Welcome to HexWoP

by Ed Handley, 10 January 2001

HexWoP is an alternate setting for SLA Industries, a roleplaying game by Nightfall games. HexWoP draws heavily on the cosmology of the currently out of print Kult RPG for explenations of some of the stranger aspects of the SLA universe. More details will become available in the section entitled The World as I write them up, in separate sections for the player and the GM. In the mean time the main content here is a collection of the equipment and other stuff that I have produced for the HexWoP setting, though it does, in general, work just as well in the canon WoP as presented in the SLA Industries rulebook. All of this equipment was originaly posted to the Station Analysis mailing list. If you're interested in SLA and not already signed up to this list I suggest you do so.

At this point I'd also like to say thanks to James Fullerton, who did the basics of this site before I learned any html and provided the web space, and the guys at Nightfall past and present who produce what is for my money easily the best RPG to come out of Britain.

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In his own words 'probably my best work for SLA': Sector 217.