It's a Nec-Thing

by Novafix

Colour Code: Jade/White
Contact: Dept of Ebb.
Package: Any (Ebons Prefered)
SCL: 9
Payment: 150 c per Op
Briefing: Investigate Ebon Deaths in Hopes Sanctuary, Lower Downtown
Contact Natasha DeWinther for further briefing.


Nechanthropes never really die… Not in my world anyway.

They just lose the ability to move their body and… I was about to say breathe but only a few of them do that… and only when they forget themselves anyway.
In Hopes Sanctuary there is a Nechanthrope buried in the concrete in Darkbone Alley. Only a small part of his left arm is about ground and that will be hidden by the mandatory garbage.
The Necanthrope in question is called Atrocity and is at present VERY p issed off.
Not only did he die (Oh the humility) and was buried in concrete by his ever powerful murderer but have to patiently relearn how to use his powers while being dead-dead and he also had to wait for his Gorecannon to bring him Flux. Now he is just about to have enough flux to do what he wants but his powers in Fold are too limited to be of any use (He always preferred to fly anyway).
Now he’s been lying in the ground for around ten days with only his Sentient Gorecannon for company.
The Gorecannon on the other hand has been has been extremely busy killing off Ebons in their sleep (or otherwise engaged) and draining their flux. It looks like a giant scorched hand with 8 tentacles for fingers.
The method of murder in all 4 cases is asphyxiation. It simply beaconed the Ebon with the Sense free ability (or simply followed them home from a distance) and gained entrance to their homes by toilet, window, door or whatever (No sings of forced entry in either cases) and wrapped itself around the victims sleeping head until they stopped struggling for their lives (See Alien Facehugger for description of method). It then returned to Atrocity and gave him the Flux it had drained.

The Briefing:

Natasha is a young Attractive, intelligent and altruistic (yes, Altruistic) Human Female (Scl. 6.4d).

She originally joined SLA as she saw it as the best (if not only) possibility to do something good for the world. She’s been slightly disillusioned but still tries to do good where she can.
She’ll show the PC’s the four murder-sites and the parts of the autopsies that they will have access to.
Walking from site to site (all are within 400 meters of Darkbone Alley) she will mention that the shivers refuse to enter the alley for some reason or another. (Talking to the Shivers will reveal that they saw a pack of Domino dogs chase some sewer-pigs into the alley, but since The Dogs didn’t dare enter alley and the pigs haven’t left it yet, The Shivers won’t dare either. Natasha Respects it, Their Captain is having a fit about it but is being threatened with exposure for blackmail if he files report about it.
She will have no idea what attacked the victims.

The Murder Sites:

Shade (age 28 Brain Waster).

His apartment will look like a kindergarten armed with clubs have been living there for a month.
Nothing is intact. Just the way Shades liked it.
Shades chalk Drawing will be lying in the entrance of his apartment. His girlfriend (Susan human age 17) jumped out the window in panic (GM decision whether she lived). Her body will have marks of severe beatings (Shade and her father done this).
Shade was attacked as he was vomiting in the toilet (first and last time. Usually it’s out the window in the attempt to hit someone with it).
Unfortunately for him The Gorecannon was using it as entrance and ambushed him at same time.

Amber (age 19 Ebon)

Was sleeping at the time of her attack.
Everything will be clean and looking exactly as new (incredible for lower downtown) apart from the lamp and bed table with what there was on it that was knocked over during her struggle.

Spike (BW age 16)

Spike’s room reflect that of a pro athlete with a camera fetish.
His walls and floor will be covered with before-and-after pictures of victims he beat up.
The room he was lying in (his “Dojo”) is stripped from furniture (only pictures… EVERYWHERE!!!).
The autopsy reveals that his head was crushed under severe pressure and knife-wounds on his neck (The wounds are self inflicted as he tried to cut the Gorecannon witch then crushed his head to end the fight with a minimum of damage)

Cutie (age 21 Brainwaster).

Cutie was strapped from the ceiling doing his night exercises when he was attacked.
That’s the way they found him. Only detail: nails ripped off in an attempt to claw himself free.


If the Players enter Darkbone Alley the first time they are showed around they’ll find the battered body of the carnivorous pigs. Period.
Nothing happens. The Gorecannon is out hunting for new victims. The players will be overcome by Atrocity’s aura (a deep and utter sense of hopelessness).
If they try to move the pig-carcasses they’ll find a piece of concrete that it crumbled and has something weird buried in it (Atrocity). They will be unable to unearth it without the proper equipment (Insert bureaucracy here if they try to issue it).
Either way if more than one PC decides to wait in the alley the GoreCannon will try to sneak past them and interdermalize with its master who will by then have found a way to use his flux and use Telekinesis to brake free from the concrete. His not hostile but he’s very, very irritated and still unable to communicate by other means than Ebb (remember he has to touch in order to do that).
He has no HitPoints as such as he is already “Dead” in game mechanics.
He is using Telekinesis to move himself around (He’s drained enough of it the last couple of days)
Only way to incapacitate him will be by blinding him (preferably permanently… Blowing his head to smithereens will work as well. Beheading him will just make it less matter for him to manipulate and thus fly faster. Other possibilities: Burn him to ashes. Permanently attach him to spaceship as sentry/Flux-battery).
Gorecanon will try to buy him time before it makes it escape attempt as well. But it is not stupid. It will rather survive than fight (unless Atrocity’s head is currently in to many pieces).
Remember: It is a BAD idea to shoot it while it is attached to your friends head.

Other BPN’s that might be issued afterwards may (depending on how the players close the miser) include:
Find out how Atrocity was caged in the concrete.
Find Atrocity and bring to department of Dark Lament for questioning.
Find out what led to Atrocity’s death and revenge it (or help him revenge it).
Complete Atrocity’s unfinished BPN.

Any interesting Idea’s on how to make it a bit less straightforward and a bit more murky¿
Have I left anything out?
What are your Initial thoughts?