by Martin Wheeler

NOTES: A filling out of the published adventure guideline.

Color Code: WHITE

SCL Requirement: 10A
Contact Department of: SHIVER Unit Organisation
Training Package Recommended: Investigation/Scouting

Operatives required to investigate the disappearance of Shiver Sleeper Unit within Downtown. Last report gave location as level 25 of Wentmore Sector (12b)
Contact Ms Ellan Ramsden on 202-548-693266.


Station Analysis
Consolidated Bonus Scheme: 200 Credits Per Op.


On Contacting Ms. Ramsden the players will be informed that the Sleeper unit had been in place for two months out of its’ six month tour. The vehicle in use was a FEN 0227 ‘Battle Taxi’ APC and it had been back for supplies twice, collecting them from Section House 711. The SHIVER crew were all veterans of the street with four of the ten man crew having undergone Sleeper detail before, including the Sergeant, Hamill. Two members had been lost so far this tour but a replacement for one of them had been picked up on the last supply run. The last radio report received was two days ago when they reported an incident on Munroe involving a street gang by the name of “The Killer Headaches”. During the incident three of the SHIVERS were injured and one arrest was made. The prisoner was being held in the APC awaiting dropping off at a Section house. The next day brought no message.

The APC has a patrol encompassing level 25 of Wentmore Sector, radio contact is not assured with a conductive position having to be sought. This might have prevented contact in an emergency. Ms. Ramsden can provide the crew list and an inventory of equipment (with serial numbers) if the players request it. She will fax them through to the players or they can collect it from any SHIVER section house.

Going Underground

At Level 25 of Downtown the sky can now only just be glimpsed through the structures crowding overhead. Walkways, roads and sprawling buildings are just beginning to block out whatever natural light is present. The air is thick with smog and smoke and whilst the rain hardly reaches this far down water from above runs down the walls to form the rivers and lakes that make up the ground.

The inhabitants are unfriendly and rarely seen, the vast majority of the levels' inhabitants only leave their buildings on the occasional foray for food. Other than this they have little to emerge for, they have no jobs and spend all their time entranced in front of the Vid. Those who do have a more active life are probably involved in illegal activities and so try to avoid being noticed. Most move around without taking in their surroundings, hoping their neighbours are doing the same. There is very little traffic on the roads, there being no privately owned vehicles and little needs for cabs. While the players are moving through the level DETECT rolls will enable them to spot individuals or small groups weaving about in the maze of alleyways and doorways about them. If they try to approach these shadows their first response will be to run and hide.

The players will therefore have the freedom of the narrow empty streets for some time as they begin their investigation. If they had requested a map of the sector they should have little problem finding Munroe, other than a couple of detours to avoid dead ends where recent collapses have redefined the geography. If not then they will have to find someone to ask directions, the easiest way would be to approach a building. Whilst few residents would voluntarily open their doors the doors are flimsy and take little effort to force open. The players will reach Munroe Square with little difficulty, in fact they may suspect that it has been too quiet, they would be right.

At least some of the individuals seen lurking about belong to the Sectors gangs and news of Slops wandering about is good news for a gang. Two of the gangs, “The Monsters” and “Extra Relish” have decided to take the players down to increase their reputation. “Extra Relish” are first on the scene and they will wait until the players begin to move off again before springing an ambush. There are approximately two dozen “Extra Relish” gang members although they are mostly armed with knives, bottles, bricks and the occasional CAF, Guns-R-Us or CZAR handgun. They will attempt to split up then trap the Slops and will attack from hiding whenever possible. They may have some level of success with their hit and run tactics and the players may find them selves in some difficulty. However as the players begin to lose hope (or gain the upper hand) members of “The Monsters” gang make an appearance. Whilst they came seeking Slops taking out rival gang members is almost as enjoyable.

The Operatives will now find themselves in a three-way contest and can take the opportunity to escape or to assist one of the gangs against the other. If they hang around one gang will eventually flee leaving the other to seek out the players, or pick up their casualties. If the players end in a position of strength a lieutenant of the gang, “Steel Dog” for the “Monsters” or “Gerka-burger” for “Extra Relish”, will attempt to make peace and leave. It is possible that the players will aid one gang and try to make them a permanent contact. The spokesperson will try to make a deal where the players will provide his gang with SLA firepower in return for their assistance. This is of course against SLA regulations. Should the players quiz them about “The Killer Headaches” by use of INTERROGATION or a more polite form of questioning they will be given the confusing information that:

“The Headaches tried to Angel-up a Dozer a couple of days back but got fracked. The Shivs was packing some real killware, non-ish type stuff. The Shivs vac-packed a couple of the Headaches and moved on. Problem was they vac-ed “Little Sue” the sib of the Headaches’ Slayer. Blip was that the Heads was gonna bust her out. They was shopping for a can opener over at Big Arnies. Street says it went down, the Dozer is trashed. Headaches are partying hard.”

Confused Ops may attempt a STREETWISE roll to decode the Streetspeak.

