SLA Industries and Associated Manufacturers

New Fall Design Releases

By David Putnam

General Armaments:

GA67 Semi-Automatic Pistol Shotgun

General Armament‘s new release to the market comes in the form of this pistol. A semi-automatic shotgun with the comparably small size of a pistol. A must for those operatives who want the concealability of a pistol without sacrificing the knockdown power of a shotgun. Lightweight ceramic construction allows it to be fired in prolonged firefights comfortably and without excessive barrel heating and unwanted warping. The five round box clip won‘t give you that annoying ”extended clip look• either. The GA67 comes ready to fit stock, recoil baffling, and laser sight (for those slug users out there).

GA67 5 10g 1 7 7m 170c


FEN 626 ”Next Gen• 11.5mm Auto-pistol

FEN is proving that their design teams take no holidays and no prisoners with their new addition to the pistol market which might even eclipse the success of the mighty 603. The new 626 offers the operative even more stopping power that ever with their new 11.5mm round and the gun that chambers it. Full ceramic casing and gas operated action/double-action are guaranteed for life and promise to be rugged enough for even the toughest operatives needs. The ”Next Gen” comes ready to fit silencer, telesights, laser painter, flash suppresser, pistol stock, and baffling.

FEN 626 10 11.5mm 1/2 5/6 15m 265c

FEN 082 ”Clipper• 8mm SMG

FEN‘s other new release is the ”Clipper• submachine gun. The ”Clipper” uses the smaller 8mm round to give the weapon higher penetration figures yet keep recoil manageable. The 35 round clip capacity should keep any operative gunning long enough to get the job done and the new bulpup configuration will keep the clip out of your way. The ”Clipper• is manufactured with a gauss-fed, closed-bolt action; a hardened ceramic casing; and is capable of single, semi-automatic, and even full-automatic fire. Every ”Clipper• comes with FEN‘s famous zero-maintenance guarantee and comes ready to fit sound suppresser, flash suppresser, sights, laser painter, and recoil baffling.

FEN 082 35 8mm 1/3/5 4/7/9 25m 430c

Advanced Gunnery Berenyi:

AGB ”Needler• Gauss Fed and Fired Flechette System

Advanced Gunnery Berenyi is back with a new and innovative release that proves their worth as the alternative weaponry company. For the operative who refuses to conform to the more ”conventional• methods of destruction. The ”Needler• uses a delivery system not unlike that used in the SHIVER Browbeater, but instead of firing near-harmless ball-bearings the ”Needler” uses this technology to propel 3mm tungsten-cored flechettes at amazing speed. These flechettes are fully capable of shredding anything that gets in their way including those annoying subversives and their armor. The needler comes ready to fit sights, laser painter, and bipod. CLIP CAL ROF RCL RANGE COST AGB Needler 180 3mm tungsten-cored flechette 20 0 30m 1800

AGB Needler 180 3mm tungsten-cored flechette 20 0 30m 1800c


GAK ”Breaker• Lever - Action, Double - Barreled 10mm Rifle

GAK‘s new release missed our deadline but was innovative enough for us to issue an addendum to our new release list. This new weapon brings back the stylish lever - action not seen since FEN‘s 012 series over two hundred years ago and combines it with a double barreled rifle with devastating effect. This weapon is perfect for the operative who wants the power of a shotgun without sacrificing accurate range. With any luck GAK will have a winner with this one and a possible GA/KK merger could become a reality; making GAK a serious contender in the firearm race.

GAK "Breaker" 10 internal 10mm 2* 6 25m 950c

* While the rate of fire is 2, the shots are simultaneous and thus either both hit or both miss. This makes the damage for this weapon 150% of the damage for being hit by ONE 10mm rifle round of the same type fired.


Thousands of operatives screamed for it.
Millions of fans pleaded for and dreamed of its coming.
But company stepped forward to answer their call.
The perfect firearm...The Style, The Flare, The Efficiency;
One of the most intimidating weapons of all ages come and gone. SLA now, once again, takes on the task of giving the people exactly what they desire.


