by Martin Wheeler

NOTES: A filling out of the published adventure outline.

Color Code BLUE
SCL Requirement: 10
Contact Department of: Health & Safety
Training Package Recommended: Scouting/Any

A Carnivorous Pig has been sighted in Sector 2F of Suburbia. Eliminate and, if possible, discover how it entered the Sector.
Contact Mr. Williams, Department of H&S;, Suburbia Branch on 818-479-215080.


Third Eye News
Consolidated Bonus Scheme: 200 Credits Per Squad.
Tea with Mrs Gunnderson

On being assigned the BNP the players will be directed to the civilian responsible for reporting the Pig sighting, Mrs Helen Gunnderson of 2011 Altine Tower, Suburbia Sector 2F. Arriving at the apartment the players will be let in by Mrs Gunnderson and offered tea, she has it all ready, and a piece of cake. She is a sweet grey haired old lady who survives on an income derived from investments arranged by her late son “The Brainiac”. She will pour the players a cup of tea as she explains.

“He reached Level 5D, he was a combat financier, he managed Lemon Wedge, Virtual Depravity and Caustic Dream. Such a good boy, visited me every week without fail. He and his lady friend Sherbet Lucy, she was in Lemon Wedge. She came to see me for a while after his death but that was some years ago, she’s terribly busy these days. Lucy works for those nice people at Black Chapter now. I see her now and again on the Vid. Always aimed high she did, my Oswald was the same. Apparently it’s quite ironic, that that should be how he died. Aimed too high and missed the Veteran all together. Sadly the Veteran was a better shot, I’m told it was 17mm , that leaves a very big hole. I’ve seen it on The Wonderful Wonderful War Worlds on The War Channel and on Emergency Room with Doctor Shrapnel. He brought me the tri-D Vid, for my birthday, such a sweet boy. Oswald that is not Doctor Shrapnel. Do you see your mother much, I don’t suppose you have time. Oswald used to say that the first few levels were hard work. Having to accept all sorts of sewer jobs......”

Mrs Gunnderson is quite capable of carrying on in this vein all day, she is very lonely now that Lucy doesn’t visit her and with her Oswald gone. The Ops will require polite PERSUASION to get her onto the subject of the Carnivorous Pig sighting.

“Oh that, yes. I knew what it was, I’ve seen them on the Vid, Captain Contract, Animal Hospital, The Savage Sewer. Didn’t expect to see one in my own building thoughAnyway I was on my way to see Mrs Kilroy seeing as how she just got back from having her implant, one of those Filter King Kidneys from Clicker. You know “One Name. One Product. One Choice.” I was telling her about the pig whilst she was downing a bottle of Red-Jack to show me how well it had taken. So she said to me “That’s unusual” and did I think we should tell some one about it, like the building manager but I remembered on Laverne on Shk’rll when a Carrien moved in next door and they called the Department of Housing and that nice Operative Captain Chainsaw came round. So I called the Department of Enquires to ask who pigs came under and they put me through to the Department of Delegation who said that it was nothing to do with them and suggested that I speak to Sanitation. But Sanitation said that their jurisdiction only covered pigs in the sewers, above ground they are either Health & Safety, Livestock or Environment depending on circumstances so I called all three and one of them must have arranged for you.”

Once again the players will have to tactfully steer her back to where exactly she saw the pig.

“Nosing around outside Mr Herriots on level 6 it was. He had a takeaway delivery from Yan Quanito’s on his mat, I suppose the poor thing was hungry. Well it wasn’t there on my way back, it had eaten the delivery, including most of the box. I suppose it’s somewhere on 6 unless it found the stairs and wandered back out.”

Here Piggy Wiggy

The players may then hunt the pig through the building following a trail of startled residents, the remains of pets (including Esmie Thompson’s DNA Altered Canine, Poochie) and chewed hall plants. Eventually they will be accosted by an irate resident William Roorke, a suited man in his fifties looking somewhat crumpled.

