dUm's Packages

A player can choose a maximum of 2 packages at character creation. Each
package costs the amount specified and requires at least 3 months
intensive training.

* means skill is specialised

Scout - 50 Points
The Scout package teaches stealth and speed above all else, in order to keep the Scout alive to report what he has seen.
Starting Skills: Sneaking*, Sprinting, Observation, Rappelling, Lock Picking

Pathfinder - 30 Points
Whereas Scouts are taught how to move silently and without being seen, Pathfinders are simply navigation experts, taught how to find the quickest and shortest route to a destination
Starting Skills: Navigation*, Distance Sense, Tracking

Enforcer - 30 Points
The Enforcer package is a general all-purpose package that teaches ballistics and grenades.
Starting Skills: Pistol, Rifle, Grenades, Knives, Unarmed Combat

Paratrooper - 40 Points
The Paratrooper is one of the more specialised variants of the Enforcer package, and teaches its students how to parachute and exit planes and helicopters safely with their equipment.
Starting Skills: Parachute*, Rifle, Grenades, Rappelling

Marine - 50 Points
The Marine package is another specialised version of the Enforcer training package. This package concentrates on expanding the operatives’ skills for water-based operations.
Starting Skills: Swimming*, SCUBA, Sailing, Pistol, Knives

Bounty Hunter - 40 Points
The Bounty Hunter is a surprisingly popular package, concentrating on non-lethal methods of capturing targets.
Starting Skills: Tracking*, Rope Use, Dart Weaponry, Clubs

Bodyguard - 30 Points
Another surprisingly popular package, the Bodyguard package is often taken by operatives wanting to expand their earnings during their downtime.
Starting Skills: Unarmed Combat, Knives, Clubs, Intimidate, Improvised Weapons

Death Squad - 70 Points
The Death Squad package teaches operatives how to fire and maintain heavy weaponry such as miniguns. It also teaches basic hand to hand fighting.
Starting Skills: Heavy/Support*, Tactics* (Military), Rifles, Grenades, Adv: Weapons Encyclopaedia

Kick Murder Squad - 50 Points
The Kick Murder Squad package teaches stealth and close combat. The use of Ballistic weaponry is actively discouraged while Martial Arts are a prominent aspect of the training.
Starting Skills: Martial Arts, Acrobatics, Sneaking, Hiding, Knives, Dart Weaponry, Wire Weaponry

Strike - 30 Points
The Strike package teaches stealth and close-combat but to lesser degrees than the Kick Murder Squad package. Ballistic training on Pistols and SMG’s is also included.
Starting Skills: Pistol, Unarmed Combat, Sneaking, Rappelling, Knives

Investigation - 30 Points
This package focuses on the use of intelligence to solve puzzles.
Starting Skills: Interview, Observation, Tracking, Forensics, Rival Knowledge

Electronics - 30 Points
Computer Use and Electronics Maintenance are the main aspects of this package. This is a combined hacking and computer maintenance package.
Starting Skills: Computer Use*, Electronics, Forgery

Demolitions - 40 Points
This package teaches the operatives the techniques and skills necessary for large scale destruction.
Starting Skills: Explosives*, Architecture*

Sapper - 40 Points
The Sapper package is a more versatile field based demolitions package, teaching the operative how to interfere with the enemies operations through destruction and sabotage.
Starting Skills: Demolitions, Electronics, Engineering, Grenades, Communications, Sneaking

Officer - 50 Points
The Officer training package does exactly what it suggests, it trains operatives for field command roles.
Starting Skills: Leadership, Communications, Rival Knowledge, Diplomacy, Tactics* (Urban)

Ambassador - 60 Points
The Ambassador training package is taught via Protocol, one of SLA Industries subsidiary companies.
Starting Skills: Diplomacy, Persuasion, Law, Linguist, Culture, Observation

Mechanics - 40 Points
This package teaches how to build, maintain and repair machinery and vehicles.
Starting Skills: Mechanics*, Electronics, Haggle, Drive (Civilian)

Driver - 40 Points
This package teaches how to drive vehicles.
Starting Skills: Drive (Military)*, Mechanics, Navigation

Sniper - 40 Points
Climbing and Marksmanship are taught in the Sniper Package.
Starting Skills: Climbing, Hiding, Rifles, Adv: Marksman

Paramedic - 30 Points
The Paramedic package teaches field medicine and emergency surgery.
Starting Skills: Medicine*, Forensics, Persuasion

Media - 30 Points
The Media package covers many aspects of media training, from reporting, to sound, lights and camera work, to film editing.
Starting Skills: Media Studies*, Interview, Journalism

Dog Handler - 50 Points
The Dog Handler package teaches animal control and provides the handler with a canine operative.
Starting Skills: Animal Control*, Canine operative

Cleanup Agent - 30 Points
The Cleanup package provides the operative with the skills to use after a mission has been finished.
Starting Skills: Medicine, Forensics, Observation, Biohazard Control, Interview

Undercover Agent - 30 Points
The Undercover package is designed to train operatives to work undercover but does not teach them any combat skills. It is a popular choice with Sleeper Agents.
Starting Skills: Disguise, Shadow, Hiding, Sneaking, Observation

Pilot - 30 Points
The Pilot package teaches how to fly aerial vehicles.
Starting Skills: Pilot*, Navigation, Parachuting

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