We are living a lie...

by Sam Pay

"We all know it. It's common knowledge. All the references, all the suggestions, everything points to it. We're living a lie.

"Every moment of our lives, we are being pulled closer towards a blackness, a pit of dispair, created by them and fueled by US. We're living it right now, this second. Every time we look away, turn our backs, we're helping them create a society that doesn't care, won't listen and can't help.

"Our jobs, our futures, our lives are all invested in keeping the lie going, propogating it to the farthest corners of existence. We seem to be truly blind to the fact that we, not as a group, but as individuals making individual decisions and choices are turning life into a miserable, polluted and disgusting thing.

"And nobody notices.

"When a man begs for scraps, we ignore him. When a community begs for aid, we ignore them. Each and every one of us has a duty, to live our lives not as they tell us to, but as each one of use sees fit. If a man begs for scraps, we should treat him not as an outcast, but as an unfortunate, someone not as lucky as yourself. When a community begs for aid, we must give it to them, turn our luxuries into their lives.

"We have a power. We must act responsibly with that power. Give where it is needed. Care where it is asked for. Treat each other with the respect we would want for ourselves.

"Notice. Make a difference.

"Thank you."

The speakers stand silenced, the slug ejects, and after a moments consideration, the tall black figure stalks across the room, and with an elegant pen resting in monsterous claws, signs.