“Angel-up” means to destroy (After Angel, Slayers master-at-arms).
A “Dozer” is an APC, due to its’ bulldozer like status & because it contains Sleepers.
“Fracked” means they lost.
“Shivs” are of course SHIVERs.
“real killware, non-ish” infers that the SHIVERs had more than Browbeaters.
“Vac-packing” is the name given to being placed in the APC tiny cell compartment.
A “sib” is a sibling.
The Headaches’ “Slayer” means the gang's leader, after Mr Slayer of course.
A “can opener” would imply that they wanted a big gun to tackle the Dozer.

Big Arnie will be identified as a black marketeer who deals from his battered garage over on Glory Parade. Neither gang has seen a member of the Headaches since the first rumble two days back. They assume they are still celebrating, or spending the money they got from the salvage as they heard that it went down somewhere over on the Headache’s turf.


Big Arnie (fat, not muscle) can be identified as Arnold Hemp listed as the caretaker of 217 Glory Parade, residing in flat C of that building. He is in fact a very good caretaker getting many of the goods or services that the building or tenants need. This is down to his pivotal role as a black marketeer. He deals in anything that people bring his way, he never goes far himself due to his bulk and poor health. He has contacts with Darknight operatives and can get his hands on weaponry or drugs if these are requested.

The garage is non-descript apart from being in slightly better condition than most and that it is not being used as living quarters. It is generally unlocked during the day and Arnie can be found watching a Lobotvision 150 portable seated in a large battered armchair amongst tables and boxes of salvage. The appearance of Ops will greatly upset Arnie but he is not of a condition to run for it and so will hope that he can talk his way out of trouble. Observant players, those with PSYCHOLOGY, will be able to pick up on this point. When the players arrive he will be talking to another man who will try to leave on seeing the Ops. If questioned he will give his name as Keith Green, claiming he is a resident of the building (15) and only came down to complain about the lack of warm water. He is indeed dressed poorly for the rain and his jumper is soaked. Arnie will agree with this story, which is indeed true.

If questioned about he APC and the “Headaches” Arnold will admit that they came around looking for some Hardware, but that he doesn’t trade in that stuff. He only moves brick-a-brac and household goods. Indeed most of what is on show matches this description although searching the garage the players will be able to identify (with appropriate rolls against STREETWISE or MEDICAL skills) squibs of street drugs such as Happy Happy, Jazz and O. In boxes tucked away at the back they will also find CAF pistols and CZAR plastic replicas with CAF ammunition and some 10mm shells. Although this would seem to contradict Arnolds previous claim he will nervously smile and joke that he doesn’t think of those of as weapons. At this level of Downtown they’re fixtures and fitting. If the players search Arnold they will also find that he has around 19,000 u on him in used soiled notes.

Faced with a disbelieving audience he will admit that the Headaches did come to him yesterday for some hardware but that that isn’t really his field. They took some CAFs, a few rounds , and a couple of gas canister grenades (he’s had them since 898 SD when the dispersal SHIVERs passed this way). He told them that he would like a chance at any choice items they came back with but he hasn’t heard from the Headaches since.

If pushed about who else the Headaches might have seen Arnold will clam up stating that it isn’t healthy to talk about his opposition. However through the use of INTIMIDATION or PERSUASION the players can get him to open up. He suggested that they try the Buba’s Bubbles Laudromat on Allen Boulevard as he’s heard that you can sometimes get hold of stuff there. He also mentioned that if they were having trouble they should try Jerkies Bar on Silvester as Props such as Killer Queen and Combat Happy sometimes drop in. If the players treat Arnie right he will prove a valuable street contact in future, after all he isn’t actually selling DarkNight supplies and the drugs are back alley labs and not exactly Soft Company.


Buba’s bubbles laudromat is indeed being used by a DarkNight convert to shift supplies to the SLA civilians. Om Yellesh is happy to make a few unis passing on DarkNight weapons, armour and drugs which he in turn brought from a man who brought them from a man etc. Of course he will also sell anything else that comes his way. If the players start trying to track down his supplier, and then his supplier and so on they will become severely side-tracked and so they are better off just getting the information they want about the Headaches.

Of course Om will not be pleased to see them and will try to run out the back door of the ‘mat whilst his hired muscle, a SLOP named Chipmunk, holds them off (he half remembers a wildlife program on the planet of Solace and has confused a chipmunk with a cheetah). Earlier scouting of the building and sealing off of his escape route will be a great help as Om knows the area well and given a head start will soon disappear. Om doesn’t keep most of the gear here but trades from his nearby apartment (26 Oasis Towers). He does have a few samples though which he will be willing to use if need be (except for the drugs, he’s not stupid).

If his escape is prevented and he is questioned he will admit that some damn kids did swing by some time last night. They were after some heavy gear and he let them have a couple of DarkNight Pistols (which a stranger gave him in payment of a debt and he didn’t really want as he doesn’t deal in DK stuff) loaded with 10mm AP and a few MAC Knives. They wanted more but couldn’t afford it. They tried to make a deal to get them on loan and they would pay in SHIVER arms later but that’s a high-risk venture and he wouldn’t accept. They didn’t mention anything about hiring Props to him but he doubts that one would work on those terms, they tend to insist on money up front.


This is a red herring, whilst the establishment is used by SLOPS as a recruitment centre the Killer Headache’s did not come here. Having spent their money at Buba’s they didn’t even try to hire a Prop. Of course the players don’t know this and if they turn up asking questions and poking around they are likely to scare off a Prop who may take offence at this and start sniping at them whilst running away.


