All work Written by Leath Sheales. Some elements borrowed from SLA rulebook.

The fact is most of the personel stationed on war worlds such as Dante are non ebb users, when the company could best utilise the highly effective powers of the Ebb on these distant battle grounds. Dark Lament has designed the new Ebb armour class, the Slaughtersuit. Intense surveys and analysis indicated that the reason fewer ebbusers wished to go to these planets was not because they were afraid (although several Karma sponsored propaganda campaigns attempted to create that image), but rather was because few Ebons and Brain Wasters felt that they could be protected to the same level as non-Ebon Operatives. Hence most of the Ebon Militia consisted of Necanthropes and high-SCL Operatives, with great knowledge of the Protect discipline.

No longer is this the case. The new Slaughtersuit is create dusing the same principles used in Deathsuit creation and other ScienceFriction equipment. It is however much larger. Whereas the Deathsuit has been likened to a 'skinned man', the Slaughtersuit could similarly be compared to a 'skinned Chagrin Stormer', although it is slightly larger than even these. The suit consists of a standard bipedal design, with two legs for locomotion and two arms for manipulation. The 'head' of the suit is shaped similar to the head of a feline. Of course, the suit contains no 'brains' to be affected if the head suffers damage. The head does contain many of the sensors ofthe suit.

In order to use the suit, the Ebon must learn the basics of the new Ebb-discipline termed Ebon Defence. In a similar manner to the Deathsuit, increased experience will lead to a bonding between Ebon and Slaughtersuit. Although the suit will never be able to be interdermalised, Dark Lament researchers were surprised and proud when test pilot "Sleepless" (Ebon Kick Murder, SCL 5C.2) achieved such a bonding with the suit that it gained sentience, identical to that exhibited by many Deathsuits. With the basics of Ebon Defence known (level 1), the Ebon may enter the suit. Wearing nothing but their Deathsuit, the Ebon approaches the suit, which opens a previously invisible hatch. The Ebon enters the compartment, assuming a foetal position, after which the suit closes automatically. Although initialconcerns existed that such a position for extended periods of timewould be uncomfortable for the pilot, these have proven to be unfounded. Once the suit has closed around the Ebon, they experience sensory deprivation from their own body, as the Slaughtersuit literally becomes their body. They are able to Operate the suit as easily as they would their own body. This creates (at greater familiarity) a level of agility unatainable with standard powered armour. These suits have recently seen much action on Dante, and are currently being trialled for limited use on Mort itself.

In order to use the Slaughtersuit you need two things. First, knowledge of Ebon Defence (very similar to Ebon protect) and second you need a Slaughtersuit.

Ebon Defence.

#0: Pilot suit Dex, Running rolls etc as normal
#0: Use suit's sensors as own includes IR, UV and Ebb detection
#1: Heal Suit 1 I.D. per 5 Flux spent.
#2: Increase Protection +1 P.V. per 2 Flux spent, Maximum +10. Duration 1 hour.
#3: Boost suit +1 I.D. per Flux. Max +30. Duration 1 hour. Location must be specified.
#4: Channel 1 store 15 Flux.
#5: Increase Speed Suit gains +0.5m/round Sprint per 1 Flux. Duration 1 minute.
#6: First Graft +2 PHYS whilst in suit.
#7: Repel Suit now immune to damage by normal fire, cold, electricity, EMR.
#8: Soothing Touch +2 COOL while in suit.
#9: Channel 2 Store 25 Flux.
#10: Increase Strength Suit gains +1 STR per 2 Flux. Duration 1 hour.
#11: Suit Graft 1 Suit gains +2 STR (Standard 17).
#12: Increase Dexterity Suit gains +1 DEX per 2 Flux. Duration 1hour.
#13: Protective Boost +3 P.V. (Standard now 18).
#14: Channel 3 Store 35 Flux.
#15: Combat Awareness Suit gives feedback to wearer. +2 on 'To Hit' rolls.Enemy fire at -3 as suit detects hostile intent and dodges. Ambush and surprise rolls at half value.
#16: Suit Graft 2 Suit gains +2 DEX (Standard 17).
#17: Living Suit Cannot make aggressive actions but may flee. See Deathsuit description.
#18: Soul Store See Deathsuit description.
#19: Channel 4 Store 45 Flux.
#20: Suit Evolution P.V. 20, I.D. Head 50 Torso 180 Arms 100 Legs 130.

Dark Lament Slaughtersuit.

Cost: 12,000 credits and must be approved by Dark Lament for use by the Operative (this will include psychiatric analysis and general review of Operative record). Alternatively, a Slaughtersuit may be obtained FREE by signing up for a tour of Dante and surviving the first three months. After this time, the Ebb user will be deemed experienced enough to join with an elite Slaughtersuit regiment and may serve the rest of his or her 1 year (minimum) tour as a member of this regiment. If and when honourably discharged (no demerits or diagnosed psychoses) the user may keep their Slaughtersuit as the Ebb version of Awards of valour (or whatever they're called). So far no suits have appeared on Mort through this method.

Base Statistics

P.V. I.D. Head I.D. Torso I.D.Arms I.D. Legs
15 20 80 50 60

Standard Equipment:

Sensor package (IR, UV, Nightsight, Ebb use detection within 100m).

Suit acts as built-in Flintlock, Thermal Gauge, Pathfinder, Jade Probe, Distracter, Illumination Gem, Vector Box and Focus.

Power Source Flux gem. Capacity 10 Flux eternal gem. Can not be accessed by Ebon pilot to fuel abilities. Suit uses 1 Flux per hour for standard operation. This allows 10 hours continual operation of suit. After 10 hours, suit must be shut down (sent to 'sleep') or wearer must spend 1 Flux to continue suit Operation. Suit may operate indefinately as long as wearer invests Flux. Extra flux stored in suit as a result of higher ranks of Ebon Defence may be used to fuel abilities or power suit.

Manipulation. Suit has standard 5-fingered hands. These may grasp and use standard weaponry. However, most Ebon Militia Operatives choose to fight using mainly Ebb abilities.

Strength: 15 Dexterity: 15

Other Modifiers: Adds +3.0m per round to Sprint of wearer.

If using optional Intruder's Tears combat Remix, suit counts as -3 for Armour penalty and also counts as Heavy Armour for the purposes of testing to see if the chassis is hit rather than the pilot.

And for the Necanthrope User:

The door opened with a swish, silhouetting the dark figure in the hall. The suit cringed, its limited sentience sensing the dark nature of the visitor. The Necanthrope walked calmly to the slaugtersuit,stroking it gently. The suit tried to back away, but the wall and awful touch of the Necanthrope prevented movement. The Necanthrope grinned at it.

"You know me. We were bonded. We were one. We shall be again."

The suit seemed to sag its shoulders as the hatch opened in its midriff. The Necanthrope smiled and cimbed inside, his mishapen legs finding slight difficulty in the fit. When ready the hatch slid closed, forming a perfect seal. The suit stood straighter. Dark ebb energies snaked around the suit, the bitter taste of the Necanthrope amplified. The Gore Cannon crept up to the suit, climbing hurredly to its shoudler. Fleshy tendrils snaked from the shoulder of the suit,grasping the cannon, caresing it lovingly. The cannon almost purred. Looking around the room the cannon followed the suit's every movement. Opening the door the giant horror stepped from the room. The senseless body of the Necanthrope inside grinned. It was time to paint this town red.