Easy Silver BPN

by Novafix

As I'm bored stupid at work I've knocked together the following BPN. It's a really short BPN intended to test the creativity of the Ops and their morals in interrogating and terrifying an inocent man. It can easily be run in a single session and is good for 'filler' time between other BPN's etc...

It's not really intended to go anywhere but perhaps the Ops could impress the Director and he could hire them for some 'after hours' work scaring a few business rivals etc...Also the junior manager could have familly who are Ops and don't take kindly to this. Or they could just get the CBS and call it a day.

Comments, as always, appreciated.

BPN Details-
SCL Required : 10a
Colour : Silver (though is really a blue)
Department : <insert any department you like>
Package Recommended : Any
CBS : 65C
SCL : 0.1
Per Op : X
Third Eye : X

Description :
Board member of PseudoKyore Pharmaceuticals has been ridiculed by a junior manager and is after a revenge hit to teach him a lesson. Operatives are required to detain the individual and subject him to a vigorous grilling questioning certain aspects of his day to day dealings with the aim of "instilling the fear of God into him". Report to J.Hamilton for further details

Background :
PseudoKyore Pharmaceuticals are a reasonably large medicinal supply company specilising in the manufacture of cheap drugs for the civillian masses. One of the Board Members recently found out that his daughter was sleeping with one of the junior managers. He was not overly happy about this but was enraged when an e-mail was accidently sent to him instead of his daughter (John / Jane Thruton - both work in same company) from the junior manager congratulating him on a marathon love making session. He decided to call in a favour from his friend in <insert department> and salvage some of his pride.

Premise :
The Ops don't *have* to be told that this person isn't a subversive, they can be instructed to arrest, detain and question the manager on grounds of suspected company subversion and try to extract a confession. Likewise they can be let in on the game and advised that they are to rough him up a bit and make him sweat. Particular reference must be made to comments received from a 'noted SLA informant' Jane Thruton about comments overheard whilst he was sleeping. The Operatives can be as creative as they like here. They will be under instructions to film the entire thing and return the 'interview' to John Thruton. This will then be revealed to the manager by John and he'll be taught his lesson.