Bluesprint News Files

BPN's by James Fullerton

"The Ring Raider"
A Blue BPN for Gateway 658
"Hole in the Wall"
A Blue BPN for Gateway 658
Gill Blakeney
A DarkNight Sniper for 'Hole in the Wall'
"And on to the next life"
A starting squad's first Blue BPN
"Bits and Pieces..."
The sequel to "And on..."
"Testing Ground"
A White Bpn introducing the 333 Gator
"A Shock to the System"
A Silver BPN introducing the 214 ShockWave Stormer

Guest BPN's

"Hard Day" A White BPN by David Plank

"The Source" A White BPN by David Plank

"Mercyman" A White BPN by Brendan Sometimes

"Torn" A Grey BPN by Brendan Sometimes

"The Devil Owns a Sawmill" A White BPN by Matt Rose

GM Handouts For "The Devil Owns a Sawmill"

"There's no more penguins here" A Green BPN by François Lalande

Core the Abomination By John Dodd

DarkNight BPN competition

'Uptown Girl' By Mark Edwards (the winner)

'I've got a little list...' BPNs By Sue Wilson

'He always seemed like such a nice man...' By Martin Wheeler

'I hope you wore clean underwear' By Darrin O'Connor

'The Wetherall Towers Murders' By Nick Barnes

'A Sheep in Wolf's Clothing' By Mark Edwards

'KAL Psycho' By Steve Wildes

Jade BPN Competition

'One of our death suits is missing.....' by Mark Edwards
'It's what you know....' by Sue Wilson

'Beauty and the Beast' by Jason Averill

'HOP/E & PREY' by Matt Rose

'Killing in the name of...' by Nick Barnes

'Orphan' by Gavin Clough

'Visions' by Brendan Sometimes

'Welcome to the House of Fun' by Michael McDonnell

Green BPN competition

"Deep Space Butterball" by Sipke de Vries

"We're not on Mort anymore Toto" by Troy Wells

"Knight of Shadow" by Roger Willcocks

"Singing Crystals" by Cyril Denoual

"Slops of the Round Table" by Sipke de Vries

"Clearwater Blue" By Mark Edwards

"A couple of days by the sea" by Sue Wilson

"The great hunt" by Simon de Vries

"Discrepancy Correction Initiative: Stage 3" by Matt Rose