Asking around the inhabitants the players can locate the “Headaches” turf and their usual hangouts (“Combat Chef” food marts, “Turbo Groin” skate parks etc). Of the “Headaches” however there is no sign. The players may be able to gain information from the families of gang members, although this is highly unlikely. BRIBERY works well but it would have to be in goods or UNIs of course as they don’t have credit terminals. They will inform the players that they haven’t seen Johnny (or whoever) since yesterday morning. They were in a state of excitement when they left, they must have had some plans. The players should be aware that in this neighbourhood having plans is looked up to. The players will be left with no choice but to continue with old fashioned footwork and questioning anyone they come across. This will eventually pay off with the players gaining directions to the site of the APC.

As the players approach the area given by their enquires a DETECT roll will spy a recognisable shape amongst the rubbish strewn in the walkway. It is a male youth, no more than thirteen or fourteen. He is dead, the stench of rotting flesh mixing with the permanent aroma of rain soaked rubbish. He in a mess and requires a FEAR CHECK against a RATING of 6. Ignoring the gnawing of the local rat population, some of whom will have to be removed from the body, having grown bold in their habitant, an examiner can make out multiple lacerations and puncture wounds across his head, arms and torso. Those Operatives with MEDICAL training will be able to place the time of death as the previous day. Searching the immediate area will reveal a dropped SLA Blade, although a FORENSICS roll will realise that it did not inflict the wounds. Ebon characters who think to use EBB AWARENESS abilities at this site will gain a very faint reading of Ebon Use but RANK 4: Track 2 or above will gain no insight into the type used or the user.

Moving on from the body the players will soon come upon another. This one also appears to have died from multiple lacerations although wounds identifiable as having been made by a Browbeater can also be seen. Checking the surrounding area observant operatives will spot a number of bullet holes in the surrounding walls that seem to originate from the dead kid's position. They do not seem to have a logical target as though the kid was firing blind. Once again EBB AWARENESS will pick up traces of Flux in the surrounding area although there is no impression of the classification of the Ebb user, whether Brain Waster or Ebon (the use of the Senses ability MIND BLOCK (Rank 11) is the reason for this omission, a FORMULAE roll will be able to theorise this reason for the hazy readings). The dropped gun, a CAF Steel Death pistol can also be found scattered nearby.

Following the alleyway the players will soon see the APC. Glimpses can be seen a short distance off between the pipes and walls of downtown. The players may take whatever precautions they wish in approaching the vehicle or may just stroll forward bravely. As they move forward they will spy several other corpses littering the ground and blocking the small rivers of sludge. Whilst most are members of the Headaches the players will stumble upon a SHIVER, Henricks. His body is found alongside a youth sprawled under a doorway behind what appears to be a makeshift barricade of rubbish and metal sheeting ripped from a nearby wall. The dead youth is still clutching a GA9442 Browbeater whilst the SHIVER appeared to be using a GA47 Semi-automatic pistol. The Browbeater has 30 Ball Bearing rounds left in its clip whilst the GA47 has two 10mm HESH bullets in the clip. Again both corpses have been sliced apart although the SHIVER has two gunshot wounds (CAF) and the boy has a number of Ballbearing delivered bruised. TRACKING rolls will reveal that both combatants were behind the barrier when they died.

If the players have maintained a stealthy approach through the use of SNEAKING they will come upon the APC sitting sedately on a small road between the blocks. No damage can be made out through the smog and darkness at range. Scattered around it are more young corpses as well as one other SHIVER (Kirk) who appears to have no head. However, currently searching the SHIVER’s torso is a person dressed in piecemeal armour and clothing. A large Filter mask covered their face and a FEN AR is slung by their side. A number of other armaments compete for space with the large collection of bags, pouches and backpacks worn.

If the players HIDE and observe the scavenger they will see the person turn and call to another either inside or behind the APC. He will then continue his sweep of the corpses checking their pockets and removing pieces of armour and any armaments they might have, placing them in the bags and pouches. After a time the second scavenger emerges from the APC’s via the vehicles roof. A roll against PILOT MILITARY will realise that the section of roof the person came through is not where the turret hatch is located on the Battle Taxi. If the players take time to scout around the area they may DETECT the armoured Greater Carrien on lookout on a nearby walkway.

Should however they have chosen the straightforward approach on the other hand they will be spotted by the Carrien lookout first. It will let shriek with a warning before firing on the players to give the others a chance to move to a better location. If the players are outnumbered the Scavs will attempt to kill them and take their equipment. The trio will flee if the players are putting up a hard fight although they may continue to shadow the players. They will await an opportunity to attack the players at a later time when they are separated, out of ammo or just weakened. Throwing a grenade into the APC once the players are inside would work just fine.


On inspecting the APC the players will detect signs of small arms fire which appears to have had little effect, as well as great gouges along the sides. Of greater interest however is the roof that has been pieced and pulled back, like the skin of a fruit (or so people who have had real fruit say). Inside is a scene to turn the hardiest stomach, five SHIVERs has been ripped to pieces in the confines of the APCs interior. Some also show signs of small arms fire including 10g shot and explosive damage (the Scavenger who exited the APC carried a SLA 10-10). The whole scene requires a FEAR CHECK with a RATING of 9. Any Ebon present who uses EBB AWARENESS (Rank 5: Detect 3) reveals heavy use within the last 24 hours although again no user “smell” is present.