The SLA Double-Barreled Breach-Load 10 Gauge Shotgun

Since no weapons subdivision came forward with a likable design, SLA took it upon themselves to offer one. But never to be outdone, they took the extra step and offered six. Operatives have three important decisions to make when they order this weapon:

  1. ”Would you like that with a side-by-side or over-under configuration?• That‘s right! It‘s your gun and your choice. Comfort is an option.
  2. ”What length would you like that in?" Different strokes for different folks. SLA anticipated this as well and proudly offers your choice of: Full Size...Tactical Assault Size...and the ever-popular Sawn Off Size.
  3. ”What color would you like that moulded in?• SLA has taken BLA‘s lead and offered personal style for the first time ever! No more chipping paint jobs!

Two-piece injection moulding processes allow full barrel set removal allowing you to break down the weapon for storage or traveling purposes. It comes with 60% recoil baffling to allow more comfortable discharge of both barrels simultaneously and a shell ejection system to save on reloading time. Also, easy, do-it-yourself field modification kits are available for those who like the extra ”goodies• but don‘t want to pay installation fees and customization charges.

SLA DB Shotgun 2 10g 1/2* 5/10 12m/10m/7m** 160c

* Dual Fire uses the rules for the ”Breaker• DB Rifle for to hit and damage purposes.
**Full Size / Tactical Size / Sawn Off

Damages For Dual Fire

New Ammunition

Load Penetration Damage AD Calibre Damage Penetration AD Cost
Double Slug 11 14 8 11.5 Pistol 6 6 2 3
Double Shot 6 16 10 11.5 Rifle 9 6 2 3
One Of Each 8 12 9 3mm Flechettte 1 1 1 1/5 Flechettes

Multi - Angular Cutters:

MAC Voulge

MAC‘s new edition to the polearm family comes in the true ”unpowered” MAC style. Little more than a modified MAC knife on a pole, this seemingly simple weapon does its job well for those trained in its use. The MAC Voulge is made from a single piece of carbonized silicate so there‘s no need to worry about troublesome ”weak spots•. Made to puncture some of the toughest armors on the market; this weapon is even supplied with its own custom laser sharpener at no extra charge to ensure lifetime combat readiness.

Pen Dmg AD Weight Cost
MAC Voulge 2 5 2 1.8kg 100c

MAC High-Frequency Oscillation Blades

It appears that MAC has finally stepped into the powered weapon market with their new ”Vibro• blades. Both are moulded from high-quality ceramic compounds to ensure toughness under even the most extreme conditions. These blade have approximately the same cutting power so the size of blade will be up to the discretion and comfort of the user. The sword variant seems to be MAC‘s answer to the Vibro Saber and we‘ll see how it fares in sales and combat in the upcoming months. The universal power pack will power either blade for 3500 hours.

Pen Dmg AD Weight Cost
Broadsword 4 5 2 1.5kg 130c
Long-Knife 4 5 2 1kg 115c

Ian Thomas Bradley Weapons:

ITB Flail

At first glance this weapon may seem almost mundane, but its implications to melee combat as we know it are vast. First, it is the only widely manufactured ”powered• weapon to be placed in the flexible category with the infamous but never powered chain. Secondly, it offers the operative who prefers a non-fixed position weapon a new alternative and yet still stylish presence in combat. The 30 inch carbon silicate rod which makes up the handle of the weapon comes with foam padding for a cushioned grip at the bottom along with a never before seen tether at the base as to avoid those embarrassing disarmed moments. From the end of the handle comes a hardened rubber coring surrounding the powercable, this snakes its way though a fine-knit titanium chain mesh tube which allows flexibility with strength. This all meets with a foot long spiked and ridged oscillating carbonized silicate rod guaranteed to leave your foes with a lasting impression. The 5000 hour power pack also guarantees that the flail will never leave you powerless.

