Smurfs in the WoP... *SOB*

BPN idea, collect smurfs (from Cannibal Sector Four) in order to turn them into gold and sell to gourmets, but don't let the players know the true value of Smurfs). Remember this is Mort, so the Smurfs are going to be a little bit twisted. Here's a few to wet your immagination.


DIA 2-8
CONC 2-8
KNOW 2-8
CHA 12+ (they're so cute)
COOL 5 (1 for fraidy smurf and 20 for Jyhad Smurf)
Hits: 6

General Skills

Smurfing: 10 (this skill covers anything the smurf's area of specialty covers, e.g. bombs for Terrorist Smurf or leadership for Papa Smurf) This is above the STAT maximum because of the Smurfiness factor.

Running: at PHYS level.

Goodness: 5. Their "goodness" is subtracted from any "to hit" rolls made against smurfs.

HEIGHT: Three apples
WEIGHT: Under 1 kg.
WALK: "Are we there yet?"
RUN: DMC (Dungeon Master's Call?)
SPRINT: too fast to catch

Armour: white pants. (Execption, Thresher Smurf has Sarge)

Weapons: Variable, but usually they just run away from Operatives.

Alright, they're out, now we never want to hear about them or mutant penguins again, ever, under no circumstances, clear?