by Ryan Northcott

Crater Town is possibly one of the seediest areas on Mort... above ground that is. Created only some four (898 SD) years ago, it already has a reputation groundside and below as a haven for decadence and corruption.

Crater Town is nestled uncomfortably close to the southern edge of the wall between Mort Proper and Cannibal Sector 2 extending from groundside Mort, 8 levels down to Mort sub-level nine. The Craters walls are adorned with chaotic tents, boxes, makeshift overhangs, and small one room "buildings" that run from the top edge to very near the bottom... No one goes all the way down and comes back to tell the tale, (This in itself has birthed some wild and varied myths about what happens to the unfortunate that do try) but then, hardly any outsiders venture past the first level of the crater either. There are no Shivers in the crater, though a few do patrol the outer rim.

The Crater was created in Mid 898 SD when four undercover Dark Night operatives decided to finally hatch a plot that had been brewing for several years now... The destruction of the Cannibal Sectors walls. The scheme failed miserably, ending the lives of all four Dark Night members as well as 126 loyal Mort citizens.

The explosion wasn't powerful enough to cause the wall to collapse as planned, but did however cause a chain reaction of levels collapsing on each other, luckily the wall separating the cannibal sector was deep enough to keep it intact.

The bomb crater quickly filled with hordes of squatters and criminals who had no better place to go than someplace devoid of people and buildings.

Above the crater one notes two distinct constructions, the first being a makeshift "roof" made from whatever materials were available in the area... this is used to keep the unending rain from both filling the hole and soaking the inhabitants.. The other construction is the home of what the craters citizens call the upsiders, people human and otherwise who have adapted and lived thier lives upside down

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Published on: 2002-01-24 (95 reads)