Ebb Bolts

by Matthew Pook

To: Jebidiah Springer, MBA, SCL 6, Deputy Head, Office of Non-Proprietary Weapons Systems Evaluation, Department of Firearms Regulatory Service
cc: Jebidiah Springer, MBA, SCL 6, Deputy Head, Office of Non-Proprietary Weapons Systems Evaluation, Department of Firearms Regulatory Service
Dr. Maris Blofedt, SCL 7, Project Director, Sub-Office of Non-Proprietary Ebb Effect Weapons Systems Evaluation
Lasher, Sub-Office of Non-Proprietary Ebb Effect Weapons Systems Evaluation-Department of Ebb Liaison Officer
Dr. Doyle Cranston, Crystal Matrix Analysis
Dr. Eddie Xiao, Material Sciences Analysis
Dr. Bebe Stern, Psychological Effects Analysis
Daphne Flex, Sub-Office of Non-Proprietary Ebb Effect Weapons Systems Evaluation-Sub-Office of Non-Proprietary Ebb Effect Weapons Systems Field Testing, Ministry of War Liaison Officer
Janet Krobo, Deputy Department Head, Department of Soft Company Analysis, Department of Recreation & Entertainment
Luc McQuity, Department Head, Department of Soft Company Counter-Intelligence, Department of Recreation & Entertainment
Niles Briskow, Sub-Office of BPN Issue, Office of BPN Issue, Cost Analysis, Effectivity Evaluation and Accountancy, Department of Firearms Regulatory Service
From: Dr. Maris Blofedt, Project Director, Sub-Office of Non-Proprietary Ebb Effect Weapons Systems Evaluation
Re: Evaluation of Object Batch 489-L3/U4E79/
  • Objects #1
  • Objects #2
  • Objects #3
  • Objects #4
  • Objects #5

Preliminary Report - Attachments: Dataslug 489-L3/U4E79/#5

(Copy 3 of 7)[See appendix for transcript]

SCL: 7


My team has completed the preliminary evaluation of the four Objects provided for our study. Enclosed also is copy of the Dataslug recorded from Channel 4: Carnage TV's (also known as C4 Carnage) pirate broadcast break-in on the Alien Sex Channel. This was by what appears to be a sub-arm specifically aimed at targeting the Alien Sex Channel and since designated Channel 4: Sex (also known as C4:Sex or C4S). For further reference see 'Channel 4: Carnage TV And Channel 4: Sex - A Soft Company Analysis' (author: Janet Krobo, Deputy Department Head, Department of Soft Company Analysis, Department of Recreation & Entertainment).

Further to the completion of the preliminary analysis of said Object batch, a number of BPNs have been prepared for submission to the Sub-Office of BPN Issue, Office of BPN Issue, Cost Analysis, Effectivity Evaluation and Accountancy, Department of Firearms Regulatory Service. These are attached to the end of this document pending your perusal and analysis. I would suggest that these are a necessity to the furtherance of the completion of this project, such that the findings can be forwarded to the Sub-Office of Non-Proprietary Ebb Effect Weapons Systems Counter Measures Evaluation.

Object 1 (#1), Object 2 (#2) and Object 3 (#3) are all similar in appearance. They are all crossbow bolts designed to be fired from a standard heavy crossbow available from any good sporting franchise. Each bolt is approximately twelve inches long and one third of an inch in diameter. They are scarlet in appearance with a slightly oily sheen. The head of each bolt is slightly bulbous, again scarlet, but constructed of a fragile crystal designed to break upon impact. From the samples recovered, it is probable that the nature of the materials of these bolts does not lend itself to poor handling. Inside the head of the bolt is stored a strong organically based adhesive to which pure alcohol was found to be the most effective counter-agent. The substance found to most affected by the adhesive was found to be the Death Suit worn by Ebon and Brain Waster. The bond formed by adhesive upon contact with standard armour plate samples was found to be relatively easy to break through the application of physical force, whereas analysis of the bond formed upon contact with the Death Suit would suggest that such attempts of physical force would result in grievous wounds being inflicted upon said Death Suit and its wearer.

At the other end of the bolts are a set of four flights and between them, at the very end of the shaft is mounted a spindle shaped crystal aligned to the shaft. In each of the three versions, the crystal is of a different colour and nature. Dr. Cranston has determined that each of the crystals was organically grown. Cutting open a bolt exposed a shaft of crystal running from the head to the haft. In each of the three different bolts, the inner crystal was similar nature to that mounted at the spindle, but the internal matrix of each was aligned to run from the head to the spindle shaped crystal.

In testing the head shattered upon impact and adhered to the surface of the Death Suit. The end of the inner crystal formed an interface with the sub-dermal layers of the Death Skin and formed a drainage channel for the Flux of wearer's Death Suit and eventually the wearer's own Flux. Effectively, each bolt actually leeched Flux from the target it was attached to, in order to instigate the effect of each version of the bolt. On several occasions the crystal actually burnt out as the internal matrix failed to control the flow of the Ebb through it, shattering violently. The shards resulting from these explosions were found to easily penetrate the skin of both the Death Suit and its wearer causing grievous wounds that proved difficult to heal using both traditional methods the use of the Ebon Heal ability. The explosion of the Gem also disrupted the flow of the Ebb within an immediate area making the formulation impossible and any Ebb effect passing through this zone of disruption was also negated. Where the Death Suit of the target was interdermalised, all three bolts affected the Suit first before the wearer.