“You. Operative. I insist you get that thing out of here. What on Mort is happening here. A damn pig. I’m going to see Investigation about this. Do you know who I am. William Roorke, Security Level 8C, I’m a very important man in Contracts. I can make your life very unpleasant.”

The players will once again be forced to use DIPLOMACY to gain information. As can be gauged from his SCL and age William has not gotten very far in his career and is not very important. He believes whole-heartedly that he is and could prove an inconvenience the players with lost paperwork or mis-worded contracts. He could not however ruin them.

“I was waiting for the lift. It arrived, saying that it was very apologetic for being late. The lift was making rather strange noises and I was wondering whether to risk using it or not. Then the door opened and I had to run for my life from a very irate, very large beast. What’s a pig doing in there, that’s what I want to know. It’s bad enough when we are told that a Stormer has been allocated an apartment in our block but a pig, well really. I have an important meeting to go to now, I want it gone by the time I get back. Do you understand?”

He was waiting for the lift on Level 23. Checking with records or Data Retrieval the players will be told that the Stormer referred to is Cold Cut, SCL 9C, a member of the “Toxic Puppies” Squad and resident of 2415. Station Analysis can inform them that he is currently out on a Yellow BNP. His apartment, which will require an ELECTRONIC LOCKS roll to enter, contains no incriminating evidence, although there is some interesting literature to be found. It is a red herring which may get the players into trouble if they do not follow proper protocol and obtain a search warrant before obtaining entry.

Roast Pork

The pig, still on Level 23, has wandered in to the Heath Suite comprising Gymnasium, Solarium, Sauna and Jacuzzi. Arriving on the level the players will find a group of distressed residents dressed in towels, bikinis or sportswear standing in the corridor. They will happily direct the players into the Leisure Suite. Should the players have guns drawn, or go to draw them the residents will comment that they hope the players do not intend to shoot up the building. They will threaten to complain if they do, and some have high enough clearance to make sure that such a complaint will result in a fine. Inside the Suite the Pig has found the Sauna. It is now very hot, very smelly and very grumpy. Fighting in the Sauna carries a -2 Penalty to actions due to visibility and damp. It also makes the pig very greasy should anyone wish to wrestle it to the floor (well someone might). When restrained, or killed, the players will discover a studded collar bearing a name-tag. On one side the tag reads “Hello my name is Pinky”. On the other side it reads “I live at 648 Altine Towers, please take me home”.

Checking with Housing or Enquiries the players can learn that 648 is registered to a Frother Operative named Ms. Melody Winters, SCL 9A. She also has a parking place below reserved for her SLA jeep. Station Analysis will be able to reveal that she does not currently have a BNP assigned to her, her last having been a Red over at the spaceport last night. Her past record does include several BNPs which would have taken her Downtown. If the players check with the Department of Health & Safety, or Livestock , as to the rules for pets they will eventually receive a call from Internal Affairs informing them maintaining a Carnivorous Pig as a pet contravenes several rules and regulations and that any Operative found doing so should be delivered to the nearest SHIVER station where Internal Affairs will take over. The nearest station is Elvington and Deliverance, Station 128. The controller has been authorised to award a 200c bonus to the squad upon delivery of Melody but will only do so if the players bring up the subject of extra reward.

Room Service

Using the intercom at Melodies steel door they will be faced with a blank screen for some time and will probably suspect that something has happened to Melody. Checking the door will reveal that it is not in fact shut properly and has just slightly ajar. Inside they will find the apartment in quite a state, not unusual for a Frother especially one with a pet Pig. Magazines, empty beer cans, cigarette packets, disposable syringes, snap tabs and McBlimpy fast food cartons cover what furniture there is. On the low table a partially disassembled FEN 603 sits amongst a maintenance kit. Tartan banners (which SLA INFO will recognise as the McPhillip clan, an affiliated clan of the Morrigan) cover the walls along with Operative pin-ups and advertising posters. It is difficult to tell if the apartment has been wrecked recently or if this is its’ natural state.