If the APC and bodies are searched a large number of inflated Browbeater pellets can be found on the floor, which has a two inch layer of sludge formed from blood, water and innards. Checking the computer terminal through COMPUTER USE skill will recall the log of Sergeant Hamill. The last entry records only the state of their prisoners, duty roster for the day (Sergeant Hamill was driving, Henricks Navigator, Kirk roof turret lookout) and supply levels (good, although some have since been taken by the Scavengers). Checking the bodies the players will find that there is no Sergeant present and that the pilot hatch is unlocked. They will also find personal effects, photographs and a handful of shells, including three 10-10 slug shells in one of the SHIVERS belt pouch. One of the prisoner compartments has had its door twisted and broken, inside are the remains of a male youth which has suffered a gruesome fate. The other compartment is still sealed and peering through the door panel a young female can be glimpsed. She is held upright by the small size of the booth and is unmoving.

The door has a numbered keypad and can be opened with a ELECTRONIC LOCKS roll (or severe brute force and ignorance). If the players can contact Control using the APCs radio (by use of DRIVE MILITARY or ELECTRONIC REPAIR) they will be issued with the opening code. The young girl will be found to be unconscious but alive. PARAMEDIC or MEDICAL PRACTICE rolls will identify that she is under the effects of a relaxant, such as Drum or Flip, although this is wearing off. She has also suffered bruising (from BB rounds), a bruised jaw (from a punch) and is suffering from mild malnutrition (although that’s long term). If she is brought round in the APC she will start to scream on seeing the carnage within and will take a great deal of calming down. When she is calm enough to speak, which will be after she finishes crying, she will give her name as Migraine (actually it’s Shirley but Migraine is her street name). She was arrested by the SHIVERs two days ago and has been in the booth since then (dosed up with Drum). She was not conscious for the attack and has been drifting in and out of sleep. She knows the area and can act as a guide to the players if convinced, or if she sees the bodies in which case she wants safety in numbers. She will be most concerned for her brother Axe (Herman) but will not be able to find him amongst the bodies, if allowed to look.

Completing their sweep of the surrounding area the players will be able to ascertain that there are two SHIVERs unaccounted for, Sergeant Hamill and Kavanagh. Migraine can be persuaded to head count the Headache’s bodies through successful use of a CHARISMA based skill (although for some “head” count is an inappropriate word). She will estimate that about twenty members are missing. Some can be found slightly further afield on walkways, in alleys or speared on the ends of overhead pipes with water running through their chests like gargoyles, although at least a dozen are still missing.

MEDICAL rolls will convince the players that several of the youths would have taken a long time to die from their injuries and that some were hung up or impaled with that purpose in mind. With Migraines help they can visit the homes of the gang members whose bodies cannot be found. They will find that in a few of the apartments other families have moved in after the last tenants left in a hurry the night before. Otherwise parents will inform the players that their children came home in a right state, grabbed a few belongings and rushed out. They said that “They’ll be after us now, we shouldn’t have survived, not with seeing that.” If they preserver they will eventually locate Jimmy Squib at his home, although he will try to run, using the fire escape and walkways, when he sees the Ops. If stopped and INTERROGATEd he will tell the players:

“Axe had us block the road using 114 and when the Dozer stopped to reverse we attacked from our platforms. There wasn’t really a plan but the Dozer wasn’t carrying a reaper and everyone knows that Dozers have been taken out before. I saw one once on its side over on Divine. Guess those Shivs were playing by the rules and were just firing popcorn. We lost some gangers and were about to tail when this, thing, this huge Grimbor like thing dropped out of nowhere, ripped the head off the shotgun Shiv and threw his body right at Bone. Then it comes leaping amongst the Heads and suddenly it’s all blood and screams. I jacked out and was gone.”

Again STREETWISE will help in the deciphering.
A “114” will be a mystery, it is in fact the number of the building they used large chunks of to block the road. “firing popcorn” refers to the standard Browbeater rounds.
“to tail” is to flee.
“A Grimbor” is unknown to STREETWISE although a ZOOLOGY roll will know it to be a large tusked ape-like creature native to the Shaktars home world. (Jimmy saw a documentary once, it was good, lots of big things were fighting and eating each other.)
“to jack out” is another polite way of saying “run away”.

If the players fan out from the APC they will reach various dead ends or death scenes before one leads them to a sewerage grating. Here a corroded grating grins like broken teeth as the constant stream of rain water pours out. Under the dirt and sludge carried by the rain the players will be able to make out the glint of shining metal. The original colour of the metal has been revealed where the rust has flaked off following the grate being attacked. Whilst a moderately sized hole appears to have existed in the grating already something has recently tried to make it larger. The existing hole is large enough for a small operative (one not wearing a powered exoskeleton and certainly no Stormers or Shaktars). Inside the pipe runs at a slight up angle and has no ledges or side branches for some distance. Eventually the pipe is joined by others too small to fit through and each bringing its own small river of sludge, and the occasional rat. Observant players will DETECT the faint trace of smoke mingling with the stench. As the players move further into the pipe they will detect slight movement ahead, sloshing in the stream. If they move quietly ahead they will see the large bulk of a Carnivorous pig nuzzling a shape blocking the stream. If they make a noise the pig will glance up and “oink” aggressively and the shape will stir, look up and scream loudly. This will drive the pig to attack in a frenzy, bringing more screams. Firing into the melee would be very foolish as the person would be surely hit. Note that within the tunnel larger weapons such as Claymores and Flick Scythes cannot be used effectively.

