New Silver BPN

by Novafix

 This is a new Silver BPN that is hopefully going to kick start my SLA group back off again. Its a low level introduction to the Media side of SLA while favouring an Investigation squad. This is the FIRST silver I've ever created (or run for that matter) so comments would definately be appreciated!!

SCL: 9.0
Colour: Silver
Departmant: Third Eye News
Third Eye: X
Station Analysis:
CBS: 200C
Per Op: X
Per Squad:
Package Required : Any (excluding Death Squad Only Squads)
Contact: Mr.R.Hawkins

Description :
Provide a security/escort detail for popular Crime Scene Investigation show. Length of contract varied depending on performance with an additional CBS for any further shows.

So, what do they have to do.
The squad is hired to provide a security detail to the show "Inside the Killer". They are to escort the shows front man (Chris Kendall) as he investigates scenes of violent crimes and establishes what has occurred. The show will be visiting SOCS that have not made Operative investigation level but have drawn blanks with the SHIVERS/Monarchs that have previously investigated. The show runs twice weekly (Friday & Tuesday) @ 22:00 and is filmed with a 1 hour delay to live to allow for 'brushing up' etc....They are not to appear on Camera unless unavoidable or at Mr.Kendalls request. They are also to bring no weapons other than side arms and should stow all armour in a suitable location while on set. Dress is smart, not aggressive. Unless an Ebon is willing to Interdermalise the Death Suit or take it off, they are not allowed on set. They steal far too much limelight as it is and Chris just wont stand for it.

The Background Stuff...
During the previous trial show which was only run on Channel 45 under the different title of Mort's Morgues Chris established a name for himself as an up and coming TV hit. He was able to lend assistance to a few Op squads in need of a break on Investigation BPN's by providing evidence. The Op squads were less than generous with their Third Eye BPN payments for his services so he decided to try and get into TV himself. He got himself a camera, cameraman and set out to make his money in TV. After a pilot episode (shot by himself after his Cameraman was killed) sent in to various TV networks got him a break, he landed in his first role on "Mort's Morgues". This series lasted for 4 episodes before getting pulled by the Network pending an investigation from the Dept of Investigation. After this 'beurocratical mix up' was settled, he was picked up again but ordered to do the bulk of his 'work' screened where he'd cause no more offence.

As news of his second series came to light, the station decided to offer him a security detail of Ops as some relatives of the deceased were 'annoyed' by his investigative methods and he was hospitalised after his fourth episode. The relatives lodged a Channel 45 record 40 complaints after the first 4 shows alone. This of course led to a surge in ratings and guaranteed that as soon as his back was re-constructed he could continue with the show. The last episode of his previous show ended up with Chris having his back broken by a number of KT members after he promised to tell them which Johanna had killed one of their members. The show aired to only 30,000 people but the re-run got nearly 2.2million. Chris had made it.

What exactly is going on?
Chris can talk to the's that simple. He doesn't know how he can but knows that if he prods a body it responds. This led to him getting a job as a mortuary assistant where he had free access to bodies. By applying force to a body he can imbue it with some semblance of spirit and by applying more and more force, more and more spirit is brought back, enabling him to talk. The spirit isn't particularly happy with this however and they used to refuse to speak to them. Until Chris learnt how to hurt them. He now essentially 'tortures' the corpse to extract information about what happened to them before they died with the promise that he'll stop hurting them once they tell him. Chris doesn't do this out of anything altruistic but rather from a desire to look like the only person to get the job done on the Cameras to earn money.

This of course has the unfortunate side effect of it looking like he's been brutally torturing the deceased and this doesn't sit pretty with most relatives, hence the need for an Op escort.

Dark Night are very interested in Chris Kendall. Very interested indeed. They have an Interceptor working on his 'recruitment' and they are not happy about the presence of Ops. SLA Industries, although Monolithic and very slow to react has an interest in how and why Chris is able to do what he does and have assigned an agent to monitor him. Both the SLA and DN agent have worked their way into the crew and are unaware of each other.

How does he do it?
The rumour on the street is that Chris is an Ebon. That he's tatoo'd his eyes and somehow masked his scent from the authorities of SLA. This tends to lend him a certain type of fan. One that wants to see SLA brought down. There are other rumours that he was brought up in a Mortuary and taught to speak by the dead. That he's some kind of Necromancer able to perform dark and twisted arts in the name of whatever God he holds dear. The truth is that as a child he was exposed to combination of Red Rain and Psychovirus during a brutal put down of a food riot and during the medical treatment he received afterwards was partially sould caged leaving his mind open to the ebb but unable to use it. He was altered by this experience and drawn to the dead (possibly by the influence of the Necanthrope that 'infected' him with the Psychovirus) and slowly they started to speak to him. The Operatives ofcourse have no knowledge of the truth behind this and will be left to invent whatever reason they choose.

On with the show!
The Ops are hired and have to protect Chris from the deceased's friends and relatives once they realise that he's beating the corpse of the recently deceased. Suprisingly no-one appreciates this and though fights often break out it all adds to the show and the producers love it. They usually only take on cases where there is heavy familly involvement and in order to get the maximum reaction from them, they have Chris chat with them before hand to explain that he will catch the perpetrator and bring peace to their loved ones. This all goes out of the window 10 mins later.

Episode One
The victim is a male actror by the name of Ahmed Best who was found murdered in his dressing room before he was due on set. He was voice acting for a failing CGI character allegedly popular with Children and in an effort to revive the flagging series the Producer (Rick McCallum) decided to get publicity. What better publicity than the 'voice' of the character getting murdered right before a show. Ofcourse, he had to make it look good so he hired a Prop by the name of Binx to do it for him. The other cast members liked Ahmed however and were distraught at his death. Enter Chris Kendall to find out who did it...

