by Max Hattuer


The Death Squad package is one of the most misunderstood packages in SLA Industries.

Too many people have told me "I just don't want to play the big gun-toting type."

Well, news flash…Death Squad is a whole lot more than just big heavy automatic weapons.

It is tactics. It is attitude.

When you think Death Squad, think the entire military cast from Predator. Think Aliens.

The men and women who make up the Death Squad operatives in SLA Industries are the people you want to look to for information on taking out a group of people holed up somewhere. They are the operatives who specialize in telling you what a violent group is probably going to do next. And they are also the people who are going to be there to save your butt when you need them.

Death Squad operatives need to be quick thinkers. True, not all of them are, but the truly great ones know when to back down and call it quits, although they seldom do.

Character Creation


Strength is important, as is Cool.

During training, the Death Squad operative does a lot of weight lifting, and their minds are conditioned to take a lot of punishment. Mainly physical, it is not unknown for Death Squad Operatives to have above average Diagnosis and Concentration.


The operatives trained in the Death Squad package are, on average, from fairly violent backgrounds, and usually will have Unarmed Combat, and a few melee skills. Some even have previous experience with fully automatic weaponry, such as CAF submachineguns, and already have Auto/Support when they join the company.

Ebons and Brain Wasters who decide to take Death Squad as their training package usually have some sort of affinity for Blast and Protect.


Advantages are where the Death Squads are hurting just a little. Many will probably have DNA Tattoos representing their training groups. Death Squad tattoos are badges of honour for those that have them.


Usually a bit off in the head in one way or another, most commonly a bit Psychopathic or Arrogant. Possibly, some bad DNA Tattoos. Bad reputations are also very common, as the Death Squad attitude seems to get in the way with most people-relationships.

Choosing Equipment


Death Squad weapons are usually brutal and to the point. Death Squad Operatives are not taught how to be flashy or dance around their opponent, they are taught to kill them as fast, and as brutally as possible.


The common choices for melee weapons are ugly and vicious. Weapons like the Flick Scythe and the Chainaxe. Brutal, damaging, and to the point. MAC knives are also common, though Death Squad Operatives usually use them more as a tool than weapon.


Mainly, grenades. Death Squad Operatives are familiar with all the different types of grenades. They know what they look like, what they do, and how to use them effectively. Another brutal weapon choice.



The Blitzer from BLA has been the weapon of choice for years, although with the new Buzzsaw hitting the market, it looks as though things will change. Death Squad Operatives will pick out the 'heavy hitters' when it comes to pistols. Calibre and ammo capacity are important, but come in second to reliability. It should be noted that many starting Operatives with this package will buy the FEN 204.


Death Squad Operatives are lucky to have a few weapons made especially for them, the Power Reapers, the KK 20 and 30, KPS Mangler, and a host of others. Operatives with this training package will almost always have a shotgun and a fully automatic rifle (and dream of the day SLA Industries will lift the ban on grenade launchers). Death Squad Operatives are also more likely to buy the larger ammunition bins for their weapons.


As with all operatives, armour selection is pretty standard, although the Death Squad Operative will stay away from unnecessary accessories and colours. Blocker is frowned upon, Death Squad Operatives will prefer survivability to weapon strength at first, and bulky armours may slow you down, but they will keep you alive longer, best advice for the starting Operative is PP7 Exo-base.


Death Squad equipment is almost standardized from one Operative to the next. Motion Scanner, Enviro Scanner, Kick Start (all types), various Combat Drugs, Magholds, Waldo units, laser painters and light sources. Silencers and flash suppressors are usually avoided as they reduce the penetration and range of weapons, not to mention won't fit on most of the preferred weapons.


Before the BPN

Death Squad Operatives will try and get as much information as they can about the area they are going into. If there is to be combat, they will also try to get information on their opponents tactical abilities and weapons. Also, these Operatives will make sure that their equipment and weapons are in top shape, and will try to advise squadmates to do the same.

During the BPN

During the BPN, Death Squad Operatives will do their best to provide tactical advantages for their squad. Usually, if not on a combat-oriented BPN, Death Squad Operatives will provide backup and in some cases be used as an intimidation factor by the other Operatives. "Tell us what we want to know or we'll give you to the Frother with the Buzzsaw…have you ever seen what one of those do to flesh?"

After the BPN

First off, check equipment, restock if able, then it's home to clean it while watching TV, getting drunk, getting stoned or before a night on the town. Death Squad Operatives will never leave their equipment to be cleaned the next day.

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Published on: 2002-01-24 (127 reads)