Pen Dmg AD Weight Cost
ITB Flail 1 5 3 1.5kg 120c

ITB ”Crusher• Warhammer

ITB seems to be going for that ”weapons of the ancients• look as their other new release is an odd construct called a warhammer. The ”Crusher” as it has been lovingly dubbed by its design team may look odd at first, but its effects are devastating. In tests it bashed its way through PP664 and even PP7 and PP8 with shocking ease. The ”Crusher• is of dual piece construction with the full ceramic shaft with moulded grip meeting the high-frequency, oscillating, carbonized silicate hammerhead designed to place your foe on their back. The power pack contains enough juice for 2500 hours of continuous use. This strange new weapon will be watched carefully in the circuit this fall to judge whether or not it will remain an economically viable weapon for ITB. This could make them or break them. PEN DMG AD Weight COST ITB ”Crusher• 0 6 5 1.5kg 100

Pen Dmg AD Weight Cost
ITB W.Hammer 0 6 5 1.5kg 100c

Dynamic Precision Blades:

DPB Double-Bit Battle Axe

DPB‘s stylish new edition to the market are these two huge battle axes designed to give operatives the two-handed cutting power they truly desire. This is a bold a striking move by DPB, rivaling itself against both the power claymore and the formidable GASH chain axe. The first of these two axes is a double-bladed monstrosity which leaves no style to the imagination. As dynamic-looking as this axe is, one glance tells the story.. death ... this axe is designed to kill efficiently in one or two blows. The huge bell-shaped ceramic blades of this weapon are ground and polished smooth with a long curving bevel designed to cut deep and then split what remains. Field tested in cannibal sector 1 this axe has been known to split carrien in two from head to groin. Power pack has a 5000 hour life.

Pen Dmg AD Weight Cost
DPB Double-Bit 6 5 4 3kg 150c

DPB Hand Axe

DPB‘s second release is a companion axe to the Double-Bit. Reduced size and one-hand usability gives this weapon high praise amongst fighters craving a secondary hand weapon. The shaft and blade are both moulded from high quality ceramic compounds to make it capable of surviving even the most rigorous combat scenarios. A knuckle duster was added to this weapon seemingly as an afterthought and it remains uncertain whether this was supposed to: be used in combat, help the operative keep his grip on the weapon, or just to look nice. Its purpose will be defined on the battlefield this fall where it will meet stiff competition. The power pack contains a 4000 hour charge.

Pen Dmg AD Weight Cost
DPB Hand Axe 3 4 3 1.3kg 80c


GASH Vibro Axe

GASH has entered the fall with only one new item for us. It is clearly designed to compete directly with the new Double-Bit axe offered by DPB. This huge two-hander was designed after the SHIVER fire unit axe and provides the operative with both the potential to kill and to be useful. While the head on this axe may not provide the same cutting power of the Double-Bit it is smaller and able to concentrate power on smaller areas. The truly unique feature on this weapon has got to be the backspike. Placed opposite the head, this 8 inch quadrangular backspike can be used both to fight as well as destroy structures and other obstacles like doors. The 6000 hour power supply is unsurpassed in the melee field and will never leave you stranded.

PEN DMG AD Weight COST GASH Vibro Axe 5 5 4 2.5kg 150 Backspike 6 2 3
Pen Dmg AD Weight Cost
GASH Vibro-Axe 5 5 4 2.5kg 150c
Backspike 6 2 3

For Axe skills and others, go to The Skills Page

Multi - Job Lacerates:

MJL ”Tripwire• Bola

This new and innovative design from MJL provides a refreshing new way to bring in an offender without excessive damage to the target. This new thrown weapon allows the operative to lose the ”take out a leg and see if he still runs• mentality and leaves him with an interrogatible suspect instead of a bleeding corpse. The bola is made with a trefoil construction technique using high-tensile carbon fibre wire not unlike that used in the AGB ”Chopper•. At the end of each of these stands is an amazingly barbed carbon silicate ball guaranteed to stick to almost anything including armor. When properly thrown at the legs of a victim a takedown is guaranteed. The one problem with this new weapon is that it must be replaced after approximately 3500 uses as the barbs on the balls will inevitably dull with usage and are manufactured too closely together to be resharpened.

