Interactive Systems and their sub-groups: An overview.

Interactive Systems have been producing high powered computer and weaponry parts for almost 150 years. In doing so, they have created a large dependency on other more public corporations, such as Tangetial Systems and FEN. With GA‘s sudden loss in sales of the GA ‘J', and FEN‘s switch of manufacturing techniques 12 years ago, IS‘s income has almost been halved. However, it seems that IS have been building up funds for a large project for some time now, as in the year 902 SD, IS effectivly requested bancrupcy by spliting itself into several splinter groups, Interactive Systems: Gunnery, Interactive Systems: Ammunitions and Interactive Systems: Vehicles.

Within a week of this move, IS was declared bankrupt, and leaving behind no debts, they swiftly disappeared into the past.

Meanwhile, their splinter groups were showing their colours. IS:V promptly bought up well over 1,200,000c worth of reject plans from BLA, GA and FEN and have been silent ever since. IS:A is now producing the 11.35mm calibre for to the Mort Operative and IS:G has pulled out all the stops by taking the fight straight to FEN‘s door and beating them at their own game. They have produced, to date, 4 weapon types in as many months and halved FEN‘s Revenue for the 603 and 204 SMGs with their 11.35mm Wasp SMG. A recent survey by the department of trade showed that over 70% of operatives would buy a Wasp rather than a FEN SMG. IS:G did not stop there, and produced the IS:G ‘Ard Lad 10g Shotgun with exactly the same capabilities as the 10-10, yet cheaper.
Finally, they swiched directions entirely and produced the 12.7mm Saviour Pistol, stretching themselves to take on BLA as well. The Saviour is reported to be more accurate over long distances and uses a 15 bullet clip, mounted on the top of the weapon.

So far, FEN and BLA have done nothing to counter these attacks, simply issuing almost identical statements saying that IS:G cannot possibly maintain this record and will eventually snap.
Third Eye have been backing the IS corperations all the way, whilst SIC current affairs programs have been suggesting that maybe IS:G has backing that cannot be competed with. A reference to SLA itself, perhaps?

At this stage anything is possible, as IS:G is keeping everything about them secret, even hiding the name of its owner and keeping tight lids on the status of its funds. Suffice to say that IS:G has set a new benchmark by touching the untouchables in the weaponry market.

Text ends.

For GMs eyes only

The Idea behind ISG is that they have financial backing from some unseen Orienta company that is tied in with the Trangs, but is producing slightly low quality weaponary using 2nd hand techniques and ceramic. IS:G weapons are reliable up to a point. Then, they simply fall apart.

Another way of playing this (If you're into big world-changing events) is to have the Trangs playing SLA at their own game, and setting up IS:G weapons with a time-delay disabler, as Slayer did to the Conflict races. Anyway, play this how you want, but make sure that no-one knows who the head of IS:G is.

The IS:G 24 Wasp

For the past 900 years, the name FEN has been synonymous with automatic weapons. The 603, the 204, the FEN AR and the Power Reaper. For 900 years the benchmark has been FEN, producing average quality weaponary at average prices using average calibre. No More!
Fed up with your FEN? Try an ISG Wasp.
Goodbye Too-small-10mm, Ta ta too to twelve. 11.35mm is the way to go, with it‘s history of success on Dante. Ok, we are not a huge corporation with hundreds of years experience. Ok, we are not producing the same number of weapons as FEN. But don‘t you think that it‘s time for a change?

Then buy a Wasp, the most fun gun on the market!

The Wasp uses a rear-mounted 20 bullet 11.35mm magazine, and can fit recoil baffling, flash supressor and laser painter. ROF is switchable between 1, 2 and 4 bullets per 0.6 sec, and RCL is 3, 4 or 7. Has a range of 15m and costs 130c.

The IS:G 'Ard Lad 10g Shotgun

The World of Progress has been dominated by unimaginative automatic weaponary ever since it‘s conception. Only the third shotgun to be released on the market, the Ard Lad is a differing option for the stylish operative. Shove your shotgun into your opponents face. Watch as he stares down the barrel disbelievingly. The sheer size of the 10 gauge calibre is enough to make any Bul ly Boy run for cover. The IS:G Ard Lad will make you want to spend your wage on 10 gauge!

The Ard Lad has stats identical to the SLA 10-10, but costs a mere 500c.

The IS:G "Saviour" 12.7mm heavy pistol

Take a look around you. Take a good look. What is the most stylish weapon on the market? The 603? The MAL AR? The Mangler? No. The 12.7mm pistol is really the only gun worth having in today‘s climate. We agree. But does BLA have what it takes to give you the lasting protection that you need during a hard day‘s work? Only 6 bullets remember. A low ROF. Difficult to re-load internal magazine? No. The gun to use is one that can be replenished in less than a second. A gun with external clips. A gun like the Saviour. Ok, it isn‘t custom made. Ok, it only comes in one colour. Who cares? The operative has never needed a custom gun to look good, just a can of spray-paint and a nice logo makes any weapon personal.
So make the right choice. Don‘t buy the weapon for thrill, buy for kill. The IS:G Saviour will defend you!

