This Ebon list isn't going to be to everyone's taste. I know this, but it is to my taste: I like to relate real world science to rping as much as I can. Some people will resent the fact that these abilities use only the level of mathematics we have in 1997, and will argue that advances in maths would have occured in 900SD. My answer is that I view Ebb ability as something that Intruder has "allowed" for the ebon race, and it's up to him how complex Ebb maths can get. If he says that "i" is as deep as it gets, that's that. Also, wherever it says "Ebon" please also read BrainWaster and Necanthrope, and where it says "he" read also "she".

Flux Mathematics

The numbers used by ebons in formulating their use of the flux are not the numbers used by a dealer to work out prices, or by a soldier to add up his body count: they are different numbers, existing at ninety degrees to the ones we are familiar with. But, in the same way that you can add two vectors travelling in opposite directions, real numbers can provide a tool for ebons in using formulation.

The ability ranks below represent the ebon's ability to bridge the gap between the two sorts of numbers and apply real maths to flux.


Flux Mathematics
0: Describe allows the user to write down ebb formulae as a training aid for other ebons. This is NOT a glyph. It does not have any power in itself. It is just a stack of paper (~10 sides handwritten A4 per rank being described) that can be used by another ebon. user must make a DIA roll to get it right, otherwise what he writes down is incorrect no cost no range
1: Optimise 1 Apply simple streamlining procedures to a formula, including finding common denominators, simplifyng expresions etc., allowing the ability an extra 25% on one of its features. That is, range, area of effect, duration or, with some GM guidance, a less linear feature. Takes an entire turn (five phases) costs 1 flux (this is used so the ebon can see the formula he's simplifying) no range
2: Revector 1 allows subtle shifts in the effects of a formula: Range abilities can be "fired" at an unusual angle, claw enhancements can be developed from other parts of the body. requires one phase preparation in addition to preparation of actual ability costs 2 flux Self
3: Interfere 1 ("Muttering") using this ability an ebon can attempt to put another ebb-user off his concentration. The advantage of this ability over, say shouting or firing a gun is that it can be kept up for a length of time without the victim getting used to it. The user subvocalises a string of random numbers which the target must concentrate to avoid incorporating into his formula. It's like trying to add up your shopping bill with the football results on: -1 on the target's conc. roll Does not require a preparation phase but the user must be concentrating absolutely costs 1 flux per turn !?!?
4: Ignore 1: ("Parity") a simple error-checking system which an ebon can use to defend from "interfere 1" The ebb ability with which this is used takes twice as long to formulate (two phases, usually) no cost Self
5: Optimise 2 further refinements and techniques to improve other formulae, allowing an extra 25% on any two features (e.g. range and area, duration and damage) takes an entire turn costs 2 flux As ability
6: Revector 2 allows the user to play with another ebon's ability The user and the target both make a DIA roll. The target's roll is at -3. The amount by which hi makes (or fails) the roll is taken as a penalty (or bonus) on the user's roll. The amount by which the user makes his roll equates to the amount of ranks the target ebon's ability can be shifted, up or down. If the new ability has a higher flux cost than the original, the difference comes from the interferer. If he doesn't have enough, the ability takes place as the target ebon intended costs 4 flux !?!?!
7: Interfere 2 ("Chanting") the user intones a mantra of random numbers which causes a field of ebb deadening around him. All attempts at ebb use within the field are at -2 on their conc rolls. user must be concentrating absolutely, and the effect does not work through PAs or any other artificial sound amplification costs 2 flux per phase earshot
8: Ignore 2 ("Feedback checking") the flux pathways for an ebb ability can be built in "S" shapes, allowing the user to check the flow while he formulates. This gives him +4 on his CONC roll when Interfere 2 is being used against him the target ability takes an entire turn to formulate doubles flux cost As ability
9: Optimise 3 ("The Balyard Expression") a specific sequence of subformulae discovered in 601SD by a brainwaster called Balyard. It replaces certain commonly occuring parts of ebb formulae with a more volatile flux pathway. Any one feature of the ability with which this is used can be doubled, but the user must make an additional CONC roll at -5 or take one point of damage to the head. requires no preparation costs one flux per level of the ability it's being used with Affects ability