The crystal of Object #1 is black and the internal matrix is aligned out and away from the bolt along its axis. In testing the crystal constantly flared with a brilliant white light that could be viewed over several hundred metres. The amount of Flux drained was minimal. This has been dubbed the Flare Bolt.

The crystal of Object #2 was white and its internal matrix was aligned in two directions. The inner matrix was aligned in Object #1, but the outer matrix, closest to the surface of the crystal was aligned at 90( to the inner. The effect in testing was the same as in Object #1, but with the additional effect of enhancing the effectiveness of any use of the Detect ability used upon the target. This has been dubbed the Ebb Bolt.

The crystal of Object #3 was blue and the matrix aligned to the centre of the crystal. This had the most radical of effects, working to catastrophically strip the Death Suit and then wearer of their Flux in as short a time as possible. To the target this was extremely damaging, both physically and mentally, test subjects describing the experience as 'emotionally wrenching'. The Death Suit's reaction to this draining is an immediate and uncontrolled spasm in its sub-dermal muscle tissue as the Flux is ripped from it. Only with extreme concentration is the wearer able to prevent this spasm. The Flux drained is collected within the matrix of the crystal at the haft of the bolt. The amount of Flux stored appears to be variable and accessed as easily as Ebb users access Flux stored in Flux Gems. The resulting Gem is similar in nature to that of a standard Burn Gem, but becomes useless after the Flux so stored has been utilised. At the point where the maximum storage capacity of the Gem is reached, the immediate effect of subsequent Flux leeched is to cause a feedback from the Gem down the internal stem to the head of the bolt and burning through the adhesive there. Object #3 has been dubbed the Leech Bolt. Dr. Stern surmises that the emotional effect of the bolt's leeching might lead to psychological trauma, particularly in an emotionally fragile Ebon individual.

Object #4 is radically different from the previous three and is also the only one of the four objects to have accompanying footage of it in operation (See attachment Dataslug 489-L3/U4E79/#5 (Copy 3 of 7) [See appendix for transcript]). From the footage it is easy to determine that this device has implications as an instrument of torture and interrogation. It is a staff approximately the size and shape of a GASH Pacifier Baton, but constructed of an oily, dark green musculature. Housed at one end, in a strong pommel like mounting, just below the haft which has room for two hands, is a larger version of the Gem fitted to the Leech Bolt (Object #3), but a sickly emerald green in colour. The handle of the baton was insulated from its effects, which were triggered by contact with a Death Suit or its wearer. This exacted a greater leeching of Flux from the target, with far more dramatic effects than the Leech Bolt. Dr. Stern has encountered potentially severe psychological trauma in individuals subjected to the effects of Object #4, dubbed the Soul Stick after one test subject described the effect as having her soul torn from her. Further the Flux stored in the Gem can be utilised as an Eternal Flux Gem, but keyed to two series of Ebb formulae and with a greater storage capacity than in the case of the Leech Bolt, but without the propensity for Gem burnout. In any case, as in bolts, the designer has not eliminated the explosive weakness of these Gems in the baton model. Unlike an Eternal Flux Gem, the only way in which the Gem mounted in the baton can be replenished is through the theft of it from living vessels, that is, Ebb users. In both instances of the examples of this object, that is, the video footage (see attachment: Dataslug 489-L3/U4E79/#5 (Copy 3 of 7)[See appendix for transcript]) and the physical sample, the Ebb formulae were those relating to temperature. In other words, 'Blue Thermal: Glacial Ebb' and 'Red Thermal: Inferno Ebb'. Dr. Cranston feels that there is the potential for alignment of the Gem to be altered during its production resulting in the Gem being keyed to a different pair of formulae. In the case of the samples, the Gem also acted as a Dark Lament Thermal Gauge. An Ebb user who did know the formulae for either of these abilities is not able to utilise the Soul Stick.

From our preliminary analysis the design of the three types of Gems mounted at the rear of the bolts appears to be similar to the work conducted by Dr. Roz Martinez (for further reference see 'Flux Gems: The Possibility of Enhanced Properties & Capabilities', author: Dr. Roz Martinez, SIDSN #5656-5934-2227K). We were unable to consult with Dr. Martinez since she appeared to be unavailable. The advanced design of the Gem matrix on the Soul Stick (Object #4) suggested a continuation of Dr. Martinez's work and from the structural analysis of the housing for the Gem, we believe that the reason it has not been fitted to a bolt as in Objects #1, #2 and #3, is that it would be too fragile for this type of implementation.

Since these weapons are designed specifically to attack Death Suit wearers we are continuing to liase with the Department of Ebb and suggest we apprise Dark Lament of this situation since they the most likely Department capable of manufacturing further samples. With your permission, I would like to forward a copy of this document with our material sciences findings and samples of each of the bolts.

