The Strange Case...

"... It gets worse... Endless, eternal hunger... thirsting and needing and begging and lusting for it... Year after month after day... second by unbearable second... I need release..."

Dark Lament Internal File #4493
From: Necanthrope Teeth
For attention of: General Necanthrope Society
Re: Necanthrope Jekyll

Ebon "Globe" received into society on 22/4/577 SD. Took name "Jekyll" on exit from the white. No special treatment. Cleared of Soul Weave trait. Reccomendation for Mort Library service. Retired from Operative duty as of 24/4/577 SD.

File Ends.

"I'm better now. Woke up this morning, head cleared. The hunger is gone, thank God. I'm going to keep this to myself. It must have been a pang, a temporary sickness. After all, I was cleared of all Traits..."

"... Ok, on me in five, four, three.......... Good evening Killzoners. I'm Janet Anderson, and here is a Killz update.


A savage killing has been reported by Shivers in Downtown 28. Operatives have been called in on the case, and Killzone already has camera crews hunting them down. Live feed from bugs in their apartments is, as always, available on page KZ321.


Serial Killers of Mort are preparing for the annual Gorezone Easter party, which this year is being held in a sectioned off area in Suburbia 3855. Safe passage for all participants is, of course, to be maintained for 24 hours before and after the event, and signs are already up to direct the would-be stars to the correct venue. Admittance is 5u, and body-armour is mandatory.


In a record death-fest last night, no less than 48 victims, including male, female, young and old, fell to the same killer in less than 10 and a half hours. From what our cameras have been able to find, the MO is new to investigators, and appears to include brute strength and Ebb abilities. Our Dark Lament liason has not been able to get an... I'm sorry, it appears that we have lost our Dark Lament liason... Yes, I have just received conformation that his body is no longer on planet. We'll have more Killz update after these messages. It's 6 o-clock.




<Dompf, Dompf, Domph>

"Just a sec..."



<Shrepp, Cracktt, D'Jonk>



'So, he broke down he door, ripped the arm off, broke the girl's back and...'

"Thank You, Commander, That Is All We Will Be Needing. The Tape, If You Please? Goodbye, Commander."

'Thankyou sir, goodbye.'

"It comes back now and again... I've tried all sorts of things... Drugs, cigarettes, drink... But nothing works... And then... One night... it just goes... and the killings... Killzone... the vid tells me what's happened... and they've never found the killer...... i'm scared..."

"... The killer, who has now taken to scrawling messages in blue ink on the walls of his victims, claims to be a powerful force, and one that no-one should feel safe from. The... Whateveritis... Calls it'self Hyde, and warns against going out alone at night. Dark Lament has still not returned out liason, and it is thought that this story may come to an abrupt and unsatisfying end...

And now a look at the weather."

Dark Lament Internal File #9938522
From: Preceptor Teeth
For attention of: General Necanthrope Society (Excluding Necanthropes #118499 to #118521)
Re: Necanthrope Jekyll.

It appears that our initial assessment was incorrect. A secondary entity has latched onto Necanthrope Jekyll. However, his prominance as head of Mort Library means that removal is out of the question. Instead, slow damage to his position and stability will be in order. You will continue in this matter subtly, but will not execute any direct action without instructions from me. A re-vamp of our screening process is in order. Necanthropes Messiah and Glynt will report to me at 4.30 on 13/5/903 SD and discuss the situation.

File Ends.

Remember, No-One Is That Important.