"From the black spires marched his Army, cold hard and relentless. As they moved over the already-crushed landscape, broken buildings and houses torn in half by the Wind, the survivors cried out for salvation, their lamentations enough to melt the heart of any being with an inch of compassion within them. Attracted to the sound, the Army turn and to a man, cut their victims down, the cruel lightning whipping from their fingertips. Silence returns to the landscape, and far away, one-hundred mouths laugh in unison...
-- Extract from "Lamentations", book 23 in Millenium Rising, by Albrecht Durer, 503SD

"The appearance of my race is forbidding, perhaps you might say scary. But inside us, our.... our feelings are much the same as your own. We love, we care, we fear, worry, ponder. Biologically, we are closer to Horses, Mammals, than reptiles. We are generous, we believe in a god, we watch Captain Contract.
The hardest job for Shaktar on Mort is to persuade others that we too are human."
--H‘rryt T‘cnk, Bartender of the Tower, from "Alien Nation", Third Eye, 887SD.

"Excuse me, Rip, could I <BLAM, BLAM, BLAM, BLAM, BLAM, BLAM, click, click, click, click...>"
-- Shortest recorded interview in history, between Rachel Tarin and Rip, 769SD

"People say that I am cruel. People say that I care not for the man on the street. This is true. The Big Picture is just that. A bigger picture, a concept that engulfs the entire World of Progress. For the greater good of the universe, with its billions of inhabitants and trillions of life forms the concerns of the man on the street must be put aside.
Now get out of my way."
--Mr Slayer to Third Eye reporter Jackie Thomas, 355SD.

"Yes, misquotation is a problem. Technology in the Media has reached fever-point, with blatant destruction and re-arrangement of peoples words and feature being passed off as "Alteration" and "Enhancement" of the truth. In many ways, what the Media says is not what needs to be heard, but at the same time what the Media says is exactly what needs to be heard. A person is rational, and can handle what is really going on. People, en mass, are panicky, self-destructive and would quite possibly kill themselves if the media stopped lying to them.
Naturally, the fact that this is going to be broadcast as part of a behind-the-scenes Third-Eye documentary quite accurately represents the ultimate irony of the World of Progress..."
-- Robert "Bob" Black, former controller of Third Eye news, part of "Century Focus", 900SD.