- F R E E D O M - O F - T H O U G H T -

by Neil De Carteret

You have found a website which pertains to one of the best role-playing games ever written, SLA Industries. Why so much praise? Well,

SLA comes with mountains of engrossing, atmospheric, consistent background.
The characters are familiar enough to be recogniseable, but different enough to be intriguing.
The world is the first mega-corporation-owns-everything setting to be believable.
It asks more questions than it answers.
The rules aren't very broken.
The setting is called the World of Progress. Specifically, the planet Mort, owned and run by the company SLA Industries. It's president is Mr. Slayer, a figure who appears human at a distance, but is impossibly tall, and has eerie vertically-pupilled eyes. Government is carried out through a double-act of nightmare bureaucracy and ruthless simplicity.

Player characters are operatives - special agents for this organisation, enrusted with jobs too dangerous or too sensitive for the regular forces. At the outset, they will have to queue with thousands of other hopeful operatives to be given the right to a BluePrint News File, a BPN. This will instruct them to carry out some undesireable task, more often than not hounded by television reporters broadcasting their location every step of the way. They will be criticised by the department responsible for the BPN for the efficiency with which it was carried out, and by the TV station for how good they looked.

Then, after a few jobs, they will enter the web of intrigue and backstabbing that really makes the World of Progress tick.

Sex the Stormer


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Ebon/Human Genetics

The origin of the Carrien (unofficial)