Pen Dmg AD Weight Cost
MJL Tripwire 2 2 1/appendage struck 0.45kg 90c

If throw roll = 14+ after modifiers the target is entangled.

Item Cost
Sidesaddle (6 round capacity) 2
Moulded Pistol Grip 5
SlugbeamTM Laser Painter 10
Shoulder ”Trench• Sling 2
Tactical gun sling 2
Double-Bit Axe Sharpener 8
Two-handed Axe Maghold 10
Flail Maghold 4

Power Projects New Fall Design Releases

Power Projects has finally dictated that new armor designs should be made available to operatives everywhere. With their new design releases they plan to increase their stranglehold on the armor market and hopefully earn enough money to fund research for a new weapons division, or so it is rumored. While doing this they have also filled the gaps in their current armor line while also providing starting ops with a few more options.

PP6 EXO (Light)

Power Projects‘ first new release is the lightest armor sporting a full power chassis now available on the market. Designed as both an option for starting ops with cash flow problems and a possible upgrade for SHIVER units, projected sales are through the roof. Moulded from their usual high-pressure treated ceramic, this new armor comes loaded with flak-buffered joints to avoid untimely knifings, a full anti dazzle visor, fully enclosed suit with fitted air system, and a 6,000 hour power supply.

PV Head ID Torso ID Arms ID Legs ID Cost
6 10 20 15 17 550c


This suit is simply a redesigned, retrofitted version of the PP7 armor correcting the design flaws and making it a much more viable option for starting operatives.

PV Head ID Torso ID Arms ID Legs ID Cost
7 12 25 17 18 900c


This suit was designed with today‘s Frother in mind. Although we believe all melee orientated operatives will enjoy this new release as well. The Frothers have long complained that the 313s have held an unfair advantage in armed combat too long with their beloved PP9 strength enhancing armor. Although not as heavy as PP9, the properly dosed operative will never notice the difference as he cleaves through his opponents with the greatest of ease. This armor comes with all the standard options of the EXO line along with a removable skullcap to let the dreds fly free.

(Armor provides +3 strength to the wearer.)

PV Head ID Torso ID Arms ID Legs ID Cost
7 20 42 28 30 1350c

PP80 Flakbreak

Designed to partially fill the gap between PP70 and PP100, PP80 will fill the role of upper-middle range armor and is expected to receive only modest sales as most operatives are expected to still jump the gap to get their own suit of the famous ”Crackshot• armor. Over time this suit will probably gain popularity but for now it is still eclipsed by greater armours. Moulded using the HARD technique and the PP70s power chassis to deal with the weight, PP80 offers that little extra something that could make the difference between life and LAD. Flakbreak comes with all the standard options of PP70.

PV Head ID Torso ID Arms ID Legs ID Cost
13 20 75 55 65 2100c

PP85 Closegrinder

This is, hands down, Power projects best new design. It features a revolutionary close-fitting system which brings the power chassis and armor plating closer to the body and enhances the user‘s ”suit awareness•. Allowing the user to become one with his armor provides the perfect edge in melee combat, no more miscalculated jump landings, mistimed attacks, or walking shoulder-first into doorframes. To allow a more free range of motion and to increase deadliness in armed combat the suit is fitted with an upgraded version of the PP9 power chassis. This suit comes with all the frills of Crackshot armor as well. With Closegrinder assault armor...There are no more excuses.

(Armor provides +3 strength and +1 dexterity to the wearer.)

PV Head ID Torso ID Arms ID Legs ID Cost
14 20 70 50 60 3750c

And now, just in, new Shotgun rounds...

