Not to say that the SLA team didn't give us enough of them, but...

New Skills

Skill Related Stat Description
Punch Blade Str The skill that covers all of the claw weapons like the Gash Fist and the Shaktarian Switchblade.
Claw Str Covers specific claw attacks (slashing motion by Stormers)
Block Phys Lvls 1-6 need one action to perform. Lvls 7-9 need one one action unless 11+ is scored on 2D10. Lvl 10+ needs no action taken.
Swing Dex Covers Batman/Spiderman style swinging across rooftops and also Silverback long distance accurate jumping
Memory Conc Allows you to tell players vital information that may have slipped their own minds but not their characters. This also gives an excuse not to tell players anything (names, directions etc) unless they have the skill.
Axe 1-H Str Covers use of 1 handed axes and hatchets.
Axe 2-H Str Covers use of 2 handed axes and halberds.

Check out the Axe Weapons on this page.

And, further to these, a couple of extra bits written by Joshua Culbertson.

Ebb Science Package

The Ebb Science package is available to Ebons, Brain Wasters, and also other races with a keen interest in working for the Department of Ebb. Note that true knowledge of the inner workings of the Ebb can ONLY come from increasing Formula. The knowledge that non-Ebb weilders (and Ebb-weilders with low Formulae) have from training with this Package is entirely academic. (We're talking, in essence, about the difference between knowing the physics behind a stealth fighter, and being able to actually pilot one if someone hands you the controls). Skills marked with a * indicate Skills which yours truly has created, and not ones involved with the actual game rules.

Communiuqe (CHA)
Pathology (DIA)
Psychology (KNOW)
Sigil (KNOW) *
Mathematics (KNOW)
Culture, Ebon (KNOW) *


Sigil (KNOW)- Provides a basic knowledge of the language commonly spoken and written on Static, being the equivalent of the way Killan is used by humans. Sigil is fairly common knowledge for Ebons and Brain Wasters, especially those not born on Mort or similar humanocentric worlds, and is in some way based on the ancient Glyphs which the Ebons now only understand through the mastery of Formulae. (Forgive me if I'm missing something, but it seems to me that Ebons are the only species in the initial book who don't have their own language. This is my attempt to create one).

Culture, Ebon (KNOW)- A basic understanding of the simpler elements of Ebon, Brain Waster, and Necanthrope culture. Certainly no great secrets will be revealed through taking this skill, but it would mean a human would know what a Vassal was, or understand the term "White Reverence" or similar Ebon/Brain Waster practices.