If the players prevent the pig from dragging away the shape they will discover that it is in fact Axe, “The Killer Headaches’” Slayer, otherwise known as Herman. He is suffering from whatever the pig managed to do to him but otherwise carries only minor cuts and grazes. He is however very, very scared. He will calm down if convinced the players mean to help unless he recognises an Ebon or a Brainwaster. He knows that the “thing” that attacked them was a Necanthrope but is under the impression that the Ebb races change into and out of the Necanthrope shape regularly, like werewolves. After all he has seen beautiful Ebons referred to as Necanthropes before. Fortunately he has lost his gun in the flight and can do little but scream and cry.

He can relate the same details of the attack as above except that he hung around to help and so saw the Necanthrope chase and kill most of the Headaches before returning and, with claws glittering with white lightning, rip open the roof of the dozer and jump inside. Until then the SHIVERS had bolted down the hatches and just sat there while it was killing the gang members. Two SHIVERs came out the drivers hatch and fled (one ended up in the barricaded doorway). After what seemed like only a few minutes to Axe it leapt out again carrying one of men. It went a short way before something caught its’ eye and it dropped the man and bounded away. More gunshots and screams followed. It came back for the man then carried him off, Axe followed. A few times on route it detoured off to chase down anyone it saw out, once adding Anal (a gang member, real name Ben) to it’s collection.

During one of its excursions it noticed Axe and he had to run. He rushed into the pipe and meant to lose it in the pipes but it couldn’t get through he grate “even though it went through the Dozers roof like it was water”. If the players think to ask he will confirm that the “white lightning” on his claws had gone from which the players can make a guess that it had run out of Flux, which is indeed the case. Use of EBB AWARENESS outside the pipe will get a strong “smell” of Necanthrope and use of the RANK 4 ability: TRACK 2 will be able to follow the trail. After a while it got fed up and left. At that point Axe collapsed and rested and after a while he guesses he fell asleep. He will be overjoyed to find his sister alive and had given her up for dead. The players have made a friend in the Wentmore sector of Downtown

Following the trail of the Necanthrope the players will eventually arrive at a partly collapsed rusting factory complex (isn’t it always). EBB AWARENESS will gain no feeling of an Ebon nearby (nor will a Pathfinder react) as Mind Block is again in operation. Inside the warehouse the Operatives will find the SHIVER (Kavanagh) and Anal hung up entangled in chains. From the blood caking the floor beneath them they have obviously been tortured, and whilst their bodies are crusted with drying blood, they seem to be unwounded (they are, thanks to EBB HEALING). They will also find three other bodies of Downtown residents which were similarly treated, but are now dead. Of course they will also find Claw, the Necanthrope, who is always on the lookout for new friends to play with. He will happily attack the players and is not up to discussing matters. If the players manage to get through to him, such as with EBB COMMUNICATION he will tell them to go away, he is busy right now.


If at any point the players contact the BPN hall or the Department of Ebb either before or after dealing with the Necanthrope they will be asked to await instructions. A short time later they will be contacted by an Operative who gives her name as Avatar, and her SCL as 3e.6. The Operative and asked questions about the description of the Necanthrope and any abilities he or she showed talent in. They will then be asked to hold their position and ensure that the Operative does not leave the area.

Some time later a Dark Lament APC will arrive and disgorge three figures. The first one shows a possible Necanthrope transformation by a beauty and perfection of form rarely achieved in humanity or Ebonkind. Her Deathsuit, milky white in colour to match her hair and almost transparent adds to the overwhelming effect. Her appearance is unspoilt by any equipment or weaponry except for several Dark Lament augmentations blending into the suit’s musculature. She approaches the Squad and informs them that they have completed their BPN and may now leave the Sector. Her SCL Clearance Badge gives her name as Avatar and her SCL as 3e.6. Within her present any Ebons will be required to make a CONC roll at -5 to avoid the aura of White Reverence, which overlays the Incarnation of Cold which she gives off.

The second, standing a few paces behind her, is unmistakably a Necanthrope, a bestial mass of muscle and pure black Deathsuit. The throbbing globe of a Gore Cannon sits upon his shoulder and a MAL Assault Cannon sits cradled in his arms, if the players get close enough he radiates an Aura of Excitement.
The third Ebon would appear to be just a Brainwaster, not a Necanthrope. He wears a Deathsuit but carries no other equipment, he does not have the typical aura of self assurance and arrogance normally associated with Brainwasters but keeps his eyes downcast, a look of defeat hanging upon his frame. A roll against SLA INDUSTRIES will propose that he is a vassal Ebon, of one of the two Necanthropes or possibly that of the Operative they are hunting. Also the Operative will recall that Necanthropes usually join Unions of eight meaning that another five or six Necanthropes may be in the APC.

