dUm's Penance - Silent Death
or How Not To Alert The Guard Three Doors Down...

This article discusses, first of all, the methods that require you to get close to the victim. You need to be cautious if you don't want guards to notice your presence. If it doesn't matter, it's fine to run shouting and whirling an axe or something over your head. It usually gives you a second or two before the poor loser realizes you're there to kill him.

Lesson one... the garrotte. I love it, it makes no noise when you use it properly, except that which your victim could make. But then again, if you use it right, the victim won't make any noise at all.

Statistics are wrong. You can use lots of things as garrottes, but best of all is a professional high grade titanium one. I got mine in Orienta. They are great because you've got to be very bad to not kill silently. Bad news is, if you cut too much with it, then it all gets stained. Once or twice I've even decapitated the poor moron. It gets really messy when that happens. Blood all over the place, and blood is hard to clean from clothes.

If you can't afford one of these puppies, your next logical choice could be cheese wire or even the string of a guitar. No joke. I'm serious. It works great. Bad news is that you've got to do it well or the bastard will shout, probably screaming for help, and usually that's when the real fun starts. We'll suppose you don't want that kind of fun right now, so be sure you use it well. Good news is that there is not so much blood, so those of you with weaker stomachs will prefer this one. But remember that you've got to be good.

The trick at this is precision. That's the word. Whatever type of garrotte you use, target your enemy's neck and loop him that way. Be sneaky, look for the best way of approach before moving and do it quickly. Finish him after he has stopped moving and you won't get any surprises.

Lesson two boys... the knife, our forgotten friend. I love 'em. Knives don't run out of ammo, and that alone is enough reason to have one of them always with you. I always have one with me, just to be sure. If circumstances allow I carry three to five more. Different jobs, different blades. As I've done with garrottes, I'll talk now about knives that can help you in your job, just to let you see another glorious day.

Lots of people talk about stabbing your opponent in the base of the skull, his heart, his lungs, you get the picture, but the best way of doing the deed is using a long and hard but flexible blade and pass it through his diaphragm. Upward from his belly to the breastbone. That decompresses his lungs and completely voids your enemy's chance to call for help. That is, if you do it right. If you are like those who prefer to use a more stylish survival knife, those are best used against your enemy's heart, but be sure you hit well and with strength. Ribs can be a problem here if you don't hit hard enough. This is fine if you combine it with a good garrotte. There're those of you who like to use short and strong blades. For them I recommend a new blade. The only way these knives kill a man with a single hit is in the nape of the skull and with a firm upward slice.

You can throw knives, too, but that requires a lot of skill, especially since the guards we encounter in our occupation tend to be heavily protected. If you are thinking about this type of attack be sure to choose the right tool for the job a well-balanced knife is essential. Not all knives are weighted rght, although a skilled thrower can do a good job with any knife.

If you're good, no God will allow a victim to make noise whatever method you use. Moreover, throwing a knife from five meters saves you from walking that distance and running the risk of alerting the guard, although if you miss, you'll have to run those metres real fast.

Now, kiddies, pay attention to lesson three... archery weapons. There are too many people who don't believe these are efficient weapons, but they are. Take a look at the weapons catalogue, for example. Fen offers its customers a compound bow that isn't bad at all. You can find very good crossbows in the street, too. Talking in general terms, nearly all these weapons will do the job, but your choice should be based on what suits you best.

You boys that are fans of wire and technology, have a lot of options with these babies. You can get them equipped with scopes, better frames and wires, just name it. The best thing you can do when acquiring a bow is making sure it fits you. I've seen lots of kids who want to use a bow and buy one too big for them. The result? They couldn't even get an arrow in firing position. On the flip side, if you buy a bow that is too weak for you (which tends to be my problem) you'll find yourself wasting arrows and time. In our job, time is critical, and if you pull the bow more than is needed, you'll be wasting microseconds that could be useful for something else, like getting out of a bullet's way. The good thing about these toys is that you don't have to be near your target, so you can shoot silently and safely from a distance. Bad thing is if you can't take down a man with a single shot, he'll have time to scream for help or, worse yet, return fire.

Well, kids. This has all been fun, but let's be true to our souls. Emptying two machine guns clips pointing at the roof and howling like a banshee is one of those things that makes us love being alive and love life, we enjoy shooting big firearms and watching our enemies' heads explode, so we prefer to eliminate guards with a good firearm. But sometimes, when we want to eliminate somebody, it happens that we want to keep on living after that, so we don't want anybody to set off an alarm, so we try to fry our opponent with our iron and without making any noise.

Lesson four and our last lesson... silent firearms. I love them. Too much has been written and said about silencers and suppressors, so I won't talk about them... much. Yes, they help, but they still make noise.

We can use them when we don't want to attract too much attention, sure, or when we're going to work in environments where not too many people would recognize a silenced shot, but when we don't want to make any noise at all, we'll have to use subsonic ammo as well. We don't find too much ammo of this kind in the streets, but not for it being too hard to find, but because us operatives don't use it too much. Subsonic ammo doesn't break the sound barrier, so when we use it, the bullet makes no noise, virtually eliminating all of a firearm's sound. It would be better if we use a single shot weapon, so we eliminate the weapon mechanism's sound. Always carry a clip or two of these puppies and you'll get out of lots of trouble.

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Published on: 2002-05-15 (41 reads)