Stormer Mutations

©2002 James Fullerton

The 313 Stormer gene code has gone through a lot of changes since
Taarnish was originally created. To ensure that an enemy can not find
a common weakness amongst Stormers, several variations have been
applied to the basic Stormer gene code to keep diversity amongst
the creations. Below are some of the mutations common in 900 SD along
with their points cost if the GM allows them. These mutations are
only allowed for the original Malice 313, as the 711 Xeno and 714
Chagrin variants are currently too new. Each mutation can only be
taken once.

Common Stormer Mutations

Advanced Speed
The Stormer has been designed with a denser muscle structure in the
lower torso. This allows them a greater than normal speed. DEX racial
maximum is increased by 2 points to 15. Walk speed is now 2, Run is 4
and Sprint is 6.
Cost: 15pts.

Sharpened Claws
The Stormer has already been given the Maul claw enhancement as
outlined in Karma pp153. The Claws do Dam 3+, Pen 2, AD 1.
Cost: 10pts.

Advanced Xeno vision
The eyes of the Stormer have been enhanced to those of the Xeno,
negating the first three points of any darkness modifier.
Unfortunately the eyes are sensitive to bright lights, penalising the
Stormer by -3 if undertaking actions under bright conditions. The
eyes only offer a 120 degree vision, and not the 270 degree vision
that the Xeno benefits from.
Cost: 15pts.

Boosted Strength
The Stormer has been given Chagrin muscle implants throughout his
body which boost his strength. STR racial maximum is increased by 3
points to 18. Normal encumbrance value is 30+3xSTR, Half movement is
x3 and No movement is x5.
Cost: 20pts.

Reinforced Jaw
The Stormer has already been given the Maul Teeth and Jaw enhancement
as outlined in Karma pp153. The Teeth do DAM 4, Pen 1, AD 1.
Cost: 10pts.

Protected Nervous system
The Stormer has had his nervous system protected from outside shocks.
This gives him +10 vs Hotline attacks and +5 vs any Ebb Illumination:
Charge attacks.
Cost: 15pts.

Bone Plates
The body of the Stormer has various areas protected by hard bone.
This are impact resistant and cover the majority of the Stormers
Torso and limbs (not Head). Any bruising taken to these locations is
Cost: 10pts.

Minor Stormer Mutations
These mutations are more or less inconsequential and have no real in
game effect.

Horns on head
The head of the Stormer has small inch high horns. This gives them +1
to damage with a head butt, but otherwise are purely cosmetic.
Cost: 1pt.

Three fingered hand
The hands of the Stormer have only three fingers on them instead of
four. The feet also have one less toe than normal.
Cost: 1pt.

No body hair
The Stormer has no body hair at all, unlike the majority who have a
large amount of hair on their heads.
Cost: 1pt.

Incorrect DNA Tattoo
The DNA Tattoo on the Stormers arms is wrong, with either an invalid
bar code or a wrong number (ie: 318, 429, etc instead of 313. The
number will always be between 314 and 710).
Cost: 1pt.

Elongated canine teeth
The Stormer has canine teeth that are even larger than his normal
teeth, adding +1 damage to any bite attacks.
Cost: 1pt.

Short tail
The Stormer has a short foot-long tail at the bottom of his spine.
It is not prehensile, instead acting in a similar way to that of a dog.
Cost: 1pt.

Extended lips
The Stormer has been created with lips that actually extend over all
of their teeth.
Cost: 1pt.

Salivary defect
The salivary glands of the Stormer are slightly defective, producing
more saliva than they normally would. This causes the Stormer to
drool a lot.
Cost: 1pt.

Forked tongue
Rather than the standard Stormer tongue, the tongue is forked causing
the Stormer to look quite unusual.
Cost: 1pt.

Pastel skin colours
Instead of the typical grey skin colour produced by Phantom Pregnancy,
the skin colour of the Stormer has been changed to a pastel shade
Cost: 1pt.


I didn't set out to convert 313s to 711/714s. What I wanted to do was
to allow people to play the failed variants that lead to the 711/714s.
Yes, you can play a Stormer with compound eyes. No, it isn't a poor
mans Xeno, its the original variant that they tested the eyes out
with. Yes, Xenos do think it is pretty cool. No, humans think it is
unnatural and creepy, even if the media loves it, etc.

In effect the kind of thing that can actually add a background to a
creature that is born in a vat and has no childhood...

Some of the minor mutations can be considered negative mutations,
ie: the drool a lot, the non-armour complaint tail and 3 fingered hands
etc. However they all cost points rather than give points to the
player. That was done on purpose. The mutations add to the character
hence they cost points.