Avatar will inform them that the matter is now in the hands of Internal Affairs and that it is not to be discussed further. They will of course receive the agreed upon payment and SCL increase. Failure to comply will result in a 0.2 loss of Clearance Level. Should Axe be present at this point and the players leave then he will run away swearing “Should have known, fucking Ops. What do they care ‘bout us Downers.” He will not in future assist the Ops and will in fact grow up to be a Darknight Assassin.

Get ‘Im

If the players manage to kill Claw they will find his SLA Clearance badge partly covered by is Deathsuit, he is also carrying a Medical Exemption Certificate from the Department of Psychology and Psychoses. If they then report their actions they will receive a visit from a pair of Dark Finders who will interrogate them: “Why did you take it upon yourself to eliminate an SLA Operative of a higher Security Clearance Level? Did you know Claw? Were you paid to kill him? Did Darknight approach you to carry out the assassination? Did you not ask to see his Medical Exemption Certificate?“

Their apartments will be searched and should they have kept back any trophies from this or earlier BPNs, such as unpaid for weapons, Dark Lament equipment etc., they will be asked to explain them. “Did they believe they deserved more reward than SLA gave you? Wouldn’t that imply that if someone else where to offer you a greater reward that you would work for them? Do you have dealings with the black market, with DarkNight?”

If they are convincing enough in their explanations (Self Defence, to protect the better interests and reputation of SLA Industries etc.) they will be released, although they will be kept under surveillance for a while afterwards. If they are not convincing (or deferential) enough they will not be seen again, so it is probably best to have the Dark Finders believe them.

Incidentally Sergeant Hamill will never be found. Believing that he would be in a lot of trouble for “loosing” an APC and team and that if he blamed it on a Necanthrope he would be “retired” he decided to take his chances in Downtown. He will shortly afterwards emerge as a new Prop known as “Sergeant Slaughter”, putting his combat training and his STREETWISE gained from Downtown sleeper experience to good use.

GANG MEMBER (Extra Relish / The Monsters / Killer Headaches)
Walk 1 Run 2 Sprint 4.2
Blade, 1H 4 Running 4
Detect 3 Sneaking 6
Hide 5 Streetwise 6
Pistol 2 Unarmed Combat 3
SLA BLade (PEN 0 / DMG 1 / AD 0)
Club (PEN -1 / DMG 2 / AD 0)
CAF Steel Death or GUNZ-R-US Bad Dog or CZAR Inc. Cossack. (CAF / Clip 8 (1) / PEN 2 / DMG 2 / AD 1)
Damage: +2
Phases: 2 & 4
Total HITS: 10 (O O O O O O O O O O)
Wounds: [1/5] [1/4] [1/3] [1/2] [1/1] [2/1] [3/1] [4/1] [5/1]
Head 0 0 4 (O O O O)
Torso 1 5 (0 0 0 0 0) 10 (O O O O O O O O O O)
Arm (R) 1 5 (0 0 0 0 0) 5 (O O O O O)
Arm (L) 1 5 (0 0 0 0 0) 5 (O O O O O)
Leg (R) 0 0 5 (O O O O O)
Leg (L) 0 0 5 (O O O O O)
Armour: Striker leather jacket.

OM YELLESH (DarkNight Convert)
Walk 1 Run 2 Sprint 4.2
Blade, 1H 2 Haggle 5
Bribery 4 Pistol 3
Detect 6 Running 4
Forgery 3 Streetwise 6
MAC Knife (PEN 1 / DMG 4 / AD 1)
DN80 Pistol (10mm HP / Clip 40 (5/1) / PEN 1 / DMG 9 / AD 4)
Damage: +2
Phases: 2 & 4
Total HITS: 10 (O O O O O O O O O O)
Wounds: [1/5] [1/4] [1/3] [1/2] [1/1] [2/1] [3/1] [4/1] [5/1]
Head 0 0 4 (O O O O)
Torso 4 8 (0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0) 10 (O O O O O O O O O O)
Arm (R) 4 6 (0 0 0 0 0 0) 5 (O O O O O)
Arm (L) 4 6 (0 0 0 0 0 0) 5 (O O O O O)
Leg (R) 0 0 5 (O O O O O)
Leg (L) 0 0 5 (O O O O O)
Armour: DarkNight Flak jacket.

Walk 1 Run 2 Sprint 4.5
Blade, 1H 4 Rifle 3
Climb 3 Running 5
Detect 4 Sleight 4
Gymnastics 4 Sneak 4
Haggle 4 Streetwise 6
Hide 3 Unarmed Combat 4
Pistol 5
2 MAC Knives (PEN 1 / DMG 4 / AD 1)
ITB Mutilator (PEN 3 / DMG 5 / AD 3)
DN80 Pistol (10mm STD / Clip 40 (5/1) / PEN 4 / DMG 5 / AD 2)
Damage: +3
Phases: 1, 3 & 5
Total HITS: 14 (O O O O O O O O O O O O O O)
Wounds: [1/5] [1/4] [1/3] [1/2] [1/1] [2/1] [3/1] [4/1] [5/1]
Head 5 4 (O O O O) 5 (O O O O O)
Torso 5 7 (O O O O O O 0) 14 (O O O O O O O O O O O O O O)
Arm (R) 5 5 (0 0 0 0 0) 7 (O O O O O O O)
Arm (L) 5 5 (0 0 0 0 0) 7 (O O O O O O O)
Leg (R) 5 6 (0 0 0 0 0 0) 7 (O O O O O O O)
Leg (L) 5 6 (0 0 0 0 0 0) 7 (O O O O O O O)
Armour: PP 664 Body “Blocker” Armour.

