Silver BPN (the one that was asked for!)

by Novafix

Ok, finally finished the BPN that I was asked to write by R/Loyal (I think)...Here it is...enjoy!

Theme :
Gang war is kicking off on and around a Civic Improvement Initiative. Someone has been supplying the gangs with weapons and fueling a series of attacks on Gang strongholds to fire up tensions. This is having a knock on effect with the CII and SLA would like to have the source of the weapons halted and if possible a downgrading of gang trouble.

The BPN : -Colour : Silver
CBS : 400C
Per Op : X
Third Eye : X
Department : Department of Civic Improvement
Package Recommended : At least one Investigation or Media Op a must
Description : To investigate and curtail the gang war going on and around the CII in Sector 689. Identification of the source of the weapons and apprehension of the person(s) responsible required. Must maintain a positive Media presence throughout. Multiple squads of SLA Ops are working in and around the area and an effort must be made to not interfere in their BPN's unless operationally required to do so.

The Back story -
SLA are improving a section of the Underground network in and around a major industrial sector in order to appease the local Industrial Companies. The work is a multi-million credit project and has been suffering the fallout from a gang war that has recently flared up. A SLA investigation has revealed that the gang members have received outside arms above and beyond what is notable for this kind of incident though not where they are getting the weapons from. Due to the high profile nature of this and the covert work being undertaken by many other Ops, SLA have decided that a Media friendly squad is vital to the maintenance of good public perception of the initiative. The squad's BPN is commissioned by the DoCI to provide a friendly face on site and to re-assure the workers that SLA cares.

What's Going On??
DarkNight have been using an old tunnel that runs from one of the Cannibal sectors right through the barrier wall. They have managed to doctor the evidence of this tunnels existence & have used it for years as a way to get operatives in and out of Downtown. SLA have no knowledge of this, though the work getting done is likely to uncover the tunnels existence given enough time. DarkNight have done their best to disrupt this hacking the DoCI & changing the location of one of the new train tunnels to run alongside (rather than the original plans which would have used the same path as the tunnel) their route into SLA. A number of Ops are already dealing with this however.
The squad attached to this BPN are charged with helping to diffuse a gang war that DarkNight have stirred up as a way to further hamper SLA in the vacinity. The Interceptor leading the DN operation has managed to place several key Kiestas with a lot of influence in the construction staff and has ensured that Kross Town Traffic have a reason to dislike them. This has turned the construction site into an armed Kiesta camp and several Props are already working to provide gang security. The staff are regularly leaving work to protect their turf and as several of the team leaders are Kiestas, no-one is doing anything about it. Costs are spiraling and work has slowed to a crawl.

The Gangs & the Conflict :
The two gangs involved are KrossTown Traffic and the Kiestas. KTT have launched a series of attacks on the site resulting in at least 5 deaths whilst cost to the project has been increased due to the extra security needed etc...

Milt organises the Kiestas and they have gone on forays to route out the KTT members responsible for the attacks. The war is in serious danger of escalating into a full blown affair requiring major SLA intervention. The squad is a last ditch measure to resolve it before this happens.

They have a number of options available to them and can side with either of the two gangs (who have both got access to better weapons & equipment thanks to DN) though the real problem is the agent responsible for starting the whole thing. Chaser is not concerned one bit who wins the fight, as long as it causes SLA a headache in the process and gives him more time to complete his work in shutting down the DN tunnel. He will continue (through the use of DN Civillian Converts) to supply both sides with more weaponry/ammo/etc and the civilians all work for Mandella. Both of the conditioned agents on site will verify the cover story that Mandella is a cover name for DN and will admit (under questioning) that they are both Mandella. They have extensive knowledge of what's happened thanks to updates delivered over the phone from Chaser.

Notable Characters / Squads on site :

Believed to be a prop who has 'lost the plot'. He is heavily burnt human male that is rumoured to be behind a number of serial killer style murders on site (dubbed the 'Stakeout Killing' due to the bodies left spread-eagled with all 4 limbs pinned to the ground). In actual fact, Lace is a Vevaphon called 'Spice' & he is employed by Cloak Division. His task is to monitor the Squads working on site for any kind of subversion with the intent on routing out the DN agent. He suspects all the Operatives and keeps a very close eye on their progress. 

