41 Pentreth Tiger

War World Karma Tiger

Warzone Pacification Program

Project: Pentreth Project 41
Project Developer: Dr. Leo Black (Phantom Pregnancy Inc.)
Pentreth Project Assessment
To: Dr. Ernest Strand
From: Dr. Leo Black
Subject: Viability Assessment of 'Pentreth Tiger'
Pentreth: Genetic Structure Condensing Code:


Project Overview

Following the demise of Professor Galliard at the hands of Operative Wilson and the destruction of the Project 41 test subject, much information about this DAF variant has been lost. I have summarised all of the information that we have been able to ascertain below.

Project Capabilities

The initial design specification is from a four series DAF, however there have been a number of mutations/ enhancments made for the the 41s purpose on a War World. The most obvious change is that the size has been increased up to a series five DAF although the genetic structure has been kept at level four. It appears that this was an attempt to make the 41 lighter and more manoeuvrable, although with the addition of sub dermal armour this appears to have not been the best option. The skeletal structure has been greatly enhanced from the standard four series and bones and tendons have been upgraded to Nuke Tendon variations. The output size with these variations makes the 41 stand about 1.3m to its shoulder which is approximately 0.4m higher than a standard 4 series DAF.

Inserted separately from the standard gene-code is a dense layer of sub-dermal armour, using a bio-mimetic honeycomb matrix to fully dissipate any kinetic attack. This armour has been forced inbetween the fifth and sixth dermal layers, with the layers melding around the outskirts of each armour plate. This helps to maintain the flexibility of the skeletal structure, but does mean that there are potential weak points. Additionally the dermal layers try to grow together through the honeycomb of the plating. This could cause the dermal plating to loose some of its abilities over time.

The standard armaments of the DAF four series have been heavily upgraded. The front and rear claws have been gene-coded with a pseudo-teflon material which allows for them to be a lot sharper than they naturally are. The teeth have also been modified with the pseudo-teflon and muscle density in the jaw has also been increased dramtically. On top of this the front canine teeth have been modified to allow for a electro-stun attack on the target. It is hypothesised that the claws could penetrate Powercell armour whereas the jaws should be able to penetrate Dogeybone armour taking the Teflon coating, their inherent sharpness and also the increases in muscle mass into consideration.

It is inside the head that most of the complicated upgrades have been undertaken. The dermal plating on the skull has been formed into a continuous piece at the rear, protecting most of the head from damage. There are also plates protecting the jaw and the visual input system. Spliced into the hypothalamus is a Blaze producing nodule. It appears that this is designed to trigger everytime the 41 feels any kind of outside stimulus, be it hunger, cold or fear. It is unknown what the long term effects of this would be, but it is believed that the 41 could be pushed past its initial programming into a natural psychotic state that would enable it to act on instinct more than anything else.

In addition to the Blaze Nodule, there is a also a KickStart nodule positioned inside the main torso, but with a triggering device coded into the brain. This triggering device monitors the Endorphin levels of the 41 and automatically produces KickStart at the required level. Although a cruder design than standard Stormer regeneration, this works at a quicker rate. Again the long term effects are unknown, but it is hypothesised that if vast amounts of regeneration is required the KickStart nodule will start cannabalising unnecessary parts of the 41 to aid regeneration elsewhere.

The optics of the 41 have also been heavily modified, upgrading from the rods and cones that the series 4 would use to that of a short distance radar input, hard wired directly in to the optic nerve. This gives the 41 the ability to 'see' radar in a 280 degree radius. As well as being used for navigational purposes in low-light situations, it also means that the 41 can determine location of projectiles that have struck it, aiding it in finding its target. The remainder of its senses (taste, smell, touch and hearing) have also been enhanced so that it can still locate nearby targets even if its visual optics have been damaged. It is believed that its sense of hearing is good enough to pick out a heartbeat from inside an armour, therefore identifying when its target is destroyed.

Basic training has been given to the 41 variant, which mainly involves detecting its opponents, moving steathily to them without being detected and then using its formidable strength and weapons against them. No target information has been included and so it does not differentiate between hostile and friendly. Instead it will target anything that is likely to cause it a threat, with the Blaze nodule likely to over-ride this to attack anything that moves.

Project Summary

It is quite obvious from the modifications that Professor Gaillard gave it that the 41 variant is for use in War-World situations only, softening up hard targets before more controllable troops enter an area. The only problem at the moment is how to stop the 41 when it has destroyed all targets in an area. There are no known shutdown controls, as if the Professor was worried about what could happen if this code fell into enemy hands. Instead it is proposed that the variant is given a short life span mechanism, cannabalising the 41 to prevent study and capture by any enemy. This could be set at different durations, depending on the mission requirements. Additionally if the variants are kept in status when created, then they can be prepared in advance and deployed as required (rather than having their effective duration limited by the time taken from manufacture to use).

One main concern is the use of these variants in urban area like the Pentreth sector. Perhaps a Low Wave variant could be made to assist in its capture with out fully destroying it. If it had a similar Kick Start nodule and denser sub-dermal armour, it would give an alternative to killing the 41 if it ever escaped into an urban environment.

Game Stats

Total Hits:
Head PV
Head Hits
Body PV
Torso Hits
Fore Leg Hits Hits
Rear Leg Hits
(all include armour increase)
Front Claws
Rear Claws
1.3m (shoulders)
3m (nose-tail)
D6, P5, AD4
D3, P4, AD3
D4, P4, AD4
Unarmed Combat (STR)
Detect (CONC)
Eval. Opponent (KNOW)
Track (DIA)
Climb (PHYS)
*higher than stats due to animal instinct/ gene-code modifications
Armoured Skin

Visual Radar Optics
Blaze Nodule

KickStart Nodule

Hits values include ID values for armour. If attack does not penetrate natural PV, then no wound is caused.
Bonuses added to Detect skill. Not affected by lowlight/darkness.
If cold, hungry, excited, tired or hurt gains 2 free phases, no PHYS or COOL rolls and Damage cut by 50%. Lasts for 10 minutes.
If hurt, regenerates +3 hits & 2 wounds within three phases.
Following successful bite atack, victim must roll PHYS vs Poison at -20 (2d10+PHYS-20) else paralysed for number of rounds equal to number failed by.