"Umm... 'Time To Die', and 'Out of Luck, Asshole' are good... 'Eat Me' was always popular... err..."
--Johnny Automatic on professional Dante Catchphrases.

"It starts while I'm up on the top floor. We have a large plaza-area, with a thin rail, and very little security. I sometimes sit up there, thinking about my life, the corporate wheelings and dealings, each more pathetic and depressing than the last, and all my failures, the fact that I have no-one to share my life with, no-one to hold at night, not even a pet. And I look deep into my soul, consider the meaningless existance that I follow day after day after day and think 'Can I.... Could I.... Should I.... push someone off?'" --Unknown Stocks and Shares dealer

"Get up corpse, I aint finished with you yet!"
--Bullit, Brainwaster 657SD

"Go ahead, no, go right on in, I'll kick it by the door. Yeah yeah I'll cover you!"
--White Speed, SCL 9, Wraith Raider Scout

"Sumtimes i likes to go bowling...."
--Gan, Stormer, SCL 9A after the question "Tell me something personal about yourself."

"Wanna see my deathsuit? It's a big throbbing vein!"
--Cutter, SCL 10.1, Brain Waster, Death Squad.

"Man, that was the worst BPN I've ever been on...hand me a beer, Joe."
"It better be!"
--Overheard at the Pit.

Johnny Erande: "I need Blaze UV."
James McLundy: "I need UV."
JE: "Why, what's the difference?"
JM: "Blaze UV lasts for 10 mins, UV lasts for 12 hours."
JE: "I need UV."
--Conversation recorded between Johnny Erande, Human, SCL10.1 and James McLundy, Frother, SCL 10.1 of Safari Bug Hunt during combat with Carriens in Cannibal Sector 3. Both died in unexplained gunfire deeper into the complex...

JE: "Hey, you shot me!!!"
JM: "Uh, it was just CAF."
JE: "JUST CAF!!! What about that gapping hole I came in here with??"
JM: "Oh, that, um...that was 17mmHEAP."
JE: "And what about my armour?"
JM: "10mm, why?"
--Overheard while both were recovering from LAD treatment.

IA: "Mr. McLundy, it has come to my attention that you shot a Mr. Erande in CS3. Is this true?"
JM: ", kinda I guess..."
IA: "And why did this happen?"
JM: "I dunno, it was really dark, it must have happened because of crossfire. I, uh...didn't know it was him until he shot back...and it all happened so quickly, y'know?"
IA: "And what do you have to say for yourself about this incident?"
JM: "Uh...oops?"
--James McLundy, Frother (LAD), I/I, being interrogated by Internal Affairs about unexplained gunfire that resulted in the death of himself and fellow squad member Johnny Erande.

As: I'm going to torture him!
Ke: Ascension, keep cool!
As: OK, I'll torture gently.
--Kesia Canaan, human KMS, and Ascension, ebon KMS, speaking about a reluctant witness.