Never work with Children or animals...
Or by torturing corpses live on TV either. This doesn't stop Chris though and the show begins with him setting up his white screen and backlight (so people can see the shadows). All the other actors become furious when they realise what's going on but will start off by questioning the Ops on set as to what he's up to. Chris will refuse to discuss his methods however so it's up to the Ops to explain as best they can. Ofcourse the questions will get more and more intense and once Chris starts attacking the corpse with a knife they get out and out hostile. That's when the cameras turn on the 'security' to see how they handle the enraged onlookers.

Assuming that the Ops aren't torn apart by the crowd then Chris will eventually get what he wants and will announce (covered in the visceral remains of Ahmed) that he knows who killed him and will aprehend him personally. Ofcourse he has no intention of doing this but as the Ops are his security he can rely on them to intervene (if they want to be paid and not docked SCL for a failed BPN) and do his job for him. With a bit of camera editing afterwards her can emerge as the person who brought in the murderer.

Rick McCallum however will not be happy by the 'famous' Chris Kendall turning up on set and will alert Binx to what's going on. Binx doesn't beleive a word of it however and will take no additional measures to remain out of sight. McCallum has every faith in Kendall however and will try to off him himself once he realises that Binx doesn't give a damn. He has access to the canteen and will attempt to first poison the food (blind to the fact that this will further incriminate him and possibly kill everyone else on set) and assuming that doesn't work will set fire to the building towards the end of the 'show' before finally fleeing in his car into Downtown. If it comes to this it should be painfully obvious that Rick has engineered the whole thing and he should be the one getting time in jail but Chris thinks better TV would be to bring in the Prop and forget the Producer.

Assuming that at the end of the show, Chris is still alive and the Ops haven't messed up too much by allowing the crowd to get to him then they have the possibility of another show. Infact if they don't succeed on a Business Administration roll with a -6 modifier, they'll find that they are contractually obliged to provide security for at least 2 other shows for 50C per Op...looks like they got screwed too...

Departmental Intervention
This can ofcourse go anywhere you choose but if the show continues, the Dept of Investigation will step in to do what they do best and Chris will be taken (along with the Ops) away for questioning. This will obviously force DN's hand and they will attempt a kidnap of Chris as soon as they realise they may loose him. Chris doesn't want to be questioned and will try and flee...the Ops are all caught in the middle...splendid.

OK - I'm actually running this game now and so I'll post up some more info/GM notes incase anyone else gets the urge to play it through...there'll be more tonight after I dig my notes back out...All this stuff happened or was requested in my game so it's stuff that is in a players mindset to do. Dates tie in with MWoP and should be altered accordingly.

GM Information
Chris Kendal Notable medical records Dated most recent event first.
Date : October 899
Injury Treated : Broken back, several other minor bones (icluding radius, ulna & humerous in right arm) broken. Multiple lacerations and some internal bleeding concurrent with sustained beating with blunt instrument.
Cause : Attacked by Several Gang members whilst working for Channel 45.
Notes : All treatment paid for by standard media insurance package.

Date : August 894
Injury Treated : Attended by civillian ambulance crew following a disturbance at "Ascension Funeral Homes" where he was employed.
Cause : Fray
Notes : Received a caution by SHIVER units to attend. No charges.

Date : January 888
Injury Treated : Various injuries. Mostly minor, some psychological.
Cause : Caught up in riot suppression.
Notes : Received 11 months psychiatric care post hospital release. Was declared socially capable and no further treatment required.

Date : 870-879
Details : Orphaned from parents & placed in 'McOuse Childrens Home'
Notes : The home shared its grounds & 1 building with a morgue. Several attempts to get Chris moved to a more suitable location was denied despite repeated recommendations of child psychologist.

Date : 865
Notes : Born

Notable Cast and Crew
Fredrika Spatz - One of the other actors who plays Ahmed’s on screen partner (Wort). A woman very prone to crying who gradually becomes more and more hysterical as Chris mutilates the corpse. She will eventually snap and go for him in the manner of crazed scary woman.

Khalid Best – The brother of Ahmed. He holds an SCL11 job as an office clerk in Suburbia. He is not happy with the way Chris is treating his brother and will try to stop the show if his cries aren’t heard. Will probably try to tackle the cameraman…

Spike Heugh – Grubby chef on set. Is probably the first person in the line up for the suspected poisoning of the cast. Innocent though filthy. If questioned will let on that the producer came in to ask him if he saw anything.

Ursula Kticz – A thin drawn out scrawny woman who is the first to die of the poisoning. She will try to talk to the Squad to tell them that Chris must stop what he’s doing. She’s not a violent woman and is easily scared/impressed.

Matthew Smith – Would like to know if the Ebon in the group can travel back in time to find the killer and avert this ‘debacle’. He wears a long coat and colourful scarf. People are unsure what he does on the set exactly though they know he’s in charge of First Aid. Followed by a pet DAC.

Corey Blackwood – Reasonably fit, young actor hoping to make it big. Is incensed that the SHIVERS have done nothing about this and is convinced it’s the fault of Chris. Tries to muster people to stop Chris when it becomes clear what’s going on.

Tom Voucher – Tom is another actor who is wearing a large cuddly SHIVER outfit sans helmet (Sergeant SHIVER). He is a little unhinged and spends most of the time in character and is a borderline mentalist. Carries a foam pacifier baton.

10 Assorted Children – All on site to meet their favourite SLA Street Characters…all very upset and react in a variety of different ways. Will be a pain in the Ops side from the outset as they all want to give Ahmed “one last hug to say goodbye”, which was his characters catch phrase. If they actually see the body they will react messily.