dUm's Drugs


Twitch (Poisons)
Twitch is a nasty drug that damages nerves, causing the users to convulse uncontrollably.

Shred (Poisons)
Like Twitch, Shred damages nerves. However Shred is more potent and permanently destroys nerves.

Acid Rain (Poisons)
Acid Rain is a drug that invades the users blood stream and destroys blood cells.

Vapour (Poisons)
Vapour is a liquid drug that rapidly turns to a corrosive gas when it comes into contact with oxygen. It is often used to destroy lung cells.

Shock (Poisons)
Shock is a drug that causes the muscles around the heart to convulse, causing a heart attack.

Rambo (Poisons)
Rambo is a similar drug to Beast, but the chemical in it causes pacifism.

Hammer (Poisons)
Hammer is a modern equivalent to Mace and Pepper sprays. Only useful in an air hypo, when sprayed in a targets face the target is immediately incapacitated for a round.

Fairy Dust (Poisons)
Is it still paranoia when they are out to get you? Just ask anyone who has taken Fairy Dust.

Slag (Poisons)
Slag, while having the benefit of stopping the user from feeling pain, does so by destroying brain cells.

Sandman (Poisons)
While Whiteout is a carefully controlled knockout drug with guaranteed safe results, Sandman is the back alley version, where ever use risks a coma…

Rage (Poisons)
Considering there are better aggression drugs available, it is a surprise that Rage, with its nasty side-effects is still produced and sold in large numbers.

CockRoach (Poisons)
When is a drug not a drug? When it’s a lethal virus. CockRoach destroys nearly all cells it is absorbed into. Luckily, the virus doesn’t live for long.


Crackdown (Soft)
There is a growing trend for downers, a trend that has, until now, gone unanswered. With the recent release of Crackdown, this niche market has been filled.

Shotgun Shell (Soft)
An excellently designed package, the Shotgun Shell literally is a shotgun shell, but filled with a cocktail of pills. The effects vary depending on when, and where, the shell was produced, but typically, they are stimulants, downers or mild hallucinatory drugs.

Volcano (Soft)
A confidence boosting drug, Volcano calms the user, improves their self confidence and removes many inhibitions. Some users take it before entering hostile situations, claming it helps them act with panic.

BlackStix (Soft)
This synthetic coffee supplement comes in short black sticks that can be eaten or broken into liquids to form a drink.

WarpDrive (Soft)
Commonly used by gangers and athletes, WarpDrive is the only agility enhancing drug authorised for sports use.

TimeWarp (Soft)
Some argue that the effects of TimeWarp are little more than hallucinations. Those who regularly take the drug argue other wise, saying that the drug really does slow the world around them down while allowing them their same reflexes.


Adrenaline (Natural)
Adrenaline is a naturally produced drug but it is also available in injectable form. It increases strength, agility, stamina and blocks pain.

WarCry (Natural)
Rather than use artificial chemicals to create aggression, WarCry uses totally natural ingredients. Mixing testosterone, and adrenaline on the back of a glucose base ensures the bodies rapid take up of this wonderful combat drug.

Opiate (Natural)
Opium is back in fashion and Opiate is the new name for such a classic high. Using modern techniques, the opium has been refined to a higher degree than ever before, giving bigger yields and better hits.

NeoCaf (Natural)
For centuries, people across the globe have used the cocoa beans to create stimulants. Recently, the cocoa beans have been used to create the ultimate stimulant… NeoCaf.

Motor-Oil (Natural)
Motor-Oil is a natural laxative made from a large dose of liquorice. Also known as Johnny Squats, it is a highly effective and fast acting drug. When in liquid form, it appears to be a thick, dark black liquid, hence the name Motor-Oil.

Zero Signal (Natural)
Zero Signal is a pleasant mix of natural ingredients including citrus and ginseng. These ingredients act a stress reliever, eliminating any stress the taker feels, and relaxing their body.

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