Matter Manipulation: (Ebon Creation)


The process of creating solid matter out of Flux, using a different and more theoretical kind of Equation has been being used for centuries. Even before 0SD, Foldships navigated the universe, piloted by Ebons wearing Deathsuits, carrying Flintlocks for protection... The list of practical applications for Ebb Reactive material is practically limitless. But very complex.

The theory behind the process is based around unsolvable equations, or "Neutrals". To explain this, you will have to imagine Flux as a liquid and a Hyperbolic equation as the construction of a path for the flux to follow. Using techniques still not quite pinned down by Ebon tutors, an unsolvable equation is constructed (no mean feat), and then formulated in the normal way. The process of formulation is halted at some stage close to what would normaly be its resolution. This stopping point forms into a "Block", an insurmountable calculation or a logical impossibility which stops the Flux in its tracks. This "wash" of flux manifests itself in the physical world as a black viscous liquid which, via manipulation techniques and special equipment, can be shaped into useful structures and items.

The theory behind this is simple to grasp on a basic level. Actually using these techniques in practice, or even trying to associate this with any kind of physical or Ebb-related laws, is practically impossible. Therefore the rank of this skill is limited by Formulae, as it represents the culmination of understanding the nature of the Ebb.

The Matrix:

The nature of Science Friction, contrary to most peoples ideas, is not that much different from steel, or possibly very tough stone. It is fairly brittle unless under mental control, and will shatter rather than bend. The perceived unique nature of Science Friction, namely the ability to construct seemingly living objects (like Deathsuits and Foldships) from it is actually not so much the material as the conductivity of the material and the complex arrangement of the Matrix.

Science Friction items can be catagorised into two groups, Chargable and Non-Chargable. Chargable Sci-Fri has a Matrix existing alongside it (see "The Parallel nature of the Ebb", coming soon) which conducts and channels the Flux in certain directions, and allows Glyphs to be inscribed, Flux to be stored etc etc. More complex Matrix have the ability to become partially sentient (in the case of a Deathsuit), or refine and improve Hyperbolic Equations.

The potential for the Matrix has bearly been touched upon, and potential for many weird and wonderful creations exist. A Gore-Cannon is, essentially, an extremely complex and particular Matrix, and if these "Creatures" can be adapted in the same way other Matrix can, it would go some way towards explaining the strange nature of many of the Myths and Fables that reportedly exist within Downtown and the Cannibal Sectors...


Matter Manipulation: (Ebon Creation)
0: Scan Probes a material and reveals mass, density, what material it is made of, etc etc Does not reveal molecular configuration 0 Touch
1: Grow 1 Create small Science Friction object 1 Kg or less, cannot be charged with flux or inscribed with Glyphs 5 Flux Touch
2: Build 1 Increases mass of Science Friction object N/A 4 flux/Kg Touch
3: Shape 1 Manipulate Science Fricton objects Must be self-made 3 flux/Kg moved Touch
4: Make Chargeable Builds a simple Flux-Store Matrix alongside a Sci-Fri object, and allows Flux to be stored in the object Only effective on Science Friction objects, storage capacity cannot be increased over time 10 flux/1 rechargable point of flux to be stored, non-cumulative Touch
5: Grow 2 Create Science Friction Object 5 kg, cannot be charged with flux or inscribed with Glyphs 12 flux Touch
6: Build 2 Increases mass Any solid object 4 flux/Kg 10m
7: Shape 2 Manipulate any small Science Friction objects Any solid object 6 flux/Kg moved Touch
8: Create Card Creates Glyph card, chargable matrix Illegal ability 15 flux Touch
9: Disrupt 1 Destroys Ebb-reactive Matrix Effective only on simple Matrix 12 flux Touch
10: Create Deathsuit Creates Deathsuit Uncharged, and Illegal if not registered immediately 100 flux over 2 days Touch
11: Build 3 Increase Density Any material 2 flux/5 Newtons applied 20m
12: Create Matrix Creates Ebb equipment from templates Need working model to copy See table for costs Touch
13: Shape 3 Manipulate Ebb-reactive material N/A 8 flux/kg moved 20m
14: Create Pillar Create area effect glyph antenna (no glyphs) N/A 100 flux Touch
15: Disrupt 2 Destroys Ebb Matrix N/A 10 flux 15m
16: Resonance 1 Grounds charged states and blocks ebb perceptions Area effect 15 flux 20m radius
17: Resonance 2 Grounds electrical charges and blocks technological perception enhancement Area effect 20 flux 20m radius
18: Create Foldship Creates Foldship Ohh, tonnes. You need huge crews, the right state of mind, days on end of work and huge ammounts of flux Loads Touch
19: Destroy Destroys Ebb equipment N/A Cost of creation is absorbed by user. See table for costs. 10m
20: Change State Changes molecular configuration of any material. Effectively toggles between solid, liquid and gaseous states Returns to existing state as soon as concentration is broken 5 flux/conc in secs 50m