™Powered Retractable Whip (MJL Power Whip)™

Company: Multi Job Lacerates
Long: 30 cm (up to 270 cm)/1 foot (up to 9 feet)
Weight: 0,8 kg
Power: 1500 hour
Skill: flexible weapon
Damage: 3
Penetration: 2
Armor Damage: 1
Price: 180c/4500u

Description: the tail of this whip is made of thin titane wires entwined with carbon fibres and covered with a sheath of soft ceramic micro plates. This gives the tail great resistance and great liberty of bending. The ergonomic rubber handgrip exist in twenty colours (with choice of dark or light shades) and posess digital screen who always informs you of the energy left in the fusion charge. Due to the difficulty to keep the whip in hand when it is tied to an enemy, a special handgrip was created by Karma. These biological devices cover the hand to prevent loosing their weapon in combat.

Cost/BioGrip: 30c

We apologize for the low capacity of the fusion charge; this is caused by the great amount of energy need to power the whip and to the lack of space in the handgrip. Conversion can be made to connect the Power Whip to powered armors but this lower dramatically the efficiency of this special weapon.

Option: the "jolt glove shock" can be mix with the power whip but the energy used drain 80 hours of energy. And (worse) this option is possible (useable?) only if you have catch your adversary (not just hit him during 0.1 sec).

Cost: 40c

Beware: this weapon is not very popular not only because of the low damage rating but because of the difficulty to use it with efficiency too (and without wounding itself ). Not for the loser.
Notes: MAC had a project upon powered whip but gave up early due to technical problems, high cost research and low public interest in such weapons. The few operative to posess such a weapon are mostly Frother and Brain Waster (and Necanthrope (?); rumormongers say that Dark Lament study the possibility of creating an Ebb whip with frightening capacities but Cloak Division warn to not take credit from these rumors. Dark Lament made no comment). The limited fabrication makes this weapon VERY rare in illegal market and until yet no serial killer or gang members have been seen with them.