Milt is a very important Kiesta enforcer. He is a massive human male who all the Kiestas in the area receive orders from. He is genuinely interested in the well being of his staff (including non-Kiestas) and he is the elected Union representative. He is not to be crossed & the Ops will have a lot of problems if they cross him. He will help if he can and holds true to his word. He will want a piece of the action if the cause of all the problems is unearthed and has the backup of the Kiestas on site. Should the Operatives manage to annoy Milt then they will find that their access to the site is hampered as staff don't help, security passes run out and vehicles are buried under debris. If they decide to work with him rather than against him then he will prove useful as the staff will have orders not to hamper the Ops etc...Should they actually kill Milt then the Kiestas will put out an order to kill the Ops and they best make a swift getaway...

A lone Operative who is investigating the level of gang involvement on site. He is scout trained and very good at covert operations. In reality he is a DN Interceptor and is running all of the DN Operations on site. He has already coerced several site employees into working for a character called Mandella who is a non-existent DN agent. Employees who are under the pay of DN believe that Mandella is the man in charge. He has set up several employees to accept blame for everything if they are questioned and thanks to a prolonged campaign of conditioning and brain washing, they will genuinely believe that they are the Interceptors on site once they are activated. He has planted several explosive charges in and around the construction site in order to hinder any other Operatives. He has an effective SCL of 8a.7 with a full legitimate SLA employment history. Chaser takes his orders from a DN Control agent called 'Global' who he contacts infrequently. She is a very effective hacker and almost impossible to trace. She keeps Chaser up to date with Squads on site and BPN's released that are pertinent to his mission.

Squad 8-Ball
A group of Ops hired to track down the DN presence on site. The squad is made up of four members, Portent (suprisingly introvert Ebon I&I), Isual (suspicious Wraithen Scout), Gambo (unhinged & kooky Wraithen Mechanic) & Shn'thr (very good Shaktar Medic). They are a competent squad that become duped into working alongside Chaser after they discover the DN tunnel early into their investigation forcing Chaser to act. They (with the aid of Milt) will eventually move against the two conditioned Operatives and capture them (giving one to Milt as per an agreement). They have good gang connections (with both KTT (Isual)& Kiestas (Portent)) and are on good terms with both sides. They will stay out of the gang war and make great efforts to remain neutral. Portent despises media attention and will not help any Media Ops, though the others are less hostile and will help if given a trade off of info/assistance etc...During the course of their investigations, Shn'thr is killed by DN Operatives tipped off by Chaser and the squad make a hasty withdrawal from the Tunnels. Their BPN on site will take them 6 days to complete. The 2 BPN's will begin to tie together and Squad 8-Ball are reasonably co-operative and will welcome any aid. Chaser will fight alongside the squads when they move to arrest the DN agents. He allows the squad to keep them and will provide information into their weaponry etc as the cause of his BPN was to find out who the DN agents were. He enlists this squad as he states he doesn't have the firepower to bring down the two Interceptors.

Scream Major
Kross Town Traffic pack leader responsible for the attacks on Kiestas working on site. He has been given DN/SLA weaponry and believes that the Kiestas on site are responsible for a bar bomb that killed 4 KTT gangers (all set up by Chaser). Due to the natural rivalry of the gangs, it will take a phenomenal effort to convince him that DN orchestrated the whole Operation as he is blinded by his hatred for Milt to all but the most compelling evidence. He is in charge of approximately 40 Gangers, all well armed who excel at hit and run attacks on the Kiesta work force.

A code name for the DN agent in charge of the site. Anyone working for Mandella, is working for DN whether they know it or not. He is a fictitious character who represents another layer of cover for the real agent.
If there's anything missing then let me know and I'll add it in. This was a BPN that was run alongside my players by an ingame squad. My players form the Squad 8-Ball & Chaser was played as a player by another friend too.