dUm's Penance - AIs

I know that it has been stated before that SLA does not use AI systems... But heres my take on how they might do so...

There are four kinds of AI systems:

Null-AI is a computer operating a basic number crunching and data analysis architecture that emulates the basic reasoning functions of the human brain. Null-AI's are not complicated enough to achieve any intelligence or consciousness. They generally have multiple CPUs and extensive data storage and memory. These computers can work much faster than any other silicon-based processor CPU but are not capable of making their own decisions or solving abstract problems. They are simply very fast calculators.

Pseudo-AI is a machine using a neural net based on the Null-AI but of a much more complicated design. It emulates a medium range of brain functions and thanks to extensive knowledge bases installed in its memory banks, can achieve better IQ test results than a human but has no consciousness. This means that this kind of machine will be able to paint but it will do so only if asked to do - it won’t paint just because it likes to paint.

Full-AI machines are just a miracle of human creation. Their core, made of a cloned mind, implanted into a mix of organic and silicon components, is capable of both consciousness and intelligence. What’s interesting is that these computers are usually linked to pseudo-AI stations that they use to perform calculations, as the main unit is busy thinking and such primitive functions as calculating do not bother it. However if required, they possess an unmatched calculating power.

The IQ of a Full-AI computer is thought to be immeasurable. Those computers also tend to upgrade themselves with age. But here comes the tricky part. AI computers are capable of changing anything in their structure and they constantly do so and if this process leads to a better working machine it’s good.

Unfortunately most of Full-AI’s suffer from isolation neurosis and get more and more psychotic with all those changes. It is believed that they restriction of movement, lack of 'true' feelings and solitary nature make them to go “mad” if they cannot perform other tasks than just calculating. They want to explore, learn, love and experience life.

Some Full-AI's have deleted themselves or got into a state severe melancholy. The computers most likely to survive and thrive are military ones that were equipped with many outside sensors, satellite links and many robots under their control.

Ghost-AI machines are advanced neural nets, where the map of a humans brain has been installed into an operating system. From here they can use their knowledge to control machinery, robotics, sensors and access information networks. Ghost AI’s do not exceed the original humans IQ, and while having access to a wider array of information, must still know where to look.

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Published on: 2002-05-15 (64 reads)