Science Friction 950 SD Releases.

The 950th anniversary of the birth of the world of progress brings with it a wealth of new products from one of the companies that have been around for all of those 950 years and many before them. Dark Lament's Science Friction department is proud to present the new range of accessories geared with the average and the not so average Sla Operative in mind. Over the next few pages we will be reviewing the new products from Science Friction and discussing what implications these products will have on the world of progress.

Virtual Light(tm).

The Virtual Light range are the first of the new Science Friction models which incorporate Science Friction material as used in the DeathSuits worn by Ebons and Ebb Glyphs to make the equipment usable by Ebons and Non-Ebons alike. The Virtual Light range are all designed to look and feel like a pair of glasses or shades with the all important Glyphs being on the insides of the frames so that you can be ready for anything and still look like Joe Average.

Virtual Light - IR

The IR model incorporate the Sense Perception rank 12 Ability in Glyph form to give Ebb generated infra-red vision. Each use lasts up to 15 minutes and can be activated 5 times every 24 hours and costs 500c each.

Virtual Light - UV

Basically the same as the IR model only incorporating the rank 13 Sense Perception ability to enable perception of the Ultra-Violet spectrum. Cost and limitations are the same as the IR model.

Virtual Light - Dark

Ebb enhanced night vision can now be yours in the form of the oddly titled Virtual Light - Dark. Using the rank 16 Ebb Illumination ability in Glyph Form, this model has all the limitations of the IR and UV models and the price tag along with them.

Virtual Light - Blocker

Need protection from Rival Company Necanthropes on your latest Black BPN? Got an obsessive Brain Waster ex-girlfriend who keeps using her Communication and Detect abilities to track your every move? Fear no longer for help is at hand in the form of Virtual Light - Blocker. With the aid of the rank 11 Sense Perception ability Glyphed to the frames of these stylish Science Friction glasses you can keep yourself hidden from detection by all forms of Ebb. The effects will last for no longer than an hour and with a potential usage of 5 times every 24 hours, you should have more than enough time to complete that Black BPN and get back to collect your SCL increase. All for the bargain price of 750c.

Virtual Light - Monitor

Need to prove to the Dept. of Extermination that it was your 12.7mm HESH that killed the DarkNight Interceptor and not the building that fell on top of him after? Been targeted as a subversive by Internal Affairs but can't or don't want a finance chip? Need to give a reconnaissance feed to the Dept. of Expedition by don't want to lug a RollerCam(tm) around the Cannibal Sectors? You need a Virtual Light - Monitor. The Virtual Light - Monitor model works like a finance chip only you don't need to have it inserted into your head and you don't have to sacrifice your use of the Ebb. Employing the use of Rank 15 and 16 of Ebb Illumination as well as a Science Friction booster to transmit back to Station Analysis, the Monitor will report your movements and of those around you as a finance chip would. Unfortunately these are not for sale and you must approach your department to be allocated one. A model that sends the feed to a specified monitor is under development. Watch this space for details as and when they arrive.

The Virtual Light series are all available in any colour of frame and with any colour or type of lenses including sight-correcting lenses for no extra charge. Please note that there is a waiting time of 1 day after ordering to allow construction of the model.

Moving Shadow(tm)

The Moving Shadow range of Science Friction equipment has been under development since 200 SD. The use of the Chameleon Illumination ability on non-Science Friction products left many strange and sometimes dangerous consequences upon the equipment it was used upon. Many attempts to refine this idea to a usable degree have been made over the years but were eventually given up on. Finally we are proud to present, after many set backs and redesigns, Moving Shadow ware.

Moving Shadow - One

Imaginatively titled One, the first of the Moving Shadow accessories allows the user to be rendered effectively invisible for a duration of 2 minutes approximately. The unit itself looks like a set of wristbands and a neck brace about 2 centimetres wide that are connected by thin Science Friction Tendrils. Touching the Glyphs in each wristband together activates the unit. The user then has 2 minutes of invisibility invoked by the repeated use of the Reality Fold rank 1 Glyphs that festoon the unit, after which time the unit will cease to function. The unit can only be activated once every 24 hours and will set you back 450c.

Moving Shadow - Two

The second of the Moving Shadow units is basically the same as the first except it has a longer duration, 5 minutes to be precise, and a higher credit value of 750C. The limitation of one use every 24 hours is still applicable.

Moving Shadow - Three

The last release of the Moving Shadow range uses the rank 10 Reality Fold ability in 5 second bursts to give an unprecedented ability to Non-Ebon Operatives. There is a limitation of one activation every 24 hours on this unfortunately but with power comes a price. No more waiting for the subversive to open the door, walk through next doors wall and start kicking some ass. Full wallwalk capability can be yours for only 1000c credits. Only Dark Lament can supply this kind of power to the Operative.


Starlight is the Science Friction equivalent of a flare. It uses r 6 Illumination ability to create a globe of light that will follow the unit for 10 minutes. The unit is a ball shaped, Glyph inscribed, Science Friction device. It can be used twice in 24 hours and costs a minimal 150c.

Perfect Motion

Perfect Motion is the refinement and distillation of the Telekinesis discipline of Ebb. The glove of the Perfect Motion units can be worn over armour but the headband must be worn on the skin. The two parts of the unit are linked by a cord of Science Friction material and when the user 'thinks' the activation phrase, the glove will emit a blast of Telekinetic energy powerful enough to flip APC's and fire Carriens at least 10 metres backward. Please note that Head Office will not look kindly upon the destruction of Sla property using this device. The unit can be activated twice every 24 hours and costs 650c.

Bodyform Invisible - Regular

The Bodyform Invisible units provide the user with extra protection from kinetic attacks whilst activated with the added bonus of being completely invisible in operation. The unit itself is a discreet belt type piece of apparatus which fits around the waist of the user. The user merely has to touch the activation Glyph in the centre of the belt to activate the Telekinesis Shield Glyphs which adorn the belt. This will engage the shield which has a protection value of 5 and an armour rating of 20. This will then last up to 15 minutes or until the armour is reduced to 0. It may only be activated once every 24 hours and has a value of 500c.

Bodyform Invisible - Super

The Super model of the Bodyform Invisible range is exactly the same as the Regular model including the limitations but has a protection value of 12 and double the armour rating, increasing it to 40. It will still last 15 minutes or until destroyed and will cost you a mere 1000c.

There you have the new Dark Lament releases. What impact will these items have on other companies and the average Operative? Watch this space for more info on the latest from Dark Lament.

Dark Lament is not a member of the Racial Equality program.

GM Note - Stormers can't use the Science Friction equipment. Dark Lament did this for fun. Nor can ops after LAD treatment or with lots of Nuke Tendon implants (i.e. more than 2 including a finance chip). (too much Biogenetic shit in their bodies for the device to differentiate from a Stormer or a Human/Wraith/Shaktar)