Denzil (SCAV & cannibal)
Walk 1 Run 2 Sprint 4.8
Auto-Support 5 Rifle 4
Blade, 1H 6 Running 6
Climb 4 Sneaking 4
Detect 4 Streetwise 4
Hide 4 Tactics 2
Pistol 4 Unarmed Combat 8
2 x MAC Knife (PEN 1, DMG 4, AD 1)
3 x SLA Blade (DMG 1 / PEN 0 / AD 0)
MJL Power Disc (PEN 4, DMG 4, AD 2)
FEN AR (STD / Clip 25 (5/1) / PEN 5 / DMG 8 / AD 2)
2 x GA 9442 BB (BB / Clip 300 (20) / PEN -4 / DMG 3 / AD 0)
2 x Blast Grenade (Blast 0 / PEN -5)
1 x Frag Grenade (Blast 10 / PEN 6)
Damage: +3
Phases: 1, 3 & 5
Total HITS: 16 (O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O)
Wounds: [1/5] [1/4] [1/3] [1/2] [1/1] [2/1] [3/1] [4/1] [5/1]
Head 8 12 (0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0) 6 (O O O O O O)
Torso 8 16 (0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0) 16 (O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O)
Arm (R) 5 8 (0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0) 8 (O O O O O O O O)
Arm (L) 5 8 (0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0) 8 (O O O O O O O O)
Leg (R) 5 10 (0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0) 8 (O O O O O O O O)
Leg (L) 5 10 (0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0) 8 (O O O O O O O O)
Armour: Composite armour incorporating Blocker, DN, PP7 & CAF.

Walk 1 Run 2 Sprint 4.8
Auto-Support 5 Rifle 8
Blade, 1H 5 Running 6
Climb 4 Sneaking 4
Detect 6 Streetwise 4
Hide 4 Tactics 6
Pistol 6 Unarmed Combat 5
KK30 Ripper (HP / Clip 20 (5) / PEN 4 / DMG 10 / AD 4)
GA 9442 BB (BB / Clip 300 (20) / PEN -4 / DMG 3 / AD 0)
SLA 10-10 Bully (10g / Clip 10 (1) / PEN 4 / DMG 9 / AD 7)
4 x GASH Pacifier (PEN 0, DMG 5, AD 5)
2 x SLA Blade (PEN 0, DMG 1, AD 0)
2 x Frag Grenade (Blast 10 / PEN 6)
1 x Riot Gas Grenade
Damage: +3
Phases: 1, 3 & 5
Total HITS: 16 (O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O)
Wounds: [1/5] [1/4] [1/3] [1/2] [1/1] [2/1] [3/1] [4/1] [5/1]
Head 8 12 (0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0) 6 (O O O O O O)
Torso 8 16 (0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0) 16 (O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O)
Arm (R) 5 8 (0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0) 8 (O O O O O O O O)
Arm (L) 5 8 (0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0) 8 (O O O O O O O O)
Leg (R) 5 10 (0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0) 8 (O O O O O O O O)
Leg (L) 5 10 (0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0) 8 (O O O O O O O O)
Armour: Composite armour incorporating Blocker, DN, PP7 & CAF.

KARKAS (SCAV & Carrien)
Walk 1 Run 2 Sprint 5.1
Auto-Support 2 Rifle 5
Climb 4 Running 7
Detect 4 Sneaking 5
Hide 6 Streetwise 2
Pistol 3 Tactics 2
Pole Arm 8 Unarmed Combat 8
MAC Knife (PEN 1, DMG 4, AD 1)
GASH Pacifier (PEN 0 / DMG 5 / AD 5)
MJL Power Disc (PEN 4 / DMG 4 / AD 2)
Power Spear (PEN 5 / DMG 4 / AD 1)
DN AR (STD / Clip 25 (5/1) / PEN 5 / DMG 8 / AD 2)
Damage: +4
Phases: 2 & 4
Total HITS: 18 (O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O)
Wounds: [1/5] [1/4] [1/3] [1/2] [1/1] [2/1] [3/1] [4/1] [5/1]
Head 2 8 (0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0) 6 (O O O O O O)
Torso 6 18 (0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0) 18 (O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O)
Arm (R) 5 6 (0 0 0 0 0 0) 9 (O O O O O O O O O)
Arm (L) 5 6 (0 0 0 0 0 0) 9 (O O O O O O O O O)
Leg (R) 5 11 (0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0) 9 (O O O O O O O O O)
Leg (L) 5 11 (0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0) 9 (O O O O O O O O O)
Armour: Composite armour incorporating Blocker, DN, PP7 & CAF.

