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The Avatar:

A report to the citizens of Mort by Dark Lament:

During the last few years, Dark Lament has been seen by some observers to be losing ground on it's competitors. With the recent advent of LAD, widespread useage of Nuke Tendons and the new Stormer variants all being produced at a rate of knots by the Karma Development Team, Dark Lament is having to take the fight for market supremecey to the oppositions door.

Over the last few months, the Council of Eight decided to bring to the surface of Mort a creature that will demostrate the full unrestrained power of the White. SLA Industries, in association with Dark Lament and Internal Affairs is proud to present: The Avatar!

The only so called ”Artificial Necanthrope", Avatar is the first fully concious Ebb creature to be created for over 200 years. Avatar possesses the abilitys of a Necanthrope multiplied many times over. With this power, he becomes a valuable asset to the raw power of SLA Industries.

Avatar is to be released into the custody of a high ranking Necanthrope to keep an eye on him whilst his adjustment period is completed. Dark Lament, whilst waiting for full production go-ahead, plans to make many and varied creatures of this type over the next few years. For the moment, Avatar is the avatar of Mort.

Thank you. I will now be answering questions.....

>Transcript ends.

Internal Affairs file, SCL 6+:

Transcript of Conversation between Slayer and IA agent Messiah

"Sir. It is quite obvious that the Avatar will not last very long on the surface of Mort, and we are catagorically against letting it roam free amongst the public. Necanthropes have the highest percentage of defection as it is, and we do not want the job of bringing this creature down should it go rogue. As Internal Agent in charge of this investigation, my personalapproval for the go-ahead is not forthcoming."

"Very well, Messiah. You are removed from the case. Continuation of this test creature will go ahead. Thankyou"


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Ebb Stormer

Details of Ebb stormer on 688 SD

In the light o.........

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Transmission has been severed. Incoming message from SLA Head office. Audio Only. Message follows:

<CHRRRH> ”Mr Smith, this is Stigmartyr• <CHRRH> •I have your extermination Warrant• <Fpzzvpt> ”Do not move• <CHRRRH>
<click> <BLAM, BLAM, BLAM, BLAM, BLAM> ”Right through the noggin. Boy oh boy, I bet that hurt...•

Message ends. Transmission is being severed. SLA-Inet thanks you for your service..... disconnected.......

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GM Notes for the Avatar Project

The basic premise of this is that the Avatar is a living, thinking being who has been born into the world with little or no sense of identity, and has been given the powers of a god. He is not the first. The original Ebb Stormer went rogue in 689SD, and has not yet been recovered (last positive sighting was on Dante, where it is believed to be wandering).

Slayer is desperate for this second model to work, as he fears that the Dark Lament/Karma war may be finally won by Karma. To this end, he has made quite sure that the Avatar will remain loyal to him. It thinks Slayer is its father.

The personality of the Avatar is much like a frightened little child, desperate to make a good impression on the Ops that it meets, and very controllable by simple anger. This prevents it from being an enormous asset to the players, simply because it is frightened of its power, and scared of rejection. In the event of it actually killing someone, he will be deeply shocked, and keep apologising.

The final things are its powers. Since its whole body is made of the same material that Deathsuits and Foldships are constructed out of, it is a match for any powersuit. Its Ebb abilities are huge, but mostly reflexive, and it does not use equations or glyphs, just sheer force of flux, which is has tonnes of.

The first connected BPN that you can give to the players is the job of introducing Avatar into Mort society. They will be expected to describe how a Necanthrope should act (all the better if this can be done by an Ebon) and what a Necanthropes powers are and mean. However, due to the personality of the Avatar, good players will, hopefully, have second thoughts about creating a monsterous unthinking killing machine.

The Avatar project has Slayers approval, and eventually, the creature is removed from its Necanthrope master. However, it becomes obvious that it is more of a liability than an asset. The project is scrapped, and the never-sleeping never-resting machine of destruction must be hunted down and led back to Dark Lament for melting. This can make a nice moral BPN for the players, as they will be given the job of actually explaining the situation to the Avatar, who is essentially, a child, and convince him that there is nothing he can do about it . Yet another pointer for the Ops of how cruel and heartless SLA is to the individual.

As the article says, the Avatar is a project, much like the Stormer was a project. Its first product was also called Avatar (the equivalent of Tarnish), and to allow Dark Lament to fully evaluate its usefulness it was released into Mort society. But the project is doomed. Unlike the Stormer, Avatar is too much of a threat to SLA society in general and Necanthrope society in particular. It will either begin to cause more damage than it is worth or intimidate all the Nec high-up-bods, and they will get rid of it. The point of this is that the Ops who first showed it around Mort are deemed to be the best ones to remove it again. And since Avatar is so innocent and child-like, and has so much trust in the players, it will be a bit like betraying a friend to take him back to be destroyed. And what is worse, even if they let him know that this is what is going to happen to him, he will be unable to refuse, simply because of his programming.

I really didn't want lots of them to be wandering around Mort, like Domino Dogs and Mortices do. The whole point was that the project is too powerful to be allowed to continue, but too tempting to be left alone.

Eventually, whatever the actions of Avatar, the project will have to be scrapped, and the test subjects returned, just like the original one was... <D/Notice> <D/Notice> <D/Notice>

But the whole point is that the players can save this powerful, childlike and ultimately friendly being by "failing" to capture him. After all, would it be so bad if he just wandered the wastelands of Mort, dealing with any problems that he comes up against?

Probably the whole project will be unearthed again in another 300 years, and fail in exactly the same way. Sad, really.