Real Men like Digger
Roleplayers like a Downtown Gang
Loonies kick Halloween Jack in the Pods and say "Tag! You're it!"
Munchkins have no enemies left alive...(they wish)


Real Men take Enhancement, Reality Fold
Roleplayers take Detect, Communication
Loonies take Reality Fold Doobrie
Munchkins formulate Enhancment 10, Protect 10, Blast 10


Real Men idolise Intruder
Roleplayers idolise Teeth
Loonies try and see every episode of Captain Contract
Munchkins *are* Idols dammit.... Reputation 10 !


Real Men like a FEN AR
Roleplayers favor the tried and tested FEN 30-30
Loonies like a KPS Mangler with bolass rounds
Munchkins bolt a Power Reaper to a FEN TRI and control it from the next sector


Real Men use their FEN 603
Roleplayers take a FEN 204
Loonies but a black market 3rd hand CAF pistol
Munchkins Take a Contract Killer Custom Blitzer

Close Combat

Real Men use their Power Claymore
Roleplayers prefer a FlickScythe
Loonies paint themselves blue and run in with a pig bladder on the end of a stick
Munchkins like an Electrified Sledge Hammer with spikes on, and lots of Contract Killer Custom Gear


Real Men like Calaharveys
Roleplayers like APCs
Loonies take rickshaws
Munchkins fly fully armed Kilcopters


Real Men wear Body Blocker
Roleplayers wear PP7 Exo
Loonies wear Striker with Fluorescent Go Faster Stripes
Munchkins wear Mal Shock and don't go into buildings


Real Men like DACs
Roleplayers like DAFs
Loonies have an entire clan of Armed Frother Doobries
Munchkins have Pentreth Tigers

Free Time

Real Men race in the Treachery level of The Pit
Roleplayers actually try and socialise in The Pit
Loonies try the Mosh floor in The Pit wearing a T-shirt saying "Stormers Suck"
Munchkins go to Karma Labs for the next upgrade

Training Package

Real Men take Kick Murder Squad with Unarmed Combat
Roleplayers take I&I;
Loonies take Media
Munchkins take Death Squad with AutoSupport & Rifle


Real Men prefer fighting around Salvation Tower
Roleplayers like Downtown
Loonies spend most their lives in the sewers
Munchkins like New Paris and an unlimited credit account


Real Men take Unarmed Combat
Roleplayers take Leadership
Loonies take VideoGames & Cookery
Munchkins take SLA Information


Real Men take Major Enemy
Roleplayers take Bad Reputation
Loonies like minus figures Luck, Pacifist, Major Enemy 10 (Preceptor Teeth)
Munchkins take only ones which dont need to be roleplayed


Real Men don't take them.....
Roleplayers take Simple Hobby and Good Vision/Hearing
Loonies take all over DNA Tattoo and Simple Hobby (Stamp Collecting)
Munchkins minmax Vehicle/Income


Real Men protect their own
Roleplayers have trouble forming lasting relationships
Loonies develop deep meaningful bonds with their Doobries
Munchkins pay for theirs....


Real Men don't have time for it, unless it's dramatically convenient...
Roleplayers enter into inter-species relationships...
Loonies spend all their time in random partner virtual reality booths in The Pit
Munchkins just don't have time for it.

Contract Killers

Real Men are Sponsored by MJL
Roleplayers are Sponsored by KPS
Loonies are Sponsored by Wheaties Breakfast Cereals
Munchkins are Sponsored by Dark Lament

Combat - by Max Hattuer

Real Men take cover
Roleplayers make sure all the paperwork is done
Loonies order out for Pizza
Munchkins just reload (again)

Races - by Max Hattuer

Real Men play humans
Roleplayers take Ebons/Shaktars/Wraith Raieders
Loonies like Frothers
Munchkins roll up a BW or a Stormer

It just occurred to me, that munchkins would probably want to play Thresher Player Characters anyway, making a lot of the munchkin entries moot ;-)

Jared also lent his wit to some of these, thanks Jared ;-)

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