matthew Pook

SureShot 7.5mm Rifle - by Matthew Pook

Smurfs for SLA - yes I'm serious.

The SLA Ranking Code 1.1, by Tim Dedopoulos

SLA Bumper Stickers

Halloween at Christmas - A SLA Christmas Carol


Pookie's BPNs - Silver & Red


GM's Notes for ESP

Valhalla - the sequel to ESP


Premature Burial, by Peter Bogdasarian

The Dark is Rising, by Sam Pay

The Strange Case of Jekyll and Hyde, by Sam Pay

We Are Living a Lie, by Sam Pay

The Story with No Name, by Sam Pay

Overload, by Sam Pay

A (Focused) Picture of the Universe, by Sam Pay


Some SLA Artwork

And perhaps the darkest secret contained by the Archives...a picture of Sam Pay from GenCon '98.