The Dust Buster Round

The Dust Buster round is a 575 grain projectile of compressed lead dust used for blowing off door hinges, locks, or light doorframes with minimum ricocheting or danger of penetrating projectiles. Upon impact the Dust Buster completely disintegrates. This round has also been known to cause considerable damage to armor while retaining knock-down power.

Round Type DMG PEN AD Cost
Dust Buster 6 1 12 4c/round

Shooting Star Rounds

This slug is a 375 grain, conical tip, and flange-winged projectile which travels at 2100 fps. It doubles the effective range of most shotguns. Thje unique winged design spin stabilizes the slug as it flies, delivering maximum knockdown power and excellent accuracy at hyper-velocity.

Round Type DMG PEN AD Cost
At Nominal or less 11 9 3 5c/round
At all other ranges 10 8 4 "

Strung Buck

This round consists of two 54 caliber hard alloy balls cast on 6 inches of 4-strand wire. This round will pound the breath out of your target. Known to do deeds of profound evil to those who go unarmored.

Round Type DMG PEN AD Cost
Strong Buck 12 3 5 4c/round

Flechette Rounds

Disappointed by the failure of the now-extinct "Beehive" round SLA decides to give flechettes a new try. This round contains 20 hardened alloy darts 1 1/2" long, 1/16" diameter. Each dart is fin-stabilized for maximum range and flight stability. This round was developed for maximum lethality in close combat. Despite the new fin-stabilized design, the round remains ineffective at longer ranges.

Round Type DMG PEN AD Cost
Flechette, Point Blank 14 8 7 4c/round
Flechette, Nominal 11 5 4 "
Flechette, Medium 8 2 2 "

Round is ineffective beyond medium range. Any target hit beyong medium range takes 2 points of ranomized armor damage.

Buck And Ball

This round is designed to be the choice of any true carrien-hunter or operative assigned housing in lower downtown. The load is comprised of a fragmenting 7/8 oz. slug followed by six 00 buck shot. This double load design ensures maximum knockdown power. upon striking the target, the slug breaks into 3 pieces, increasing the surface area of the projectile, thereby producing greater hydrostatic shock through more effective energy transfer. The buffered buckshot produces consistent patterns every time. The combination of maximum knockdown, hydrostatic shock, energy transfer, and accuracy make this a round for all occasions. The cost of this round was also mandated by Mr. Slayer himself to be one of the least expensive shotgun rounds to encourage the destruction of carrien. Works great on those pesky gang members too!

Round Type DMG PEN AD Cost
Buck And Ball 9 5 6 2c/round

(GM discretion)


Shoot your opponent in the upper chest and tell me it didn't look like he got clotheslined by a mutant carrien! Designed for use in urban areas (possibly even for SHIVER use) where there is a need for a super velocity hitting slug with little chance of stray shots. The perfect round for knockdown of armored targets. Almost guaranteed to place anything shot flat on its back. Perfect for bringing armored prisoners in alive, also works great in a KPS Mangler for those "personal gorezone" sessions with soft companies. (Note: completely ineffective beyond nominal range)

Round Type DMG PEN AD Cost
Armoured Targets 5 (bruising) 0 4 2c/round
Unarmoured Targets 14 3 (known to "break" the unarmoured) N/A "

Knockdown roll is automatic and at double difficulty.


Fun at parties, amuse your friends, play wonderful pranks on pals. Other uses may include: scaring the crap out of civilians, intimidating interrogatees, substitute for an icepick, flash-blinding, minor-maiming, deafening, watermellon dispersal round, etc...

Round Type DMG PEN AD Cost
Blank N/A N/A N/A 1c/round

Road Blocker Rounds

The ROAD BLOCKER round was developed for use at road blockades or any other situation where it is imperative to stop a moving vehicle. This formidible round will fire a single projectile which not only can puncture a tire but can also penetrate the steel rim causing an immediate flat. This round can go through a car and out the other side. It very likely has the ability to stop an engine if hit directly. A must for true BLACK OPS.

Round Type DMG PEN AD Cost
Road Blocker 15 12 4 6c/round