10: Revector 3 Allows an ebb user to invert the effect of one of his abilities, i.e: Blast <-> Healing, Blue Thermal <-> Red Thermal, Communication <-> Detect, Enhancement <-> Protect, Illumination <-> Senses, Reality Fold <-> Telekinesis. The maximum rank of the inverted ablity is half the rank of the original (round down), and the flux cost is tripled. Also, the user must make an additional DIA roll at -5, and if this is failed they end up casting the original ability at the original rank. In other words, an ebon with Blast rank 5 could use Healing rank 2, paying triple the flux for it. Also, if he failed his DIA roll at -5 he would end up casting a random rank 5 blast somewhere. Triple Flux cost of ability As ability
11: Interfere 3 ("pi") irrational numbers have a bad effect on ebb use. This is a more surgical version of interfere 2, which attempts to insert the irrational but easily calculable (by ebb standards) number pi into another ebon's formulation. The target must make a DIA roll at -3 or the ability he was trying to use will fizzle out as if he'd failed his CONC roll N/A cost 6 flu !?!?!?
12: Ignore 3 ("concentric circles") the defense against pi. The user creates empty circular pathways in addition to the pathways needed for his ebb ability. This gives him +6 on his DIA roll if pi is used against him does not require any extra time costs 2 extra flux As ability
13: Optimise 4 ("Vertical surge") if an ebon needs a lot of ebb very quickly he can use the risky option of setting up a vertical flux surge. This replaces standard pathways with the flux equivalent of a waterfall. The user makes a DIA roll at -3 and the normal CONC roll at whatever penalties the GM prescribes. If he fails the CONC roll, nothing happens. If he makes the CONC roll but fails the DIA roll, he is drained of half his total flux and the ability fails. If he makes both rolls, the ability comes into effect immediately, without the usual lag phase, at double the normal cost. Setting up the surge itself does not cost any flux. Affects self flux
14: Revector 4 Charge object. This ability allows an ebon to implant a specific implementation of an ebb skill into an object, along with the flux required for it. This works a bit like a glyph card *except*: it loses 1 flux per day, so the creator might want to put extra flux into it to give it a lifespan; the object must weigh at least 1 kg per rank of the ability it's being charged with; anyone can use the charged item, not just ebons. charging the object takes one hour per flux being put into it cost is 10 flux + the flux charged. Touch
15: Interfere 4 ("e") a harder to calculate version of the pi ability. The target must make a DIA roll at -5 or the ability he was trying to use will fizzle out as if he'd failed his CONC roll cost 6 flu Affects ability
16: Ignore 4 ("log_e") the defense against e. The user creates exponential curve pathways in addition to the pathways needed for his ebb ability2E This gives him +7 on his DIA roll if pi is used against him does not require any extra time costs 4 extra flux Self
17: Optimise 5 allows the user to access ablities up to two ranks higher than normal, paying double flux and spending twice as long (2 phases, normally) for the privelidge. N/A Twice Flux cost N/A
18: Revector 5 with this rank of ability an ebon can retarget another ebon's ability. So he could move a Blast back onto it's caster, make a reality fold open in the wrong place etc. The ebons make opposed DIA rolls as for revector 2, but the amount by which the interferer's DIA roll is made is irrelevant as long as he makes it. The new target can be anything the original caster of the ability could have targetted normally. N/A costs 16 flux !?!?!?
19: Interfere 5 ("i") Causes a targetted ebon in the process of formulating to suddenly think of the imaginary number i, the square root of -1. The resulting equation is *not* unsolveable, it's just solveable in an *impossible way*. The affected ebon will probably vanish in a puff of logic2E There is no defense ability against i. The victim is allowed to make a Conc roll with a penalty equal to the rank of ebb ability they were trying to use, and adding their formula as a positive modifier, and if they fail, they lose ranks of formula and hit points from the head equal to the amount by which they failed. The flux cost is equal to the flux cost of the ability the target was trying to use. If this is more flux than the attacer has at the time, *he* finds himself trying to incorporate i into his equation. Range: conc metres
20: Flux Program Just as real mathematics lies at the core of the trusty Oyster, flux mathematics lies at the core of the vast, mysterious thinking machines used by the highest echelons of Dark Lament and the Department of Ebb Affairs. These devices think not in noughts and ones, but in joys and sorrows, in flux pathways dictated by programmers who, if they were human, might be called nerds. But they are not human. They are Necanthrope. They do not wear t-shirts and glasses, they wear sentient gore-cannon and compound eyes. They instruct these machine to carry out the bewilderingly complex instructions for creating the finest examples of ebb mechanics: glyph houses, beacons, foldships (in conjunction with engineers using Rank 17 Matter Manipulation) and worse, darker things kept hidden from the eyes of the world. Their art is in thinking at ninety degrees to reality. N/A N/A N/A