12 bullet external magazine fitted to the top back of the housing. ROF 1/2, RCL 6/8, Range of 18m. Comes fitted with Laser Painter and can fit stocks, recoil baffling, flash supressor etc for only 950c.

The IS:G ”Shoemaker Levi 9• Heavy Fragmentation Pistol

(If you have not lifted the ban mentioned in SLA against Grenade-Launchers, this weapon will not be much use to you.

With the recent lifting of the ban against Grenade Launchers, IS:G is proud to present the first in what is sure to be a wave of more powerful ranged weaponry available to the Mort Operative. The ”Shoemaker Levi 9• pistol is more of a mini multi warhead device. Using simmilar grenade launching techniques to the FEN 04 Grenade launcher (look out for something along these lines in the near future, from IS:G), a large projectile is fired from the barrel, then fragmenting into 21 separate pieces, each containing a sizeable amount of highly reactive jelly (Copyright IS unlimited, 832 SD) which combusts on contact with air, creating a large blast area and creating an ideal way of taking out multiple lightly armoured targets. The delay on the shell is 2 seconds, and Operatives are not advised to attempt to change or tamper with this device. Differing shells are in production, but for a while, these will only be issued to high SCL operatives who can be trusted with them. For further details on the shells, phone: 1-800-I-WANT-MORE and talk to our design staff.

IS:G. Leading a new wave of weapons design.

The Shoemaker-Levi 9 is a mere 550c, with a 5-shell internal clip, ROF 1 and RCL 10. Unable to fit silencer, Recoil baffling or flash suppressor, its shells come at a hefty 56c each, with a blast radius of 10, Dmg of 14 and AD of 8 per segment. Range is 10m.

11.35mm Calibre Stats and costs
2c 4c 3c 4c 5c

Other Weapons Manufacturers

The AGB Hypodermic

Tired of the conventional? Fed up with the norm? Use the AGB Hypodermic, the only way to fire. Using Gauss technology kindly loaned by Shiver commander Cradle, the Hypo uses a block of specially weakened metal as a magazine, and when fired, the hypo takes small sections of it, slicing once horisontally and once vertically to produce a tiny needle like wire. Then ejecting it at high velocity, the Hypo causes little or no damage to tissue, whilst being the ultimate armour weakener. Tests on Dark Night armour have shown that a circular fire pattern followed by a well placed kick shatters the torso shell entirly. (Tests conducted using prototype Hypodermics)
Slice and dice, spear and jab, for the best in alternative weaponry, come to AGB.

The Hypo costs 1,950c and the Solid block clip also has a high cost of 150 each. Because of the configuration of the weapon it is impossible to read how many bullets are left in the "clip". ROF is about 4 (randomly select a ROF between 2 and 5 each at the beginning of each Round), but this can be maintained for several minutes (GMs call as to when it runs out). RCL 4, Range 20m, Dmg 0.5, AD 1, Pen 13. Good against Powersuits.

The BLA 946M "Mini-Van"

In our research for the BLA Buzzsaw, we observed that the Operative population was highly disgruntled with the way that FEN were taking the automatic weapons market. They were looking for a faster, more powerful yet small SMG with the power of an Assault Rifle. We attempted to give them that in the Buzzsaw, but with it‘s slight failure, we have returned to the standard SMG to take a good look at what is wrong.

Here is the answer. The Mini-Van is a small, lightweight weapon with a quite ridiculous ROF and capacity. Holding almost 60 bullets, and using speeds close to that of the Power Reaper, we have had to sacrifice a large calibre for the 9mm BLA round. At first, we were unsure as to its effectiveness, but with the last weeks sales topping any we have ever had with any weapon, we now know that the Mini-Van is here to stay. Using the custom ceramic build you have come to know and respect, the Mini-Van is a brave new step in the light arms race.

ROF for the Mini-Van is 7/4/2/1, RCL 8/5/3/2, Range 15m, cost is 200c, and it contains 50 bullets.

BLA: Gunning for success.

Ebb Grenades

These were created by me after several attempts at replicating the powers of Gambit in the X-Men by one or two of my more sad, lonely players.

They are small glass tubes filled with a green glowing liquid (think the archetypal "Mutating gunk") which are activated when the glass is broken. These grenades come in five different types: Blast, R. Thermal, Ilumination, T.K, and Reality Fold.

Ebb-Powered Bombs

Grenade Type Cost Notes
Blast 10c Equal to a Level 12 Ebb Bomb
Red Thermal 15c Not power-specific, Instantly heats 6m radis globe to 200 degrees, can be cumulative
Telekinesis 20c Creates immobile round TK shield of PV12 and ID40 around yourself or target
Illumination 5c/10c Magnesium flare-style grenade, blinding light (Photo-sensitive lenses do not protect) for 10/30 seconds.
Reality Fold 35 Folds 3m radius globe repeatedly into TDe same spot, freezing target in time for 1.5 to 2 minutes

(GM Note: Great fun can be had with players who purchase a lot of these, by using an area effect attack or just the free ebb blast skill to crack all of the grenades at the same time!!!!