The Big Picture was the UK's most highly acclaimed SLA Industries fanzine, with a loyal worldwide following. Published by Chocolate Frog Enterprises, the fanzine started life in 1994 and ran over 16 issues on an entirely non-profit basis.

Finally, in 2001, TBP ceased publication; the fanzine's back catalog was turned into PDF format and released to the Web by the fanzine's editor-in-chief, Max Bantleman. At this point, Chocolate Frog had also released a series of unofficial SLA sourcebooks; these, combined with TBP, are widely regarded as what kept interest in the game alive through its official hiatus.

With such staples as "Never Mind the Pig" (a regular bestiary of SLA nasties) and "Meet N' Greet" (interviews with Operatives, introducing them as characters that you could use in your campaigns), TBP stood the test of time by picking up where the MRB and Karma had left off; it gave examples of what players and GM's alike could do within their SLA games.


Issue One:

Janus 2225 Stormer, Shaktar, Wraith Raiders, Never Mind the Pig (Shahantian Bulls, Prahn Grour), Soft Companies (Channel 4 Carnage, Red Hot Hardware, Kick-Art Clothing), Equipment, Word is Out, Operative Views

Issue Two:

Manchinettes, Frothers, Street Drugs, Frother clans, Never Mind the Pig (Spike Bats, Cannibal Sector Gators), Finding a Job (Yellow & Red), Equipment (Breathing Aid, Grenades, Beacons and Bikes) , Soft Companies (Pod Pharmaceuticals, Black Order, Deth Jam), Meet N' Greet (Juce)

Issue Three

Alice, What's the Matter?, Petting in Public, Ebons, Downtown, Never Mind the Pig (Sneech, Shadow Monkey), Finding a Job (White & Jade), Equipment (Cooler Suits, Blocker Cartridges), Soft Companies (Jolly Roger, Harvester), Meet N' Greet (DarkWing), GenCon '95.

Issue Four

Street Gangs, The Other Side of the Badge, Never Mind the Pig, Shaktar Language, Finding a Job (Silver & Green), Equipment (Finance Chip Upgrade, "shields"), Soft Companies (Jinx, Chapter Seven), Is it me or is it hot in here? (short scenario ideas)

Issue Five

The Sleeper Awakes, Eclipse, Never Mind the Pig (Sewer Worms, Telich), Faceless Masses, Finding a Job (Blue & Silver), Equipment (Tek Trex bots, Restraint Collars, KAFKA), Soft Companies (White Lodge, Shadowfire), Not at all Fuzzy, Operative Views

Issue Six

Something Wicked, Training Packages, Never Mind the Pig (Enoka, Baranath), War Worlds, Finding a Job (Grey & Jade), Equipment (GSM 2 Waldo, Nortec FlatBike), Soft Companies (Hard Corps, Pro-Cars, Sorrow Inc.), Meet N'Greet (Lava)

Issue Seven

Canopy, Ops Background, EbCom, Never Mind the Pig (Cushai, Nealips), SLA sub-companies, Finding a Job (White & Yellow), Equipment (Power Whip, Relic Armour, new BOSH), Soft Companies (BloodBurn, Exael, Here-Oh)

Issue Eight

The World of Progress, Mindless Slaughter, Never Mind the Pig (Ny'Quiy, Maarol), Hanging Around, Finding a Job (Platinum & Red), Equipment (Razor Rangs, Shock Nets, Glyph Implants), Soft Companies (Tempest, TimeBomb, Tinker), Operative Views

Issue Nine

Religious Thoughts, Feral Ebons, Never Mind the Pig (Spectral Cannibals, Kolos), Scavs, Finding a Job (Blue & Green), Equipment (FEN 0101 Firestorm, Multi-Rounds, Karam's Gargoyle), Soft Companies (Purge, Nightshift, Radical Waves), Operative Views

Issue Ten

Integration 20, Beneath the Remains, Never Mind the Pig (Shock Bats, Jekkles), Equipment (Harpie, FEN-GA Series 7), Doom Dogs, Finding a Job (Silver & White), Vevaphons Made Simple, Soft Companies (Alien Shore, Sure Shot)

Issue Eleven

Financiers, Madness Never Sleeps (SLA/Cthulhu crossover), DarkFinders, Never Mind the Pig (Bloodthorn, Pazools), Equipment (Science Friction special), Finding a Job (Red & White), Soft Companies (White Flame, Starburst), Ebb Crystals

Issue Twelve

Serial Killers, Seven, Street Drugs, Never Mind the Pig (Carrien Birds, Trancid), Equipment (Hurcules, SQUID computer, Tek Trex Drednought), Finding a Job (Grey & White), Soft Companies (Time TV, Shroud, FireFight), Meet N'Greet (WarDog)

Issue Thirteen

I20 Part Two, Lifestyles in SLA, Edge of Darkness, Never Mind the Pig (TerraConda, Iron Spiders), Finding a Job (Yellow & Green), Equipment (Strike Sticks, Spinal Drug Dispenser, Smart Visors), Soft Companies (Hit & Run, Talisman), Meet N'Greet (RainMan)

Issue Fourteen

Born Again, The Sh'mr, Deathsuits, Justice for All, Never Mind the Pig (Sliggs, Tralls), Finding a Job (Blue & White), Equipment (Shiver FRV, Holo-communicator, Environment Suit), Soft Companies (Blue Moon, Scribe), Meet N'Greet (Bo Peep)




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