New Bioware

By Kel

These are some ideas I originally had for my page, primarily used for Contract Killers and a high level of play or to use for NPCs. I thought that I should post them so they could be properly shot down. PULL...Sprowng!

The following is classified SCL 6.

After a devastating attack on the Karma facility in Downtown by an unidentified Ebb source the division under Phantom Pregnancy now known as Collateral Damage commenced research into the Ebb with surprising success. To date CD has been unable to reproduce Ebb abilities in there research subjects but have found particular weaknesses that can be capitalized on.

Ebb Resistance: [depleted uranium bone lace]

In this process the bones are marbled with vanes of depleted uranium. This does not increase the durability of the bone, but does however increases the weight, chance of cancer, and imparts a great resistance to the manipulation of the Ebb around the character. This incredible upgrade has been noted to weather the onslaught of even gore cannons.

Game use: +4 vs. Ebb attacks. (CONC+4)
Rank of ability if 11 or higher then the save succeeds. What this means is if the target makes the save the effect of the formulae never happens. This will work on all Ebb abilities including Heal and Blast. There is No on/off switch. Make the save roll and if it fails you can be healed. If some one with this bioware is in the blast radius of a Blast Bomb make a save roll and if it works then there is no Bomb.

Game Note: All of the research done to date would suggest that this has no effect on the Reality Fold abilities.

Price: 4000c


This upgrade installs an organ near the heart that produces un-differentiated Vevaphon cells that circulate around the body. The only noted effect of this is that the recipient regains hit-points like a Vevaphon, is susceptible to ebb like a Vevaphon, works well with KS-solo, but still wounds like a human.
However you can bet the gun you sleep with that the folks at Collateral Damage are hard at work looking for more money making off shoots of this upgrade.

Game use: The person with this upgrade will regenerate 1 hp or wound per round. Wounds will be regenerated first. This implant also requires the owner to take supplementary nutrition in order to utilise this upgrade. If the player doesn‘t pay out 200c per month the upgrade will cease to function and require a visit to Karma to restart.
Price: 2000c

Increased Adrenalin [IA]

This enhancement is only used on employees of Karma that are involved in strike team and combat guard duty. This form of enhancement comes in the add on of a gall bladder like organ located just above both kidneys and a sphincter loading bay for both. Under normal circumstances the person will produce normal adrenalin, however through the sphincter the person can load an amount of 5 ”charges• of super-charged A.C.T.H. For the first turn that they wish to use this they must make a PHYS roll. If the roll is not successful then you will have to wait till the next turn. People with this sort of enhancement are often irritable and easily provoked. After combat, these people will be ravenous and sleepy and will be unable to initiate many actions involving heavy physical action.
+3 STR; +2 Actions; No PHYS or COOL rolls; 1/2 damage; 3hrs. After these 3hrs -4 STR,DEX [and also PHYS due to the overall lose] for 3hrs. If you were to use all of your charges 15 hrs worth at the end of the 15 hrs make a PHYS roll if the save is not made then the person will pass out and stay out for an amount of time equal to there total Hts. If the save is made then the person would suffer the normal negatives for a total of 15 hrs!
Price: Nope not unless you have a contract with Karma

Reduced Pain Receptor [RPR]

This kind of enhancement is often used in conjunction with the IA upgrade. This Type of enhancement removes pain receptors from the persons body. The process is a simple injection of nanomachines that are pre-programmed to remove the pain receptors [they do not remove the pressure receptors so the person will fill the impact but not be able to gauge the amount of damage. [I suggest that you keep track of the persons damage with out them knowing about it]
The person can feel no pain and is thus hard to slow down in a combat situation. the downside of this is that often the person will take damage and simply not be aware of it. There is an anecdote about a person that had set themselves on fire and did not become aware of what was going on until there vision became obscured. In the process of walking around, the flaming person destroyed most of a laboratory.

These people do not take penalties from wound levels at all. penalties might be otherwise imposed though.(such as a attempting to sprint on a broken leg).

Price: As above, Sell your soul to the Big K ;-)

Abrasive Skin

This implant involves splicing Shark D.N.A into the recipient. Less than pleasant to look at, but they do get the job done. The flesh of the clone has a number of rough hook-like projection. Touching the flesh can do a wound and in Hand to hand combat add +3 to brawling damage.

Price: 1000c

Vevaphon grafted implants

This pre-programmed Vevaphon implant allows a limb or in some cases tongue and teeth to be replaced with Vevaphon material and allow it to mimic to some degree the effects of the Vevaphon.

Game use: This mimics normal implants however when absorbed they are totally undetectable.

Price: price of implant + 10%

Visor Eye-ware

This little enhancement actually uses a pre-programmed Vevaphon implant to prevent those annoying eye shots putting a messy end to you.
Game use:

P.V Eyes
7 10