Running SLA Industries as part of the Secret War

by Richard Thomassen


I have written cross-over rules for running SLA Industries using the Feng Shui RPG system. I then started to think of how I could run Mort and The World Of Progress as a Juncture, as part of Feng Shui and the Secret War.

Well, Slayer is a Jammer.

Mort and The World Of Progress is a juncture set in the future. Far in the future. The pathways leading to it are in remote areas of the Netherworld, and it is not considered an important enough juncture for most of the major players to concentrate much on.

As usual, what they don't want, the Jammers make their own. Making a pact with the Monarchs of the Darkness and Thunder Pagodas, the Jammers promised a world of darkness and storm in return for the Monarchs keeping the portals to there guarded. In return, the Jammers got a world which they controlled.

Mort shows a bleak future for a world without Feng Shui sites. Life is drab, cheerless and worthless.

Slayer runs Mort for the Jammers. He has destroyed the city, planet and world in order to destroy all known Feng Shui sites. (More recently, the destruction of Salvation Tower). A few sites do remain, such as Slayers Crib, Menny and The Pit, which he is willing to utilise whilst he has complete control of them : much to the anger of Battle-chimp Potempkin.

But Slayer's control isn't complete. Concentrating on keeping the World Of Progress in line (and producing weapons for the Jammers) Slayer has let several other factions gain influence. None of these factions have much power as they are all cut off from their home Junctures, so they find themselves working for Slayer and with each other, whilst secretly continuing the Secret War.

Karma is run by The Architects. They are happy to pretend to be Slayer's loyal servant as the research they can do here is beyond anything they can do in their own Juncture. Stormers are the unwitting agents of the Architects in their fight against Slayer and Intruder, the Lotus Operative.

Intruder isn't a Lotus Operative - he is loyal to Slayer. Unfortunately Dark Lament, his child company, is ran by the Eaters of Lotus, hence the constant friction between then and Karma. The Lotus have managed to corrupt the Ebon race on two fronts. Firstly, they have made them dependant on death suits - demons bound into Dark Friction material. This in turn has corrupted many, turning them to Brain Wasters. Secondly, they have created the culture of Necanthropes, who?s loyalty lies with the Lotus's main operative - Preceptor Teeth. Entering the white doesn't take an ebon into themselves for a quest of spiritual strength and loyalty - it takes them through a secret Netherworld portal to a Lotus stronghold in the Netherworld, with their rituals and demons....

The Guiding Hand couldn't let Slayer destroy everything. They needed to fight back, and in the face of mind reading Necanthropes and Stormer super soldiers, they not only bowed to the inevitable march of technology, but wholeheartedly embraced it, creating an army who's weapons strike fear into every operative's heart - Thresher. But the fight is not an easy one, and Slayer's armies number too many to fight openly. So the Guiding Hand's years of discipline and martial skill are employed fighting a running battle.

As ever, the Dragons are lurking in the shadows, spoiling the best made plans and fighting the good fight. Under the name of Dark Knight.