Appended below are the two BPNs we feel are necessary to continuing study of these objects. I would ask that these be considered with as much expediency as possible.

SCL: 8
Colour Code: Jade
Contact: Department of Firearms Regulatory Service
Training Package Recommended: Scout (Single Operative Only)
Summary: Scout to operate with camera team in the targeting of Ebons and Brain Wasters in the testing of a new weapon system. Must be skilled with a crossbow. No Ebons.
Coverage: Station Analysis
Consolidated Bonus Scheme: 250c
Payment: Per Operative
SCL Increase: +0.3 SCL
  The scout will co-operate with a remote camera team which will designate Ebon and Brain Waster targets and the type of bolt to be used. They will then fire the bolt at the target and await further orders from the camera team. Ebons will not be offered this BPN, though Brain Wasters will. Wraith Raider scouts are the preferred type of operative.
SCL: 8
Colour Code: Jade
Contact: Department of Firearms Regulatory Service
Training Package Recommended: Any
Summary: Operatives are authorised to conduct Search & Apprehend missions deep within Downtown. Their target are rogue and/or feral Ebons and/or Brain Wasters, which must be returned to the issuing Department alive and unharmed. The Consolidated Bonus Scheme will be paid as a bounty on each rogue and/or feral Ebon and/or Brain Waster captured whether by squads or by single operatives.

The capture of Registered rogue and/or feral Ebons and/or Brain Wasters will not result in payment.

Coverage: Station Analysis
Consolidated Bonus Scheme: 400c
Payment: Per Squad
SCL Increase: +0.5 SCL
  This might prove an interesting BPN if countered by the Ebon related BPN presented in the basic rulebook that has a squad assigned to investigate the disappearance of Feral Ebons from Downtown. This suggests that Dark Night is behind these abductions, which may true if they are behind the Ebb Bolt and Soul Stick weapons and want to test them. Yet if not, and it is SLA that are doing the testing, this BPN might be an early suggestion for the operatives as to who might be behind Dark Night…
GAME SYSTEM: All three bolts are designed to be fired from a standard crossbow. Each bolt does minimal blunt trauma to the target upon impact when the bulbous head shatters and glues itself to the skin of the target. The only way in which the bolt may be removed is by the application of pure alcohol to the glue.

The Flare Bolt powers its crystal to cause it to flare brightly. The effect is similar to that of 'Finger Torch' - Rank 2 of the Illuminate ability. The Ebb Bolt does exactly the same, but in addition it emits a pulse of Flux energy that is easily sensed using the Detect ability, effectively halving the cost of Flux used to find it. Both have a chance of burn out, this chance being a 2D10 roll equal or less to the number of phases that it has been operating and resulting in the bolt no longer working. In either case, the bolt adhering to the skin to of the target can be a hindrance to the mobility of the target.

The Leech Bolt strips between one and five points of Flux from the target each phase it is attached to the target. Each phase the bolt is attached, 2D10 is rolled and if the result is less than the total amount of Flux leeched so far, then the maximum storage capacity of the Gem has been reached and the Flux leeched in the next phase will burn through the adhesive, causing the bolt to drop off of its target. This traumatic experience causes the Death Suit to spasm violently and unless the target makes an concentration roll, they will lose whatever action they were taking that phase including any Ebb abilities they are formulating. The penalty to this CONC roll is the amount of Flux leeched by the Leech Bolt. If at the end of a round, the amount of Flux leeched exceeds their COOL, they are subject to a FEAR check, with the number of failed concentration rolls failed in that round being a penalty to the roll.

Flare Bolt 1 1 3 1 per Phase Crossbow
Ebb Bolt 1 1 3 2 per Phase Crossbow
Leech Bolt 1 1 3 1-5 per Phase Crossbow
Soul Stick 3 -1 1 1-10 per Phase Club 1-H/2-H
  The Soul Stick acts as the Leech Bolt, but stripping up to ten points of Flux each phase, to a maximum of thirty points total. It then acts as both a Flux reservoir and a Thermal Gauge, meaning that only those who can formulate both Red and Blue Thermal will be able to use the Soul Stick.

All of the bolts are fragile and if the user fails a DEX roll, the bulb at the head of the bolt shatters. The same will happen if the person carrying or wearing the bolts is struck or falls. This also happens when a 2 results from any of the rolls made above, as the Gems overload and explode. Use the same rules as for Grenades (p. 124), but the Blast and AD ratings for the Leech Bolt and Soul Stick depend upon the amount of Flux stored within the Gem at the time of the explosion. The PEN factor of any of these explosions is halved against any kind of armour other than the Death Suit and of course, plain old flesh. Further any such damage inflicted costs double the amount of Flux when using the Heal ability upon such wounds.

Flare Bolt 1 5 5 1D10/2 Phases
Ebb Bolt 2 6 6 1D10/2+5 Phases
Leech Bolt Variable 7 Variable 1D10+5 Phases
Soul Stick Variable 7 Variable 1D10+10 Phases
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