This was the first BPN that I had ran. Pretty straight forward BPN, PCs were basically running security detail for the candidate that was trying to give a speech for his campaign. At the end of the speech, when the crowd stood up to cheer, an assassin threw a poison tipped dagger at the candidate. When the players tried to have the Shivers start the cars they blew up and they had to find a new way out of the situation. A couple of them had the drive motorcycle skill so they obtained a couple of mopeds and escaped with the candidate to a local clinic. The Ebon Medic started working on a cure for the poison while the front of the clinic was under siege by multiple groups of Krosstown Traffik that were hired to eliminate the candidate. After curing the poison and cleaning up the trash the Ops delivered the candidates home and while sweeping the house they discovered a group of 3 Dark Knight operatives that were sent to finish the job should the candidate make it that far.


A gray color code sent down by Cloak Division called for the Ops to venture into Downtown to take care of a weak, scraggly young man that, through influence of Bitterness, had killed one of the most notorious Contract Killers on the circuit with a single CAF bullet. Starting out the group did not know where Little Timmy was and had to extract information from Krosstown Traffik by retrieving another, local, rival gang. Once the item was retrieved the location of Little Timmy was given up and the group made their way to the building owned by the Keestas (another of the local gangs). There was a total of three firefights before they reached the suite where Little Timmy was kept. Timmy was cowering in a closet while his 4 Ultra Violence riddled cohorts were assaulted. An Ebon Medic died, wraith raider scout lost an arm, the strike squad ran out of ammo and the kick murder only survived because of UV. Without any questions the remaining squad members used their execution warrant to slaughter Little Timmy and they did not learn anything of Bitterness or how Little Timmy did what he did. Hindsight: should probably have tuned the bad guys down just a bit. Or the Ops need to strategize better than just trying to blast their way through.


Ran this BPN for 3 new players and 2 players that had never played before. It is fairly straight forward, jump down into the sewers > Kill some carnivorous pigs > Shovel some fecal matter > Start pumps. One side quest here was there was a man who had been kidnapped and tied to a chair. Instead of helping him they shot him. It was worth an extra 2 XP and 200cr per op to help him out of the sewers but they opted out of the situation.

Very good BPN for beginners. Shows them how both combat skills and packaged skills (computer use, engineering, etc) are useful.


See the Light is a BPN that came about as apart of a previous BPN that had been offered (Get the Package). This BPN introduced the faction Tek Trex. It was a very high stress BPN and one of the characters ended up nearly stressing out at the end of the mission.

With little investigation they found that the package could be found in an abandoned gun factory. The operatives had to find the right key cards that would allow them to unlock an elevator that moved down deeper into the building they found. Four color of key cards on each floor of the building. The more they failed their detect checks the more stress they were under because of "something" skittering around where they could barely catch a glimpse before it disappeared. Once in the lower levels they Ops found a Tek Trex factory beneath the earth that was not anywhere on SLA's maps. 3rd floor they encountered the weakest of the Tek Trex army. Fourth floor they set off traps and had to face buzzards as well as weaker robots. Their big mistake was having two people explore the stairwell between basement 4 and 5. They triggered another trap with only 2 people on each side of the door. More robots swarmed them. After escaping the trap they made it to the bottom level where the founder of Tek Trex sat at his desk. In my setting this man is just as old as Slayer. Being quick on the uptake the squad diplomatically talked their way through the encounter instead of assaulting the man. Once on the elevator an Ebon used his Reality Folding to get the package off of the desk. Once on the main floor they were assaulted by about 30 robots. Including Scarabs that shot 10 rounds at a time of 5mm bullets. No one took damage but because of the wounds they nearly died but escaped.

Note: Talking with the group they loved this BPN because they felt that it showed how truly insignificant they really were in this whole world after meeting the leader of Tek Trex.


After nearly dying during See the Light the squad wanted to take an easy mission like Pooper Scooper. However the squad leader, an ebon, made an executive decision to do the jade mission. This BPN involved 85% tracking down where the member of the Ebon Guard was hiding. Halfway through the mission they figure out that the missing Ebon was wanted by the Preceptor Teeth for stealing an ancient artifact. Upon revealing that the Ebon was hiding in deep downtown the squad arrived at the 28th sector to see that the Keestas had eliminated all of the Johannas on this level and almost all of Krosstown. With the help of the Ops, Krosstown was able to push back some of the Keestas in order for the ops to make it through the frontlines and to where the rogue Ebon was located. Once they arrived to where the rogue Ebon was located, the Ops realized that he had been driven mad by the box he had stole. The box had also given him unreasonable powers that no normal being could stand up to. Then, when things were looking their most bleak, a member of the Preceptor Teeth showed up and eliminated the rogue Ebon.

The member of Preceptor Teeth then allowed each Op to look into the artifact if they wished, with the knowledge that they may be rewarded or punished. All players looked and one ended up getting silver back armor (1% chance) and another ended up losing 2 Strength and 2 Dexterity (4% chance). The other members got things such as a couple extra doses of Kickstart, bullets and rank 5 of a paranoia.


Silver BPN that offered the ability for Ops to get their faces on TV for saving a bunch of people who were hiding from the animals that were loose from the zoo. One of the bio-engineered tigers from the Corebook was included as the final animal that would need to be killed on vid. Note: Ops did not take this BPN.


Should be color code yellow instead of Blue. Through the first few trial runs the players tended to take BPNs that only offered credits and no SCL because they wanted to get the best gear possible before they took on harder missions. This mission was designed to wipe the party. They had to either buy or steal the package from an auction company. The package was priced way above what they could afford so it left only one option: steal. The guards of this auction were the equivalent of an SCL 7.

Note: Players did not take this BPN to my surprise. BPN led to another BPN > See the Light.


This BPN was a straight shoot 'em up BPN. The previous BPNs were fairly hard and almost killed the party a few times.

The objective was: go to Uptown > Kill Rats > Clean rats nest out of sewers > Collect reward.

After being turned down the first time I recreated this BPN with better rewards, such as 50cr per pack > per op.

Players still did not take the BPN.