T E A M 8 - A R C H I V E

This section is mirrored from Pandora's Box of SLA, Sue Wilson's fansite.

At one point, after the creation of Team8 and the Team8 forums, Sue sent out free CD's of this material to whomever requested it.


Bicyclical Automotive Engineering (BAE). Soft Company

Progress Through Assassination. A new Cult by Andrew Smith

Fillable Hunter Sheet Form by Whitt

Architectural Breakdown of Mort by Matt Rose

The Tao of Horror Gaming Sessions by Sue Wilson

SLA Industries Weaponry vol. 1

SLA Industries Weaponry vol. 2

Tek Trex Sniper Tactics by James Fullerton

Thresher Sniper Tactics by Leath Sheales

Tight Fit by Ed Handley

Location Ideas by Edwyn Kumar

Solarity by Sue Wilson

The Candy Store by Morton Smith

Red by Morton Smith

Klasfine by Morton Smith

The Blood Groove by Grim Lock

The Chamber by Megan Leggo

The Caverns by Sue Wilson


Black BPN Competition

Ciggy Trek (Blue BPN) by Andrewhotep

20 Blue BPN's by Neil de Carteret

True Grot by Martin Wheeler (Blue)

Wild Pig Hunt by Martin Wheeler (Blue)

The Hooded Claw by Martin Wheeler (White)

Mind the Gap by Martin Wheeler (Red)

Tour De Mort by Martin Wheeler (Silver)

Sewer Patrol: Route 99 by Dan Livengood (Blue)

The Illuminati by The Phantom Scribbler (Yellow)

Easy Silver BPN by Novafix (Silver)

New Silver BPN by Novafix (Silver)

Silver BPN by Novafix (Silver)

White BPN Goodness by Novafix (White)

Market Strategy by Novafix

It's a Nec-Thing by Novafix (Jade)


Damage Control #1


Darren Evans

Kris Steel

Phantom Scribbler

Chris Cotgrove

Alice Rutherford

Adam Briggs

Greg R



Arkady Petersen - Arkasha

Canis Lupus

Chris DiDonna

Dr Jest

John Dodd

Leath Sheales


Max Bantleman

Megan Leggo

Darrin O'Connor

Nick Barnes

Rob Wood

Stijn Jacobs

Sue Wilson

Walt Schellin

Adam 'dUm' Page

Glenn Berry

Family Business by Martin Wheeler