White BPN Goodness

by Novafix

 My dinner breaks are becoming quite creative...for good or bad...here's a white BPN based on a Monday doing my job...bonus points if anyone can guess my job... As always, comments appreciated 

Re-set the Score

Premise : A series of Operatives have died whilst undercover on Operations. One squad had their cover blown whilst on deep undercoverwork resulting in the whole squad getting wiped out and the other suffered an attack whilst on a business lunch. The follow up investigation by SHIVER units failed to uncover any link and declared them unfortunate accidents. SLA authorities, not happy with this ruling have called in Ops to do a more thorough investigation.

Background : The Ops involved (2 squads totalling 7 Ops in total) were on seperate BPN's, 'Ritazza Blues' were on an undercover BPN when they were attacked and killed whereas 'Underground Union' were filling in the final stages of a reasonably high profile Silver.. They were highly trained Ops and SLA suspect an inside job . Suspicion was alerted due to the very similar names and profiles of the Squad BrainWasters. The Ops were killed within 4 days of each other. They were unrelated and working on 2 completely seperate BPN's unrelated to each other.

So...What Happened?? : The 2 Squads ("Ritazza Blues" & "Underground Union" were successful Squads with a very similar SCL Level (7c on average). Squad 'Ritazza Blues' were reasonably well known to local SHIVERS and Ops as arseholes to anyone who pissed them off. Chaleur was a borderline psychotic and regularly threatened anyone that pissed her off. Squad 'Underground Union' were as well known as any other squad and weren't really distinguished (for good or bad) in the same way that RB were.

Chaleur was recently having technical problems with all manner of her SLANet access, her account was frequently getting corrupt, she lost data, connections, her contact details were all wrong and she was frustrated. After smashing up her Oyster and throwing it out ow a 4th floor window, she decided to contact the SLANet Tech Team. They weren't exactly helpfull and as all the employees are pretty much stressed out and working full hilt, they didn't go out of their way to help a BW who was threatening to kill them if the problem didn't get fixed. Unfortunately for Eric Moore (Helpdesk Employee) that is EXACTLY what Chaleur did. She tracked down where the offices were and kicked him to death after a shift in front of 2 other employees. She then shot one and was arrested by SHIVERS. Due to her high SCL and nature of the BPN she was on, SLA pulled strings and the charges were dropped, resulting in a 1000C fine and no SCL decrease. Eric's work colleagues were less than impressed.

The survivor of the attack was a small time hacker who went by the pseudonym 'Xacep'. He decided to get his own back on this upstart BrainWaster. Using his access to the official SLANet and after cracking her password (the word 'password904' he plundered her BPN details and found out that she would be undercover on a job. A few days of monitoring her E-mails and he found out where and when. He dropped the name, and the location to a HackVent site and awaited the result.

The HackVent people went to work to extract more info, fearing a SLA lure and in the ensuing rush to see what they could find a spelling error was made and Chaleur for one group became Chaler for another. When the cracked passwords didn't work, the group began to run probes to crack it, angry that someone from SLA tried to catch them out so easily. The password crack they so desperately wanted never happened and they grew more and more frustrated with Chaler, suspecting her to be some kind of SLANet Elite. In truth, she was carefull but not overly so. They eventually found out who she was through legitimate means and after running checks through Third Eye and 'Xacep' managed to find out a business lunch she and her squad were attending. They arranged the hit with a Dark Night Cell and the squad were toasted in business suits as they left. The group tracking Chaleur performed a similar trick and alerted the people that she was working undercover with and they killed her and the squad she was with.

'Xacep' was informed that Chaleur AND Chaler were killed and he was congratulated for 'masterminding' the whole operation. Terrified that this had gone a little 2 far he stopped using HackVent and tried to keep a low profile. He had 7 Op deaths that the Cyber Community were attributing to him and he was understandably worried.

Enter the Ops

The BPN:

SCL : 9b
CBS : 400C Per Op
Department : Investigation
Station Analysis : X
Third Eye :
Colour : White
Description :
Uncover link between 2 similar Op killings and terminate. Termination Warrant provided upon adequate proof. Contact Dept of Investigation for further details.

Info provided by Dept of Investigation -

Squad Details -

Squad 'Ritazza Blues' -
Henderby - Human Male I&I
Chaleur - BrainWaster Femal DeathSquad
Squidgy - Vevaphon - I&I
Thumper - Stormer - Strike
BPN Overview : Uncover Dark Night involvement in recruiting SLA Ops in and around sector 941. <further details unavailable due to pending investigation>

Squad 'Underground Union'
Inglesy - Human Male Kick Murder
Chaler - BrainWaster Female DeathSquad
Muir - Frother Male DeathSquad
BPN Overview : Provide Media coverage and backup to a group of new Contact Killers performing for the show "Run BadGuy Run!". <further details unavailable due to pending investigation>

Both were terminated within 4 days of each other by DarkNight agents. Both squads caught completely by suprise and no DN Ops were confirmed to have been injured.

The Investigation : The Ops will/shjould be drawn to the BrainWasters due to Dept of Investigation. Once investigated they should find that Chaleur was a steriotypical Waster with an overactive violent urge that led to her killing the employee a month ago. Investigating that will lead them to the witness of the crime 'Cynthia Spalding'. She is still off work suffering from stress and has developed a phobia of Wasters. She will tell any non-Wasters what happened - Chaleur approached them as they were walking out and asked to speak to Eric Moore regarding a BPN. As soon as he said 'erm yes that's me', she attacked him with her bare hands and after knocking him to the floor kicked him to death. Her friend 'Simona Freeman' pulled a CAF pistol and put a few rounds into Chaleur for what good it did. Chaleur then killer her too. Cynthia ran off and when Chaleur came after her, the Building SHIVERS took charge and stopped the rampaging BW. After some persuation she will reveal that she told a few work mates what happened. She will also reveal that Eric was a 'major Geek and spent his life on Computers'.

Search and Siezure of his computer gear will result (if the Ops have good cracking skills) that Eric was a HackVent user called Malady. If the Ops monitor the boards they will find that there is a prson 'Xacep' that is responsible for the deaths as an informant. The evidence points to a colleague. More investigation will reveal that the Op Accounts were used 'suspiciously' and were probably hacked.

Ofcourse the investigation above can take longer by throwing in any amount of red herrings etc...

Depending on how the Ops take the investigation from here will result in a few different outcomes, do they monitor the boards and try to find 'Xacep' through deception. Do they hard slog through network logs to find out where he /she is? Do they drag in every member of the helpdesk and grill them all till they find the target?? If the Ops want to complete the BPN then they can simply bring in the target and cap him, if they are clever and use the system they could enlist the aid (through the threat of death) of a reasonably experienced hacker with some respect who will be able to assist them in future BPN's...The threat level of this BPN can range from easy - just 'Xacep' who's bought a half-decent gun right up to Dark Night staging a rescue attempt on a 'Soldier of Freedom'.