CLAW (Necanthrope, Brain Waster, SCL 4B)
STR 18 DEX 13 PHYS 16
DIA 10 CONC 14 KNOW 12
Walk 1 Run 2 Sprint 4.8
Flux (Personal): 42 Max /Current 36 (00000 00000 00000 00000 00000 00000 00000 0)
Flux (Suit): 20 Max / Current 20 (00000 00000 00000 00000)
Detect 8 Ebb Skills: Blast Ebb 12
Hide 8 Ebb Awareness 8
Intimidate 10 Enhancement 15
Running 6 Gore Cannon 5
SLA Info 8 Healing 10
Sneak 8 Protect 12
Torture 12 Senses 13
Unarmed Combat 8 Telekinesis 8
(+ others that are not required, i.e. weapon skills)
Necanthrope Claws (PEN 2, DMG 10, AD 2, Rank 10)
Ebb Razor Claws (PEN 6 / DMG 20 / AD 4 @ 11 Flux per hand, 14 m duration)
Damage: +6
Phases: 1, 2, 3, 4 & 5
Wounds: [1/5] [1/4] [1/3] [1/2] [1/1] [2/1] [3/1] [4/1] [5/1]
Head 12 42 12
Torso 12 26 34
Arm (R) 14 24 17
Arm (L) 14 30 17
Leg (R) 10 28 17 (
Leg (L) 10 22 17
Armour: Deathsuit (Heavy), some areas P.V. & I.D. enhanced through Protection.
Abilities: High Pain Threshold, +5 PHYS.
Size Variation 4 Ranks + Radical Transformation -6 Ranks.
Sociopath 8 Ranks + Compulsion to Torture 6 Ranks.
White Reverance (Brainwasters/CONC-5) & Incarnation (Fear & Sexual excitement).

Personnel Report 8/C


SD1A209 Hamill, Sergeant 32 5 previous Sleeper tours.
SD3H124 Henricks 30 3 previous Sleeper tours.
SF2A500 Kirk 26 2 previous Sleeper tours.
SF2A612 Souza 25 - Deceased 26/12/900-
SJ1A661 Moon 25 1 previous Sleeper tour.
SJ3A135 Barkley 24
SK3A234 Gainsborough 23 - Deceased 1/1/901-
SK3A235 De Vries 23
SK3A308 Kavanagh 22
SK3A905 Harrowitz 19
SK5A003 Lu 18 Appointed to Sleeper [1/901].
Property of SHIVER Unit Organisation. SHIVER Unit Organisation is a wholly owned subsidiary of SLA Industries. Information sub-leased to Department of Resources and it’s sub-departments. Any unauthorised copying or transmission of this material is strictly prohibited.

Personnel Report 6/D

E.R.N.: SK1A209
Name: Hamill, Ken
Rank: Sergeant [3.6.802]
Date of Birth: 15.06.868
Age: 32
Psychiatric Evaluation: 12C [S/3254817-1.6.898]
S.T.A.: 71
Station Delegation: 711
Service History:
05.02.885 Enlisted in SHIVERS - Station 623
06.02.885 Street Patrol [623/8]
01.06.888 Sleeper Tour [623/S3]
01.01.889 Sleeper Tour [623/S3]
01.07.889 Street Patrol [623/4]
01.02.895 Transferred to Station 711.
01.02.895 Street Patrol [711/6]
01.01.898 Sleeper Tour [711/S2]
01.10.898 Sleeper Tour [711/S2]
12.04.899 Promoted to Sergeant (Exam 812144/DC/781)
12.04.899 Street Patrol Sergeant [711/2]
09.10.899 Sergeant Administration Course.
01.12.899 Sleeper Tour - Sergeant [711/S2]
01.10.900 Sleeper Tour - Sergeant [711/S2]
Property of SHIVER Unit Organisation. SHIVER Unit Organisation is a wholly owned subsidiary of SLA Industries. Information sub-leased to Department of Resources and it’s sub-departments. Any unauthorised copying of this material for personal use or transmission is strictly prohibited.

Transcript of Radio Message

“Sergeant Hamill, Sleeper Patrol 711/S2. Daily report, Day 62. Personnel 9, awaiting replacement for SK3A234 Gainsborough.

Incident Report Day 62.

Operative Team Vacuum Flowers requested lift to Uptown. Request denied as per 1.1.1 Sub paragraph 5 as this would require dereliction of assigned duty for in excess of one day. Operatives expressed displeasure with decision, referred them to Lieutenant O’Rorke.
Dispersed street-corner congregation of the Followers of Skippy cult. No interaction required.
Received report from concerned member of public, Glad Oober 521 Jeffrey’s Walk. Neighbours had been killed. Assailant description suggests very heavy ordinance, power armour of some description, included personal decoration of slogans “Cry Oink” and “Loose the Hogs of War”. Suggest cross-reference with known Operatives, listed Veterans and existing BPNs, if none exist suggest to Unit Organisation for new issue.
Noted that Hangerford Bridge was missing. Report included on wave.
Ambushed by Street Gang, identified as Killer Headaches. Habitat this sector, centred around Fahita. Light arms only, Kirk, Souza and Harrowitz received light injuries. First aid given, incident reports to follow. Two prisoners taken, only one holding cell vacant so prisoner with greatest injuries released to receive care in the community as per Directive 572214/851. Gang routed, light injuries only apparent.
Essential Chemicals factory on 12th showed no signs of activity. Routine inspection showed power receiver damaged following suspected Soft Company attack. Two fatalities, several minor. Statements taken. Control notified, Forensic team F1 assigned, cross-referenced with BPN listings.
Last transmission received from 711/S2. Time 20:00.