As the players begin to search the wreckage or call out for Ms Winters she will emerge bleary eyed from an adjoining room. In fact it is the bathroom where she was near comatose in the bathroom following a shot of Flip. Melody is a fearsome sight, she wears Blocker Body Armour decorated with tartan scarves and banners. Twin FEN 204 Machine Pistols hang from her belt and the unmistakable handle of a Power Claymore can be seen protruding above her shoulder. The handle of smaller blades jut from her boots.

“Who R U, and where’s my Pinky ?”

Melody is very attached to her pig and will become very upset, aggressively so, if the players are not in a position to return him. Should she discover that the players have killed it she will try to activate the Boopa Pulse Rush Self Injector band on her left bicep to take a hit of UV (The palm activator hangs unconnected, dangling by her arm).

The players will need to subdue Melody or kill her (oops, Internal Affairs will want a chat, hope they aren’t already watching the players). They may also gain an enemy of the McPhillip clan (although not the Morrigans, she wasn’t worth it). If delivered to IA Melody will receive a decrease in SCL and a hefty fine. She will also lose the apartment due to her breaching the lease contract by keeping a dangerous animal. Suffice to say she will not be friendly towards the players should they meet again.


PINKY ( the carnivorous pig)
Movement Walk 2 Run 4 Sprint 7.5
Skills: Climb 1 Swim 3 Detect 4 Tracking 5 Running 5 Unarmed Combat 6
Weapons: Teeth (PEN 1 / DMG 3 / AD 1) Claws (PEN 1 / DMG 1 / AD 0)
Damage: +3
Phases: 2 & 4
Total HITS: 20 (O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O)
Wounds: [1/5] [1/4] [1/3] [1/2] [1/1] [2/1] [3/1] [4/1] [5/1]
Head 2 0 7 (O O O O O O O)
Torso 2 0 20 (O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O)
Leg (FR) 2 0 10 (O O O O O O O O O O)
Leg (FL) 2 0 10 (O O O O O O O O O O)
Leg (RR) 2 0 10 (O O O O O O O O O O)
Leg (RL) 2 0 10 (O O O O O O O O O O)
Armour: Natural Leather, thick & scarred.
MELODY (Frother, SCL 9B)
Movement Walk 1 Run 2 Sprint 5.2
Skills: Auto-Support 6 Rifle 4 Blade, 1H 6 Running 4 Blade, 2H 8 Sneaking 4 Detect 4 Streetwise 5 Hide 4 Unarmed Combat 8 Pistol 6
Weapons 2 x MAC Knife (PEN 1 / DMG 4 / AD 1) Power Claymore (PEN 4 / DMG 6 / AD 3) 2 x FEN 204 SMG (STD / Clip 40(5/3/1) / PEN 4 / DMG 5 / AD 2) FEN603 (AP / Clip 20(3/1) / PEN 7 / DMG 1 / AD 1)
Damage: +3
Phases: 1, 3 & 5 (or 1, 2, 3, 4 & 5 on UV)
Total HITS: 18 (O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O)
Wounds: [1/5] [1/4] [1/3] [1/2] [1/1] [2/1] [3/1] [4/1] [5/1]
Head 1 2 (00) 6 (O O O O O O)
Torso 5 14 (00000000000000) 18 (O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O)
Arm (L) 5 10 (0000000000) 9 (O O O O O O O O O)
Arm (R) 5 10 (0000000000) 9 (O O O O O O O O O)
Leg (R) 5 12 (000000000000) 9 (O O O O O O O O O)
Leg (L) 5 12 (000000000000) 9 (O O O O O O O O O)

Armour: Exo-Base Power Armour & stitched Pig Skin mask.
With UV Melody gets 2 free phases, takes only 50% of damage and requires no PHYS/COOL rolls.